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Terrorist Attacks In Spain

Steve Major

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Another terrorist attack in Europe today, this time in Barcelona.


Some nutter in a van mowing down innocent people and tourists on Las Ramblers in the heart of the city. Reports are that at least 13 people have died and another 50 or more are injured.


A white van mounted the pavement of Las Ramblas, the main tourist area in the city, and struck several people, police said.

It came to a halt at the entrance to the Liceu metro station and the occupants escaped and ran off into the streets nearby, according to one newspaper
Just have to wait now for the mandatory flag colours to appear on the Eiffel Tower and other major landmarks.
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I wonder why a Spanish person would carry out such atrocities? 


No doubt we will be told the usual "we all stand together against terrorists" I agree with Katie Hopkins on this one, Candles and Hashtags do bugger all.


Some Muslim brainwashed **** I expect but hey, I best not jump to conclusions eh. Has Mrs Merkel condemned this attack yet I wonder?

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Another attack further along the coast in Cambrils last night and a hero police officer managed to kill 4 of the terrorists! 




A policeman killed four of the five terrorists in the Cambrils attack in Spain, it has been revealed.
Catalan regional police official Josep Lluis Trapero said it was "not easy" for the officer involved, despite being a professional.
One woman was killed and several others injured in the coastal town when five terrorists rammed an Audi A3 into people on the seafront.



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I downloaded this from my Spanish friends Facebook page.


Translated it reads;


Map of terrorist attacks in Europe, Poland has a strict anti-immigration policy, draw your own conclusions...


attachicon.gifEurope Terrorist Atacks.jpg


Not rocket science is it. Good on Poland for standing their ground and not being bullied with EU threats.

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