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  1. Good to see Jamal at the top of the tree rated 5, best kebabs around. Thank you for providing this list, I am aware this information is available online but who really studies it in depth, this list gives a brief snapshot to see at a glance and is very handy.
  2. The weeds and general litter in Hereford is in a pretty poor state. I don't think I have seen so many weeds and some have grown so high that they look like mini tree's's and are left alone altogether.
  3. That's it, your smitten now, I knew it lol
  4. I am pleased I made you chuckle dippy We have a good bunch of people on here all with varied opinions, lets keep discussing and arguing, there is something wonderfully British about it and it beats talking about the weather
  5. Indian Sweet Chilli is only rated 1 on Bridge Street Mowchak rated only 1 in Commercial Road Chinese Lotus in East St only rated 1 Planet Buffet only rated 2in Commercial Road New Canton only rated 2 in Bridge St
  6. Morris dancing of course :)
  7. I am fully aware of about the little dwarf, I was making reference to her asking for another referendum simply because they didn't get the vote they wanted, so if you like I was being sarcastic by suggesting people asking for another GE amounts to the same, maybe you didn't get that? I am also fully aware that the PM did not need to call a GE but was trying to strengthen our hand with a mandate, of course if backfired, I think we all acknowledge that, nevertheless, imo the DUP was the only choice to make up the numbers and to be fair, the won the first vote last night...
  8. You are starting to sound more and more like that stupid dwarf in Scotland now, lets have another GE, we have only just had one and guess what? Labour were over 50 seats behind the Conservatives, over 50 seats mind you! Okay the Conservatives I must admit had a terrible campaign and lost their majority but the public certainly do not need yet another election right now. Everybody and I mean everybody needs to support this government now in negotiating the best Brexit deal they can get. What the 40% of youngsters that Labour gained during their targeted campaign have actually done is to massively weaken our country's strength against the EU Elite for these negotiations.
  9. Well we will have to agree to disagree but you would say that I guess. So what would you have done then if your were in the same position? Please don't suggest resigning either....
  10. I am not sure which comments you refer but in regard to the Conservatives going into power with the DUP, any other party would of done the same in their circumstances, end of!
  11. Oh bugger off with this utter crap! Labour would of done EXACTLY THE SAME had they of been in this position. They do not have the majority so had little in the way of options if we are all honest here.
  12. My immediate bosses have all worked very hard for many years to achieve their ambitions and look after the staff well along the way, wealthy people are not all con artists, you could argue that benefit fraudsters are even worse!!!
  13. Some good work here by these volunteers well done you should all be very proud
  14. Nothing on this scale was done for the people of Boscastle where over 100 homes and business's were destroyed or after the floods in Cumbria where over 4,000 households were flooded is this a special case and if so, why? More attention should be looked into what caused the fire in the first place, fridges don't normally catch fire and residents reported that the owner of the flat in question left with suitcases that very night?
  15. I am not sure what the PM can do, she cannot do right from wrong, yet Corbyn appears to be okay now, people make me sick tbh they run with the foxes and the hounds. This was a terrible accident and yes people are looking to lay blame, storming a building is not the answer. The PM has ordered a public enquiry and now I see one poster on FB says that is not good enough it should be an inquest away from the government, she can't win! She has pledged to house these people within 3 weeks and also allocated £5 Million, this is all very positive but I have friends who house was burnt to the ground in Liverpool back in 2008 and they were unfortunately not insured like a lot of people but nobody paid them any money or gave them a house within 3 weeks. The local council put them into a 1 bed flat with 2 kids, which is where they stayed for almost 2 years. I notice the PM, Corbyn other polictions and now the Queen and Prince William have all attended, yet they didn't see fit to all attend the Manchester and London Bridge attacks, why is that then?
  16. I remember watching this iconic series growing up. RIP Batman
  17. Unfortunately this is exactly how hard working people are penalised.
  18. Thats a bit rich coming from this prick!
  19. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/diane-abbott-general-election-latest-car-crash-interview-dermot-murnaghan-lord-harris-terror-report-a7774626.html
  20. I have a Polish friend that I work with and I agree with everything he is telling me about this and the threats his country is receiving from the EU. Just look at the frequent attacks other EU countries are suffering, you are not seeing this happening in the countries listed within the V4 that you mention, that speak volumes don't you think?
  21. I do not see Poland refusing to take EU citizens =, I only see them refusing to take emigrants and so called refugees from outside the EU, surely this is their choice and should not be penalised for not taking Angela Merkel's guests! They have every right to decide whop can/cannot cross their borders.
  22. I cannot fault this woman, she is very strong and will not be intimidated or blackmailed by the EU cronies, well done.
  23. Everyone very smart, looks like a good night, enjoy
  24. It is not fair is it. The incentive in the UK is not to work, the person who has worked and climbed the ladder to a little bit of success is treated much worse. Based upon your examples above these two drivers could be racing each other and one is penalised more than the other, I am surprised nobody has kicked off about this, so what happens if you are on benefits? PLEASE do not tell me that no fine applies.
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