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Hereford Utd sign new lease


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Bulls Chairman David Keyte put his signature to the new Edgar Street leases on Friday.

Keyte's signature comes after a lengthy and thorough process, spearheaded by non-executive Director Bob Pritchard.
Pritchard, who has over 40 years in the development industry confirmed that the leases were received by the club on Friday in the agreed form and that Chairman, David Keyte signed all 8 documents and the 5 statutory declarations with the documents being returned to the clubs solicitors in Birmingham in order to effect exchange and completion on Monday/Tuesday this week.
"This is a special moment in the history of the club in securing it's immediate future at Edgar Street for the next 30 years" said Pritchard "it also provides opportunities for development to be secured on the two ends of the ground, new stands to be built and with those, a 250 year long lease that will help secure the clubs long term future at Edgar Street."
Bob will now open negotiations with the existing telecoms operators who currently have equipment on the floodlight pylons, in order to relocate their equipment when development of either ends takes place.

Read more at http://www.herefordunited.co.uk/news/article/leases-signed-090214-1349705.aspx#7Ey0G5FivZFCv2d3.99

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No, this is renewing the existing lease. There is a covenant on the ground which states it can only be used for leisure, sports games by the people of Hereford. The ground was left to the Council for the leisure of the people of Hereford by Miss Chave who also owned Moor House.

The council can not sell it for any other reason.

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I think Cllr Nick Nenaditch is one...




Here is the complete list:


David Keyte - Wikipedia listing - BBC article "Hereford United will not go bust" and photo here
Vice Chairman:
Grenville Smith MBE - HT article and photo here
Club Directors:
Dave Preedy - Director Express Plumbing Rotherwas Hereford - HT article and photograph here
Nick Nenadich - Local Tory Councillor - Positive Hereford - Hereford Heckler article here
Colin Addison - Ex HUFC Footballer - Wikipedia listing here and HUFC article and photo here
Bob Pritchard - Previously managing director and land director of Taylor Wimpey, Taylor Woodrow and Westbury Homes
There is an interesting article here and another HT article with photograph here
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With respect Councillor Chappell, this is not a renewal. This is the grant of a 250 years Lease - a virtual freehold. As we are are led to believe, certain areas at each end can now be sold off to developers, leaving the sports area intact and meeting the requirements of the covenant you quote.

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