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  1. Update, Welsh Water are only on site tonight, as stated. However I am informed that the signs that have been put up are Council Signs, not Welsh Water, so it appears that there is to be re surfacing work going on from the 1st to the 9th of June over night.
  2. Whose right, Megilland? or The Welsh Water engineer in charge? Ring and ask for Mr Gareth Morris, as I did this morning call 0800 085 3968 and quote reference number 94515322.
  3. Hot off the press from Welsh Water, the repairs will take place from 2000hrs tonight until aprox 0600 hrs Saturday Morning, no mention of a the 1st till the 9th June and the y assure me that that info is wrong. coupled with the amber weather warning for this afternoon and evening should be interesting, nothing on the tele might wander down for a look.
  4. Can't wait till Welsh Water close the Ross Road adjacent to the Hinton Community Centre to clear a blocked sewer.
  5. Tried to log onto the Council website to report a pot hole, again, getting some very strange error messages from the website and warnings from my web security, tried the link through Voice and the same happened, running my security scans just incase. Just to let you know.
  6. The Traffic Officers were down Hollybush walk today. pity they werm't here last Wednesday.
  7. Any idea what is happening at Hinton Community Center?, 5 Police vehicles in attendance.
  8. Any one interested Fred's funeral is at the Crem 11:15hrs tomorrow (Tuesday).
  9. if you look up lightning cars on the tinternet you will find plans tp build a child's powered sports car using a 50 litre plastic bin and old electric drill and other bits, I'm thinking a black wheelie bin would make a great kids bin lorry.
  10. having cut the grass I'm not sure I could q for the loo and in any case I think the council might bar those who want to pee in disquise
  11. Suggest you read this first, I should point out that the pinkie reply was sent then week after the main article was printed, I just scanned them together. Even in those days I had to hide my identity for fear of reprisals.
  12. Just to say that the problems with grass cutting are not new, perhaps the council should ask Mr Hubbard to carry on cutting due to the cuts. The same content was sent to the times but they decline to print it.
  13. I agree with dippyhippy and the other supporters, I like the journal, they would publish letters that the Times editorial staff were not allowed to.
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