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Why can't we have a Parador?

Denise Lloyd

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It is interesting Denise. Sadly, I think our European counterparts have a far greater appreciation of their older buildings. To get this to work would require foresight and vision! Enough said!

Nominations from everyone please???

I think the building by the Sainsbury's traffic lights on Eign Street, next to the old eye hospital, needs rescuing. And don't get me started on what happened to Moor House.... beautiful manor house, bequeathed to the good citizens of the city for their benefit etc. etc., we get flats, how to respect someone's wishes, not!

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I totally agree with adamski's observation that we don't respect our old or historic buildings as well as other European countries.

A topical case in point is the ugly fire-damaged hulk facing the Old House in High Town. It has been in that parlous state for nine years and at one time was causing so much offence that the normally mild-mannered Guild of Hereford Guides lodged a formal complaint with Herefordshire Council.

I understand that restoration work is due to start any day now. Main contractor is Bayliss who have an exemplary track record in the building conservation field. 

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What a very good article , well researched and written by Nick Jones .

The idea of turning older building into hotels appears to work very well in Spain , as I see it , the biggest obstacle to saving old buildings is Herefodshire Council , as Gridknocker pointed out the burnt out premises covered in scaffolding in a prime position with the Old House nearby must make visitors to the City believe that the Council just ain't bothered ,especially when it's pointed out that the building fire was 9 years ago . Going on from that the Council wanted to knock down the Old Boys Home for a new Fire Stn . High profile protests made them think again.

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