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Found 5 results

  1. To add a picture/photograph to a new topic do the following; First of all, you need to select the correct forum or most appropriate, to do this go to the top of the front page and select Forums from the drop down box in the Navigation tab. (or click on the word Forums on the right hand side menu) You then need to select the Forum that you want to use (i.e. The Oval, which is a sub forum of the Newton Farm forum) Once inside the chosen Forum (In this case The Oval) select Start New Topic You will now be in the posting screen (the area where you type your post) Select an appropriate
  2. To link to an external site simply type the word you want to see or display. Example: Simply type or enter your text like this - Click Here To Visit The Two Share Website then highlight that whole word or words with your mouse then click the link icon and it will appear like this Click Here To Visit The Two Share Website but remember to highlight your words first, then click the link icon and copy/paste or type the full address (url) of the website that you want to link.
  3. I thought I would create a small topic to explain how to use TAGS in new topics. Tagging: The ability to 'tag' content with special keywords and then find other content tagged with the same keywords.Perfect for searching. Below are a few images showing how to add as many TAGS as deemed appropriate for a given topic.
  4. Please note that the the very first topic (Start New Topic) that you create is what appears on the 'Front Page'(portal), so a reasonably detailed topic with a sensible sized photo (approx. 640x480) is acceptable. If you have for example 3 photo's, select the one that you want to appear and upload it then click Add To Post and it will appear wherever you decide and also will be appear on the 'Front Page' (portal), then for the other 2 photo's you can still upload them but do not click Add To Post, as they will still appear but not on the 'Front Page' (portal) part. If the post that you wan
  5. I use this if I agree or if I disagree with a comment.
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