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Launching Today | HEREFORD LIVE

Hereford Voice

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Launching Today | 'HEREFORD LIVE'


After months of work behind the scenes today we are pleased to announce 'HEREFORD LIVE'

LIVE FEED https://hfd.news/k17

Hereford Voice have completely sponsored Hereford's first LIVE HD Webcam from the heart of of fabulous city!

Check out the panoramic view of The Victoria Bridge and the River Wye hosted by our good friends at The Pavilion, Castle Green in Hereford.

Part of the Skyline network of high definition panoramic webcams scattered around the world with the sole goal of promoting tourism, art and culture!

Statistics | You will be able to see how many people are online libe as well as how many visitors there have been viewing our fantastic city.

Web | www.herefordlive.uk

Host | https://www.castlegreenpavilion.co.uk

If you have a great view in Herefordshire that you would like to share and are interested in having a LIVE webcam sponsored by Hereford Voice please get in touch.

Premium | If you would like to view any of the cameras on the network it is completely FREE but there is just one 5 second advert however, for a small fee of €9.50 per year you can go Premium. The Premium option allows access to features and services that will render your navigation experience on SkylineWebcams more exciting.

With Premium you can explore the site without ads, view webcams in Full Screen mode, quickly access your favourite webcams, take pictures and share them on the site, communicate with other users thanks to the chat, travel from one corner of the globe to another in just a few seconds with the interactive map and the search engine.

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