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Hereford Beer House Opens Wednesday!

Colin James

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Hereford Beer House.jpg


I have received a nice email from Amelie from the Hereford Beer House, providing they can get all the fire and safety checks approved they aim to be open on Wednesday 11th November.


Remember where you heard it first..


Hi Colin,


I attached 2 recent pictures of the shop, and it's still a mess as you can see! We had a lot of issues with works in the last days and will have to push back the opening to next Wednesday (11th of November) - if we receive approval from Fire Safety and Building Controls.


We plan to be an hybrid of a shop and a bar. We built a big cold room equipped with glass doors (like the ones you have in service stations for cold drinks). Retail shelving will be on one side, accessible through the glass doors for customers to grab the beers they want to take away or drink in.


In the cold room behind the retail shelves we'll have space for storage. We'll be the first bottle shop in the UK to have entire storage and retail refrigeration! You're supposed to treat beer like milk (=keep it refrigerated as much as possible) so we wanted to provide the best conditions for the beer we'll be selling.


We also fitted bar taps coming out of the cold room, and the kegs will be chilled inside the cold room. We will have 6 beers on tap, changing regularly, and it will be only keg, no cask (we believe Hereford already has a great cask beer offering).

At the bar you'll also be able to fill a 1L or 2L container (called a growler) with beer to take home. It's a nice option for a dinner or a party!


We will also sell homebrew supplies for the adventurous ones who want to make their own beer. Jonny (my partner) is a brewer and will be able to provide lots of advice on this matter.


We will have beers from the best breweries in the country, as well as some beers from America, Belgium, Italy, Holland, Norway, etc. We will also stock cider from Herefordshire producers such as Oliver's Cider, Pip's, Gwatkins, Newton Court, Skyborry, Once Upon a Tree or Dunkertons.


Food wise we'll have only cold food: cheese and charcuterie plates (we are working with the Mouse Trap and Trealy Farm), sausage rolls (from Heggies), snack salamis and olives.


Sorry that was a bit long and I hope it makes sense (I'm not british so my english can be weird sometimes).


Feel free to come and see the final result next week and we can then take some time to have a chat about the organisation of the festival.





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