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Is this where democracy is going?


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MPs will vote on new government plans to gag charities and campaigners for a year before elections. If it goes through, from next May 38 Degrees and a whole host of other organisations will be banned from holding politicians and political parties to account like we do now.


You might have heard about the “gagging law†currently being voted on by MPs. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s really bad news. If it goes through, it will have a chilling effect on British democracy and on our right to speak up on the issues that matter to us.


Basically, the law slashes the spending limits on campaigning for the year before any election. Campaigns that have impact don’t cost the earth, but they aren’t free.


Community groups, charities and campaigning organisations would all be hit. Election time is when ordinary people have the most influence on our politicians. On the big issues of the day – whether or not to go to war, the future of our NHS, the environment, welfare, immigration, etc. – we'd all be gagged.


The problem is that this law has come out of nowhere and not many people have heard what’s going on. If we’re going to defeat it, we need to get the word out further. If every single person who’s ever joined a local campaign group or taken action with their favourite charity knew that they could be stopped from doing that again, the outcry could explode.



Can you take a look, and then help get the word out by passing it on to your friends and family?



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  • 11 months later...


On the 1st November 2014 the right of Parliament to legislate over us in 43 areas, the important ones, will be removed and be made subject to approval. They call it QMV, Qualified Majority Voting.


And at the same time, Home Secretary Theresa May is voluntarily handing the EU control over 35 areas of justice, including opting back into the notorious European Arrest Warrant, ending the principle of habeas corpus which has kept Britons safe from arbitrary arrest for 900 years.


Both the Conservatives and Labour have promised that they will not transfer any more powers to the EU without giving the people a referendum. Some promise.


Only a few months away. Expect UKIP to pick this up very soon.
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Why are we so blessed with Morons in our parliament who say one thing then do the exact opposite? But then I guess they've always done that?

But it's also that TTIP trade agreement between the USA & EU which is worrying to!!!



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Why are we so blessed with Morons in our parliament who say one thing then do the exact opposite? But then I guess they've always done that?

But it's also that TTIP trade agreement between the USA & EU which is worrying to!!!




Yes this government hasn't got a clue. Everything they touch is in such a mess and all they are doing is stripping out the public sector and setting up their private companies, which when they are thrown out next May will provide an easy directorship here and there. They will do this for four years while Labour swing the pendulum to the left and so we go on ad infinitum. Can't the public see this - no one cares. From November 1st we are just a region of the EU and they will tell the Conservative, Labour or other parties how to administer our lives. 

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Pressure on Cameron to take unprecedented step amid warnings that 'constitutional meltdown' would follow yes vote
There is a growing sense of panic among MPs from all parties at the prospect of a yes vote after a YouGov/Times poll showed that supporters of independence are for the first time within touching distance of winning the referendum. Support for yes has reached 47% of the vote amongst decided voters, against 53% for no with just two weeks to go.
Well placed members of the government have already started to consult the laws on postponing elections. An act of parliament would have to be passed, but there are complicating factors. The fixed term parliament act of 2011, which stipulated that the next general election would take place on 7 May 2015, would have to be repealed. The House of Lords would also be able to block the legislation because its power to delay bills by a year effectively becomes a blocking power on the eve of an election. One former law officer said: "Parliament can change elections, it can do what it likes. But it would be difficult."


Remember the Irish voting No on the Lisbon Treaty Referendum only to be told vote again and vote Yes. Looks like the Tories will do anything to stay in power.

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Do not be fooled by labour they also support the bill for changing our constitution and with a yes vote in Scotland they will have all the ammunition they need to change our constitution and bring in the E.U constitution which has been the end game all along face it people we are run by the E.U not government passing our rights over to a non elected president of the E.U which is what we have at present the next step is an E.U Emperor now you may laugh but that is what is going to happen those of us who are old enough to remember Ted Heath taking us in to Europe may remember Jack Jones trade unionist  saying this is the end of jobs in Britain as we know it Germany has won ww3 without a shot being fired and he was ridiculed for that statement but he was right the above statement regarding the Irish vote a private poll was done in Ireland and 99% of people polled did not vote yes in the referendum please note when you have the source code for a computer you can change the outcome of anything i suggest that is what happened in the Irish situation it happened in the U.S.A. with George Bush check the vote rigging on youtube .

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Just read this in The Guardian:


'Unprecedented' clauses guarantee firms 10 years of profits even if new government scraps controversial probation contracts
Taxpayers will face a £300m-£400m penalty if controversial probation privatisation contracts are cancelled after next May's general election under an "unprecedented" clause that guarantees bidders their expected profits over the 10-year life of the contract.


Another example of being ripped off, following on from PFI (Private Finance Intiative). These politicians are only looking after themselves when in and outside government, and nobody can do anything about it - so we are getting milked twice by political parties in power and those in opposition. Everyone wins except the voter who keeps this system rattling along. Also the MPs are claiming more expenses now than at the height of 2009 scandal. Everybody happy?

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Why are we so blessed with Morons in our parliament who say one thing then do the exact opposite? But then I guess they've always done that?

But it's also that TTIP trade agreement between the USA & EU which is worrying to!!!




Just watched UK Column and this topic came up and I see UKIP appear to support it, which I think is not very good.


The Guardian 14th September 2014


“It’s a serious threat to British democracy from Brussels.†“Faceless EU bureaucrats threaten to impose laws without the consent of the British people.†Both these statements could succinctly, and accurately, describe the proposed transatlantic trade and investment partnership – TTIP – between the European Union and the United States. But David Cameron is not scuttling to Brussels to display his bulldog spirit as he vetoes an attack on our country’s sovereignty. Nor will you catch Ukip issuing chilling warnings about EU rule. On the contrary, the Ukip MEP Roger Helmer says: “We have no alternative but to support the deal.â€


UK Column 15th September live news, archived later today, say he is connected with Common Purpose. This organisation looks far worse than freemasonary when it comes to doing things benind the scenes

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Right that's it. This vein in my neck is fit to burst! I'll be damned if I don't attend this meeting this Thurday evening at the Methodist Church in St. Owen Street and kick Tony Johnson so far he'll have to pay to get back in.

That's it! No more Mr Reasonable from me. Ive got an eighteen lace holed Portuguese Kid Leather Right Boot and I'm for wearing it. The Left one was lost when I kicked Jarvis with it and after it became lodged in his rectum it was never returned to me.

I don't know what the Christian equivalent of a Fatwa is called but whatever it is I'm doing it and I'm doing it to Tony Johnson. If you see some fat faced fool staggering in wearing a bright red hellish looking right boot that has no business being on anyone's foot, keep well away because its me.

Should I be doing this in the house of God? Probably not, but I've painted three six'es on it so as to evoke the Book of Revelations which warns mankind of the coming of the beast. In this case, the beast died, I'm wearing its skin and my boot, the right one has become the messenger of God and the meek and the mild Hereford Ratepayers who can no longer afford to fuel this madness.

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Nice to see the Common Purpose Connection still in full swing.




And of course Herefordshire Council staff have undergone CP 'training' in the past, at a cost to us of some £63k, although the Council lied in a FOI response and denied it, despite copies of invoices saying the opposite. The late CEO Chris Bull was a CP 'graduate'.

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Now there is mass confusion and distraction following the Scottish Referendum, Maybe our MPs would like to comment on this next attack on our sovereignty which is going to happen in two months time.


On the 1st November 2014we are giving away the right of Parliament to legislate over us in 43 areas to the EU. The important ones, will be removed and be made subject to approval. They call it QMV, Qualified Majority Voting.


Each member State will lose it right of Veto over these areas, so Cameron’s idea of negotiation to recover any areas goes out the window at the same time.
The following areas of competence will switch from requiring unanimous approval of all member states to qualified majority voting only:

Initiatives of the High Representative for Foreign Affairs – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Administrative co-operation – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Asylum – Nice: QMV; Lisbon: QMV
Border controls – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Citizens’ initiative regulations – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Civil protection – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Committee of the Regions – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Common defence policy – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Crime prevention incentives – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Criminal judicial co-operation – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Criminal law – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Culture – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV

Diplomatic & Consular protection – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Economic & Social Committee – Nice: QMV Lisbon: QMV
Emergency international aid – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Energy – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
EU budget – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV

Eurojust – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
European Central Bank – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
European Court of Justice – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Europol – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Eurozone external representation – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Foreign Affairs High Representative election – Lisbon: QMV
Freedom of movement for workers – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Freedom to establish a business – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon QMV
Freedom, security, justice, co-operation & evaluation – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Funding the Common Foreign & Security Policy – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
General economic interest services – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Humanitarian aid – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Immigration – Nice: QMV; Lisbon: QMV
Intellectual property – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Organisation of the Council of the EU – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Police co-operation – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
President of the European Council election – Lisbon: QMV
Response to natural disasters & terrorism – Lisbon: QMV
Rules concerning the Armaments Agency – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Self-employment access rights – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Social Security Unanimity – Nice: QMV; Lisbon: QMV
Space – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Sport – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Structural & Cohension Funds – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Tourism – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Transport – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Withdrawal of a member state – Lisbon: QMV

How does all this affect us?  It definitely looks as if we will be just a region of the EU with no control over our affairs. The decision making processes between citizen and state is being widened all the the time ie citizen - local authority - LEP - Regional - EU.


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Anyone listen to Theresa May's dictat today at the Tory Conference. Looks like we are heading for a police state. They've got to stay in power somehow.


The home secretary’s manifesto plan to silence extremists by banning their access to the web and television is cast far wider than the Islamist “preachers of hate†of tabloid headlines. As David Cameron pointed out, the Conservatives now want to look at the “full spectrum of extremism†and not just the “hard end†of that spectrum that counter-terrorism policy has focused on up to now.
The difference is spelled out in the detail of the policy, where it says that it is intended to catch not just those who “spread or incite hatred†on grounds of gender, race or religion but also those who undertake “harmful activities†for the “purpose of overthrowing democracyâ€.
This is an area fraught with difficulties that could see non-violent political activists in all sorts of areas deemed to be “anti-democraticâ€. The Conservatives already say that the policy would catch neo-Nazis, raising questions about whether the EDL or the BNP would be banned under the measure. But the official definition of non-violent extremism is already wide-ranging and, as Big Brother Watch has pointed out, the national extremism database already includes the names of people who have done little more than organise meetings on environmental issues.
So what would an “extremism disruption order†involve? The police will be able to apply to the high court for an order to restrict the “harmful activities†of an extremist individual. The definition of harmful is to include a risk of public disorder or even a risk of harassment, alarm or distress or the vague-sounding “threat to the functioning of democracyâ€. These are very low thresholds. The restrictions would include a ban on broadcasting and a requirement to submit to the police in advance any proposed publication on the web, social media or in print. Taking part in public protests or speaking at any public event would also be banned. It is no wonder the Liberal Democrats blocked the plan’s immediate introduction on free speech grounds.
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Is this the only way they can keep Bobby quiet?


Theresa May said: "That although extremists were dangerous, they remained a small minority. “We know the overwhelming majority of British people want to be free – free from danger, free from fear, free from prejudice, free from discrimination, free to practise their religion, free to observe their cultures and traditions, free to dress as they like, free to be educated as they choose, free to work where they wish, free to live with whom they love, free to raise their families as they see fit, free to get on with their lives."


Ah, but not free from the Conservatives or Politics.

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This could have extremely far reaching consequences.


I am all for any measures to prevent terrorism, or the rising tide of extremism, but the way this is open to interpretation means that many, many folk who legitimately want to voice their opinion, could well be targeted.


This could be a very slippery slope indeed.

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Have a listen to this and enjoy before Theresa May bans it. Only put up a day ago and already 587,000 views and 20,180 likes and only 192 dislikes. Is this a forecast of voters intentions?


Set to Eminem’s 2002 track 'Lose Yourself', the rap slices together moments from the Prime Minister’s party speeches over the years.
It was released the day a new EU law came into effect which allows comedians to splice together or parody other people’s work without risking legal action.
The Cassetteboy team wrote under the video, which has already been watched over 200,000,: “Seriously though Dave, thanks for legalising parody videos.â€


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Another of Theresa May's friends following on from the Tory Conference.

Keith Bristow, National Crime Agency’s director general says he needs to persuade public to reduce digital freedoms:

Speaking before the home secretary’s conference speech, Bristow argued that cybercrime posed a threat to Britain’s national security and way of life, and that powers he had to investigate criminals using modern technology were inadequate and needed boosting.

Bristow said law enforcement organisations investigating suspected paedophiles and drug and human traffickers were now operating in a digital world, and needed the ability to prove a communication took place between identified persons at a particular time and place. “We are running some very serious risks. This is about public safety – we need the powers to do our job in a digital age. We need to set out our case,†he added.

I think this is justifying a system to keep the paedophiles and elite protected from those seeking to expose them.
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Following on from post 15 above I have been watching some videos on the British Constituion especially those presented by John Bingley. I then came across this article in The Guardian this week referring to the Four copies of Magna Carta to be shown together for first time

The British Library is offering just 1,215 people – via a public ballot – the once-in-a-lifetime chance to view the four surviving manuscripts from 1215 side by side
The four surviving copies of the original Magna Carta from 1215 will come together for the first time in history next February as part of a one-off event to mark the 800th anniversary of the signing of the historic document.
The Magna Carta – literally, Great Charter – was issued by King John in 1215, as his barons revolted and civil war loomed. It saw the monarch avert crisis by acknowledging that the king was not above the law, and with the granting of a range of rights to English citizens. “To no one will we sell, to no one deny or delay right or justice,†runs one of its most famous clauses.
Written on single sheets of parchment, running to around 4,000 words of medieval Latin, two of the surviving 1215 Magna Carta documents are kept at the British Library – one of which was severely damaged in an 18th-century fire, and which has been painstakingly restored using multispectral imaging. One is currently at Lincoln Cathedral, and one at Salisbury Cathedral. On 3 February 2015, they will be brought together at the British Library.
Now I thought one of the copies of the The Magna Carta was kept at Hereford, although it was sent to USA, on display at the Houston Museum of Natural Science between February and August 2014. The most significant revision of Magna Carta was issued by Henry III in 1217. Hereford Cathedral is fortunate to possess one of these 1217 charters only four of which survive.
Have I got this wrong as the numbers don't add up or is the one in Hereford Cathedral a later copy 1217 and something else?
Maybe this is the answer found on Wikipedia:
Hereford is fortunate to possess one of only four 1217 Magna Carta to survive, which in turn is one of the finest of the eight oldest that survive. It is sometimes put on display alongside the Hereford Mappa Mundi in the cathedral's chained library.
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Those of you aware of the UK's constitutional history, Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights, and Habeas Corpus, may think that your basic freedoms are protected under English law. Well you'd be wrong. Our rights are being undermined and destroyed by the creation of the European Union's own system of criminal law. It is an ambitious plan, that has scale and reach that is truly frightening. This is being achieved by stealth, introduced piece by piece until the intended jig-saw fits together as a whole. We are told it is necessary to combat cross border terrorism and crime. The EU is creating its own legal institutions and legal instruments that enshrine a new EU system of criminal law - that undermines and supersedes our own - centuries old, tried and tested legal system. 


This video aims to show you just a few examples of how these legal powers are in force today... and what is intended for the future, ...and how they have seriously affected ordinary British citizens.


I can't believe how few views these videos get, considering we are selling ourselves down the river. Nothing in the mainstream media and with only 3 weeks to go before our criminal system gets sucked into the EU it looks as is if we are sleep walking to disaster.


On the 1st November, in Birmingham, the British Constitution Group are having a conference. The date of the conference is significant, because on that day David Cameron's government throws away British sovereignty to the European Union in 43 policy areas. This is harmonisation with the emphasis on HARM. What can be done about it?


I have just bought a ticket to find out



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I think £45.00 is a very reasonable price.


However........I have seen the most gorgeous pair of boots.


Truly, Megilleland, they are stunning.



They are extremely flattering, because whilst my legs aren't fat, they are certainly on the slightly chunky side...........but not in these boots!!


They are £90.00.


What to do.....? If I buy a ticket, I can only buy one boot.


I have two legs.............


Can you understand my dilemma...........???

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  • 3 weeks later...

The British Constituion Conference tomorrow looks quite cheap. A bit different in the EU as it emerges each British family's EU bill has QUARUPLED to £450 A YEAR as new figures showed Britain's contributions to the EU have quadrupled to £11.3 billion in just five years. Plus we are handing over British Sovereignty in the process - doesn't look a good deal to me, but our politicians say it is!

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