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Mould Appearing On Walls Of New Flats In Beattie Ave

Colin James

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Well there seems to be a problem with all the joints...


All three joints are leaking then.


Beattie Ave 3.jpg


It looks like the seals have gone on these ground floor windows, if not it is a bad case of condensation


Beattie Ave 4.jpg


Some repairs already required I see...


Beattie Ave 5.jpg



I said in this discussion about how rust runs will appear on the walls from this cheap metal window surrounds, have a look at these;


Beattie Ave 6.jpg


Drips are starting to already discolour the window cills where the water drops.


The houses opposite are also showing rust runs under the windows, I hate to think how these new builds are all going to look over the next 5 years.


Broxash Drive.jpg

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Actually, I would say poor detail design - it can be perfectly built but if the basic design is wrong, this is what you get. A lack of understanding or consideration of detailing of how rain impacts on buildings. I doubt it will be rectified.


Sadly, you are probably right, it will remain like this and just get worse and worse

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I do not want to go off this topic but in my opinion, part of the planning process should be a prediction or forecast on how new builds will look in 10 years (maybe they already do this?)


I see lots of fairly new builds on my travels and all look vile after a short time.


In London there were some new houses with glass little roofs above the front door, similar to the ones in Conningsby Street, all covered in mould and these below do not look much better.


Conningsby Street.png

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