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Whitehouse Pub


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Does the Tupsley Community Group now own the old "Whitehouse Pub" up at Whittern Way?? Or is it owned by some other group??


I ask, because it is an absolute eye sore....a magnet for vandalism and appears to have been empty for months if not years with no clear plan for what it's future holds. I had a conversation today the gist of which was the good folks who run The Cock Of Tupsley very successfully, have enquired about buying it, as they would like to re open it, and run it as an extension to their thriving business.


No. Was the answer. Apparently just one person gets to say "No". No committee meeting, no vote, just one persons say so.(Who does that remind you of???)


So whoever does own this.....either get it tidied up, and open....or let someone else do it!!!


Letting it fall into an even greater state of disrepair should not be an option!

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Sorry, H, I am unable to provide a pic!


A family I know have had a few health related issues recently, so I volunteered to walk their dog a couple of times, hence my visit to this part of Hereford.


I have spoken to several residents who live within spitting distance of this building, and all without exception are sick to the back teeth of looking at this. It would seem that the more affluent areas of Tupsley are taking priority, in regard to councillors time and energy.


Residents that I talked to feel that if there is an option on the table for this to be re opened and used(not to mention making good use of the living accommodation above)this would be preferable. Looking at it myself I completely agree with them.


One resident who views this every time they look out of their window, said they thought the pub had been bought by a community group, but did not know which one. The resident who told me about the offer from The Cock of Tupsley, said they were astounded that an offer such as this could be rejected without seemingly any discussion.


It may well be that a community group bought it, with plans to create some sort of community centre, but are now lacking in the finance department. If this is the case, surely if the community this building is supposed to be for wants it open, used and maintained - whether as a centre or a business - their views should be taken into consideration.

At the very least, some sort of time frame needs to be communicated to the residents who have to live with this on their doorsteps day in and day out.


As one local put it..."I can't see them putting up with this in other areas of Tupsley."


So.....let's hear what the plans are please!!!

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I did google it, Aylestone Voice! Even with my technical incompetence I managed that.


I googled The Whitehouse Hereford, and found it was bought by a church group, but the date on that was 2012 - two years ago.


I am afraid I have never done Facebook, and probably never will.


I asked the question, in the hope someone who is local to the area could give an up to date answer.


If you have information, please share.

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Have a read of this for background
This Business Plan outlines plans to turn a run down pub into a functional community centre, providing invaluable services and a much needed focus for community activity in North Tupsley. This is a partnership project between St Pauls Church and the North Tupsley Action Group (NTAG). Through the course of developing this business plan other partners have also been identified, for example; Herefordshire Housing, Herefordshire Voluntary Action, West Mercia Constabulary and Close House, all of whom fully support the project and are committed to working with us to make it a success. 
The refurbishment of the Whitehouse pub is being supported by Herefordshire County Council and local councillors who have provisionally suggested that a grant of £75,000 towards the refurbishment costs will be made available. Planning permission for change of use from a Public House to a Community Centre was applied for in 2010 and this was granted. A phased approach to refurbishment is proposed to allow for the gradual accumulation of the remaining capital required to complete the re-development. The priority will be to refurbish the ground floor, to ensure that the community are able to benefit as soon as possible from the facilities and that the facility is able to generate income. 
The phased plans for the refurbishment are:
Year One
Phase One – Refurbishment of the (i) office space (for use by a variety of outreach teams) (ii) the smaller bar area and toilets (iii) the first floor living accommodation (iv) kitchen. The first floor living accommodation will provide regular and reliable income for the project and is therefore a priority for refurbishment in Year One. It will be managed by Herefordshire Housing
Year Two
Phase Two – Refurbishment of the large function room and outdoor space. The current outbuildings will be turned into a thrift shop in this phase which will provide useful income for the project. Also the demand for a function room was clearly demonstrated through the community survey. This also has the potential of contributing useful income for the project
Year Three/Four
Phase Three – Refurbishment of the cellar into a dedicated multimedia youth space. The community consultation and consultation with stakeholders have clearly outlined the need for such a space in the area.


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First published Thursday 26 June 2014 in Hereford Times News

SALLY Hollingshead of the North Tupsley Action Group (N-TAG) was the recent recipient of the Mayor's Commendation Award at the Hereford city annual parish council.
She said "What a great honour it is to receive such a prestigious award from the mayor of Hereford city.
"I would like to accept this award not only for myself but on behalf of my fellow committee members who worked tirelessly for our community, Mrs Dulcie Maber, Mrs Agnie Tyler, Mr Brian Kempson, Mrs Margaret Russell, Mrs Daphne Griffiths, Mrs Joan Conway, Mrs Sue Davie and not forgetting the late Mr Angus Robinson.
"Also all our loyal N-TAG members and our residents for their support over the past seven years at all our events, and helping make our little part of Tupsley a much better place.
"I must also thank Hereford City Council, Herefordshire Council, Herefordshire Housing, HVOSS, our councillors, Jesse Norman MP and West Mercia Police for supporting us with funding over the years which enables us to set up a monthly afternoon tea club for the elderly, a much needed youth club, and a twice yearly community coach trip to a designation of our members choice."
N-TAG had a list of changes needed from residents when they started such as a new play area, goal posts and a community facility to name just a few. Over the years they managed to tick everything off the list, the latter thanks to the Rev John Watson.
None of this would have been possible without the support N-TAG received from those mentioned above and other community groups from Herefordshire.


Was the Whte House on this list?
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This has been going on for four years. Its no wonder local residents are cheesed off with looking at it!!


Hi Megilleland - I am not sure how Tupsley is split up! Reading the above, it would appear that Whittern Way is "North Tupsley".Residents I spoke to referred to the area as "Whittern Way". So I am a tad confused!


 Folks were saying to me, that they felt little bits of "nice areas" of Tupsley seem to be getting an awful lot of attention, whilst those who reside in Whittern Way feel like the poor relations!!


(And thanks for the links!!)

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Thanks again Megilleland!


Reading through this, and other information, it seems that in 2010, they were given consent for a change of use, and drew up a four year plan.


So far so good.


Here we are in 2014, so four years on, and very little appears to have been done. Looking at figures, it looks as if they are only halfway to raising the target figure.(I am unsure as to whether this includes any grants/funding they have applied for.)


So when do they anticipate that this building will function again in whatever guise??


I am not knocking any community initiative, but when it has stalled for as long as this it does become a ridiculous situation - particularly for those who are becoming increasingly frustrated at having to look at it!


I can well understand why some residents now feel that with no obvious end in sight, consideration should be given to other interested parties, who could improve things significantly quicker!


A quick email to a resident, found that The Whitehouse seems to currently be used for storage of equipment, for other more "high profile" events/activities which take place in other areas of Tupsley.

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I note that within the business plan it states in its objectives, that it should be open to the community for use by September 2011.



I have sent a message to Jim Kenyon asking if he has any up to date information on this project. Hopefully we may hear back.

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Going back to the figures.....


It is stated that for phase one,  £250,000 needs to be raised - this is the phase that was expected to be open three years ago.


Looking at the fundraising diagram, it shows that about half of this has been raised.


It does not make clear if this includes the following grants.


1.£75,000 from Herefordshire Council.

2.£30,000 offered by Hereford City Council.

3.CEMEX have offered just under £10,000.


This totals £115,000.


If this figure is included in the fundraising target, ie, the halfway mark, then everything does indeed appear to have ground to a halt.


 This may give some indication of just how long it will take to fundraise the rest.

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Thanks for that info Two Wheels. Does this mean that it would have to go through the whole process again?


I'm not being critical of the original grand plan.......I just think that perhaps this project was too ambitious and has now overwhelmed the groups who are supposed to be driving it forward.


The trouble is, it's those who live nearest who are having to put up with years of uncertainty and a complete mess to look at.


Why, if there is another offer on the table, which would breathe new life into this building, are the community not being consulted??

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Hi folks

this is the reply I sent to dippy before reading the tread.

Hi dippy this is a very frustration situation St. Paul church team are dealing with this the vicar left after being on sick leave with stress someone else took over they are waiting until they have raised all the funds to me they are going about it all the wrong way I have stayed away from the project for fear of throttling someone for dilly dialling sorry I can't throw any more light on this feel free to contact St. Paul's PCC

Cheers Jim

Ps Sally Hollingsworth has also stepped back from the project for the same reasons as me

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Hi Jim, thanks for replying!


I am sure from what you have said, that you can understand the residents' mounting frustration at both the lack of activity on site and lack of information!


I am not surprised you've stayed away from it - unfortunately, when you look at it every time you open your curtains it's not quite so easy to forget about!


Would a joint approach to St Paul's be a more united way forward??


I am not quite sure which of the Tupsley councillors ward covers Whittern Way.....is it Cath North?

If so, I'll stop bothering you, and contact her!!!


Many thanks again for your response,

Warm regards.

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A quick look at St Pauls website, confirms there has been no mention of any news regarding The Whitehouse for quite some time.


Indeed, all fundraising efforts now seem to be pointed firmly in the direction of raising £25,000.00 for a new heating system for the church.


It would appear The Whitehouse project, seems to be off the radar and off the agenda.


Just what you want to hear, if you have the daily reminder of looking at this site everyday.


Never mind. I understand the view from the vicarage is quite pleasant, so that's alright then.

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Hi Ragwert,


Can you recall when it was last a well used pub? I think a well run pub can offer a real focal point to a community. We have lost plenty of good, local pubs in recent times

Many years ago Dippy.The last time I went in there was for a wake for John Payne and the place was run down with some Biker gang hovering around outside,something to do with

the person who was running it.

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Thanks for that Ragwert.


Getting the right folks in to run any pub is key.They can make or break it.


I understand that The Cock Of Tupsley is a well run establishment, it certainly seems to do a roaring trade in food. If they think they can bring this pub back up to scratch using their know how, experience and business acumen, I say that is a conversation that's definitely worth having.

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Perhaps this is where they are getting their ideas from now?

Quick!  Somebody have some more good ideas!!

Don't let Bobby47 join in, or they'll be having mass excavations for lost villages in the wrong places!

Very good Clarkester! That, or there would be a county wide ban on growing nettles, or owning a cannon!! My favourite "good idea" is to vote out the conservatives at the first opportunity!


Seriously though, as another poster pointed out - I think it was George - quite a few of the issues raised on these pages are getting attention........for whatever reason!!!


That can only be a good thing!

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I have just found this lot on St Pauls Hereford Website.


Tupsley Whitehouse Project

St Paul’s has recently taken over The Whitehouse pub in Whittern Way in a move that will see the development of a community hub. St Paul’s is working in partnership with the North Tupsley Action Group (N-TAG) and Herefordshire Council.

Reverend John Watson said he was delighted by the development. “This former pub will now be the heart of the community, providing a venue for community groups and services such as a youth club as well as activities for older residents,” he said. “It’s been a haul pulling it all together but I’m sure it will be worth it.”


Whitehouse Pub.jpg


The long awaited plan to secure a new community centre at the former White House public house in Whittern Way, Tupsley, came about after N-TAG secured the support of Herefordshire Council and St Paul’s Church, Tupsley, to develop the proposal, using funds from Herefordshire Council. The Church PCC applied for planning permission to change the use of the building from pub to a community hub.

“St Paul’s will receive £75,000 from Herefordshire Council towards the refurbishment of the building,” said John. “There aren’t many facilities in this part of Hereford for the community to get together and this will offer residents a chance to socialise more and provide activities for both young and old to enjoy.”

This will be the latest venture by the Church of England locally which has developed the nave part of the church building in Bridge Sollars and Peterchurch as community meeting places, Yarpole church now houses a Community Shop; government and local Children’s Services are delivered in St Peter’s at Peterchurch, alongside a full social calendar and church services.


Wendy Coombey, Community Partnership and Funding Officer for the Diocese said “This is just another example of how the local church community can support local people by working in partnership with them – whether it’s by letting them use our buildings or whether it’s just providing the support they need to make something happen. We are in a good place to do this as we have a branch in every community. In the last few years, we’ve seen a steady increase in a whole range of activities being taken up by local people in partnership with our churches and in some cases this can help transform local communities for the better.”



I also found this Whitehouse Page but I think this may have already been posted.

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