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Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped with the clearing of the duck pond and gardens today and to the scouts/cubs for all of their help and for providing hot food, soup and drinks.
Also huge thanks to George from the Castle Hotel and our MP Jesse Norman.
We plan on having another day again later in the year.
Good to see Jesse Norman lending a hand today before he left for Manchester for his parties conference.
DILLIGAF (Doug) and Colin James
Looking much better
Our new sign
Keith Marston and Colin James
Plenty of good people taking time from the private lives to volunteer today, what great community spirit! 
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Plenty of kind volunteers today.



Keith Marston in his waders



Good to see Jesse Norman getting stuck in today, especially as he has to drive to Manchester for the party conference now.



Our volunteers, including our ragwert 



Only me



Canoeist clearing the weeds and duckweed from the water



Thank you to Becky and everyone at Vets4Pets for sponsoring our new sign and also to Print Plus for creating it.



Doug (DILLIGAF) up high in the tree



Credenhill Scouts



We were provided some fantastic soup and hot sausage rolls as well as drinks by the wonderful cubs.

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Great turn out Colin,well done.


Few pics from missus phone


Thanks, buddy, it was really good to see you both today, thank you so much for your support. Thanks also to Bill Thomas who helped out for several hours all very good of you all to take time out to join in with the cleanup, great community spirit! 

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Here are a couple of before and after photographs.









The breeze had moved the duckweed to one end as you can see from this photo and although there is a lot of silt at the bottom of the pond the water itself looks pretty clean.



Petrina doing her best to remove the duckweed


Petrina 2.jpg

It wasn't long before Petrina capsized and Steve came to the rescue

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I called by the duck pond today and is was good to see Corden there scooping out the duckweed. To be fair to Corden he has been spending two or three hours here everyday this week in between jobs. 


The duckweed appears to be sitting at the one end, which is making it a lot easier to manage.


Corden has created a nice stack ready to be spread out, where it will rot naturally. 


If anyone is around this afternoon or tomorrow and have some nets please come along a lend a hand. I will be here again tomorrow.


Corden Smith.jpg


Duckweed Hereford.jpg


The pond is looking a lot better since the event last weekend and Corden continued efforts to remove the duckweed.


Duck Pond Clear.jpg


Duck Pond Clear 1.jpg

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