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  1. I like the look of these plans, lets hope that they are passed. It looks like it would be gated complex so pretty secure too.
  2. Where in St Martins Street is the Cenotaph? Is it the Crucifix?
  3. I totally agree. The law is there for a reason.
  4. I have been monitoring this topic and I am really quite surprised at how frequent people actually ride their bikes on footpaths, this is pretty dangerous for pedestrians particularly on narrow footpaths. I also was not really aware of how bad this problem has become, the police should enforce the law, I remember as a kid growing up, police would always tell you to get off your bikes and were hot on no lights etc.
  5. Well done to everyone who have got behind Colin's project at the duck pond, it already looks 100% better.
  6. Sad that we will have another empty shop in town.
  7. When I was young, the police would stop us and tell us to dismount if we were seen on the footpaths and we were just kids, so they should be saying the same to these adults today. I appreciate what everyone says about motorists but this discussion is about cyclists ignoring the highway code and I agree that they ALWAYS play the victim and portray the motorist as the bad guy. There are many accidents where cyclists are injured and killed by motorists but a lot of these may be caused by the cyclists themselves not abiding by the rules I wonder if anyone thought of that and took that into account with their percentages and figures. I see many cyclists breaking the law all the time.
  8. In fairness to this topic Colin has not said all cyclists, he has written "some cyclists" there is good and bad in all but I do hear of a lot of cyclists playing the victim card and because riding a bike appears to score additional brownie points by being eco friendly, many use this to justify their actions. The law should apply to all road users and just because one group of people tick all the nice boxes it should not make them exempt. I see this guy has got off with the Manslaughter charges only yesterday, he has been found guilty of a smaller crime and will have a reduced punishment in comparison. Motorists who break the law are issued fines and penalty points and in more severe cases are banned altogether, yet cyclists will only ever have fines if caught and small ones too! The law needs to be updated to include cyclists, particularly now that we are seeing an increase in bikes on the roads.
  9. Just learned some interesting things reading this Colin. The city walls are covered with weeds and bushes and the county council should be ashamed! Good luck with your campaign, be good to see the walls cleaned and all the weeds and plants removed.
  10. Their site is down again tonight, been down for 20 mins now
  11. Probably some North African muslim wannabe martar
  12. Good but they should of fined them heavier!
  13. This is terrible news for Hereford. I hope they can find a better solution to closure if this is the case.
  14. I had food poisoning from the Chinese in Bridge St (opposite Jamal's) on Thursday night. I only ordered a chicken curry and chips this was not long after the opened and I hate being the first customer in any takeaway. I heard them cooking the chips but to be honest I never heard the loud fan that you hear when they fire up the wok and my food was brought to me within a few mins, I did think at the time, wow that was quick. I remember looking at some of the larger pieces of chicken and thinking this doesn't look the best and discarded a few, anyway within half an hour of eating the food I had stomach ache and after hours of feeling not quite right I eventually threw up at about 2am. I reckon the chicken is pre cooked and because it was so early they could of thought it was still warm and by adding the hot curry sauce to it would be good enough, I don't really know but that thought did cross my mind. What would you do now? Would you pop in and explain that the food from the other night made me unwell or would you just avoid going there again? I have used this Chinese many times and never had a problem in the past but upon looking at the recent discussion on Hygiene today I notice that they are only rated as 2, which has really put my off.
  15. He is right, we owe the EU bugger all, we have paid our subs
  16. First off all welcome to the forum, it is always noce to see and welcome new members. I agree with the most part of your reply however, I am sure you are not suggesting that in Russia she would disappear completely...that said, they wouldn't put up with this stupidity either, equally, I am not so sure it makes me proud to live in a country that does nothing about it.
  17. My overweight friend had no problem applying, I know because I helped him complete it, which puts your comments out the door. He also lets his family use it when they go to town, takes the Micky! I can see where Colin is coming from here, no benefits or easy hand outs in Poland, hence less scammers claiming, hence the empty bays. Have you seen how many spaces they have designated in Broad St? It is a joke it really is. It is the same in the Spain topic, it is no wonder the gov have no money when this sort if thing is happening.
  18. It's still an accident waiting to happen in my view.
  19. If someone gets killed, she will of achieved her maximum effect, at least then she will have a roof over her head that she won't be able to refuse, its called prison.
  20. This all sounds like Sturgeon in Scotland demanding a second referendum, now they are demanding/protesting because they never got the result they wanted, so lets have another GE, it's pathetic it really is! We live in a democracy, the public have voted and Conservatives had over 50 seats MORE than Labour, that's it, no second chance at it. This woman is camping on the busiest junction in Hereford, with 3 kids in toe 'apparently', this is an accident just waiting to happen, can't believe she is still there to be honest. How dangerous is this? Not only for her and her kids but motorists too. There is no smoke without fire and although I don't know the full facts, something doesn't add up to me.
  21. Agree with the last comment that this person/s should be moved, this location is the most busy junctions in the city and is definitely not suitable for some idiot camping.
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