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  1. So you can buy cold food but not hot? So how does that stop any potential trouble from clubbers? What a load of rubbish! never heard so much rubbish, this is about the police trying to save money by not deploying additional weekend officers and nothing more! It makes no difference whether people can buy hot or cold food how ridiculous is that?
  2. Yes I have noticed too. Come on dude it's not all doom and gloom
  3. It's NOT a fine, it NEVER will be a fine, and it has NO LEGAL grounds to be passed off as a fine, and there's nothing ILLEGAL about the parking as PPC's have no right to make traffic laws up as they go along, something which many of them seem to think that they can. IT'S AN INVOICE, AND AN UNREASONABLE ONE AT THAT. The most they would ever be able to reclaim in court is actual PROVABLE losses . . . i.e. the price of a P&D ticket. But they would first have to prove who the driver was, IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE, the advice given to Councillor Powell is typical of what most people do, they get frightened by the official looking document and stupidly pay it. READ ALL ABOUT IT FIRST and you will see that its a scam. This is a good place to start
  4. Just heard it again now while sat in my kitchen. Good interview and very Herefordian sounding lol
  5. Nothing that Amey do suprises me anymore
  6. As Colin has said on a number of occasions, these traffic lights should be turned off and this should be turned back into a roundabout.
  7. Having another garage in the city can ONLY benefit the motorist and help drive fuel prices down or at the very least stop the current cartel! Competition just has to be good, regardless of the above post that megilleland has added.
  8. Browsing the new site :)

  9. I was inquisitive about this, So I asked one of our refuse collectors this question today and he informed me that it would be more than his job is worth to look inside anyone's bin! he said that this is a load of baloney, simply because it would be considered an invasion of privacy, it is also against the law and they are VERY HOT on this sort of thing and it results in instant dismissal. The fact that I am a bin man does not give me the right to look into or through anyone's bin. I had a feeling this would be illegal.
  10. This is the post. So when I said codswallop I meant your comment about the bin men looking thru your bin not being illegal, when it obviously is!
  11. Oh ok ok I am not going to argue over words! telephoned, contacted you, stopped you in the street then, whatever! I am not disputing that they found unclean food containers in a bin. But I was actually referring to your comment about the bin men looking in YOUR bin! (read my whole reply) and the fact that it is illegal!! Even though you seem to think it is not with your examples.
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