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  1. Lads, I'm not against your argument. I'd sooner be allied to the Polish nation who, like the States, Britain, Greece and Estonia take their NATO responsibilities seriously and pay their way to defend themselves, rather than the yellow bellied, cheating bastards from the West who now drape themselves in the EU flag and sing Ode To Joy. But, those who are stupid enough to ever want to join the Union, and that includes Poland, they can't pick and choose the sugary bits they want and the sour stuff they don't want. They entered this Union of madness spouting, 'we share your common values', which include equality for all ethnic and religious groups, and yet, when the test comes in the shape of the Syrian migrant crisis, they don't want to help, hence the reason why the Polish Premier has made her comments which clearly imply that they don't fully share all our Shared Common Values that allowed them to get into the EU in the first place. Truth is, given the nature of the EU and every single path their Federal ideology takes us all on, Poland and all the other member states have no right to attempt to maintain their way of life, protect their heritage and pick and choose what they want, unless......they follow the lead of Britain and put an end to the madness and Leave.
  2. The Polish Premier's words are supportive of what many now feel and think about these attacks upon our Western societies. That said, and with great respect to her and the peoples of Poland and other Eastern European countries, it's very easy to talk like this in their uncomplicated and straightforward societies. For Poland and many other East European nations where they've never experienced significant levels of immigration and the introduction of different cultures into their population, where the normal and typical is white Christian Caucasian, there is no risk or political backlash for speaking in this way. For the West, who's societies are very diverse and based upon multiculturalism and equality for all, it's nigh on impossible for a western political leader to talk in this way. So, whilst the Polish Premier might sound good and appeal to the way many might now feel about these complicated social issues, our leaders have to consider issues that Poland has no experience of. Diversity! One should also remember that Poland and other Eastern countries are in conflict with Brussels for refusing to accept any people associated with the migrant crisis and this speech by the Polish Premier is in a roundabout way a response to the threat from Brussels that sanctions may be implemented and the Cash Tap could be turned off if 'they' don't do as they're told and embrace our so called EU Shared Values and accept diversity into their culture.
  3. I'd like to see all drugs defined as controlled under the provisions of the Misuse Of Drugs Act legalised. The whole lot. Cannabis, Opiates, Amphetamines, Cocaine. Decriminalise them all and allow our members of society a free choice as to whether or not they wish to take drugs. The benefits would be felt immediately. The Criminal Justice System would be relieved of its responsibility to prosecute, the prices of say a kilo of Heroin would shoot down and even Cocaine, the champagne drug of choice and so costly to purchase it's become out of reach for me and many others who's income won't stretch to buying an ounce a week to enjoy it's mind altering properties, would become freely available to those with a limited disposable income. Whatsmore, by taking this step, our roads would become much safer for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Every single year statistics show that hundreds of fatalities occur involving drivers who are not intoxicated or out of their minds on drugs. Indeed, last year in the United Kingdom, not one person was killed by a driver who was drunk and under the influence of smoking Cannabis and snorting three lines of Cocaine. You can't argue with facts. Statistically, the records show that the more you drink and the more drugs you take, you are less likely to flatten a pedestrian on your way home. Consider Athletics! Instead of spending millions on 'doping' investigative work, allow the athlete the opportunity to compete under the influence of drugs. That way every single athlete would have direct access to drugs and be given the opportunity to compete equally and fairly with everyone else. Interestingly, if the Athletics Associations grasped this opportunity, it would revitalise the global interest in sporting achievements. Imagine after a few years all our athletes became bulked up, hyped up and generally mentally deranged during their event, remarkable World Records could be achieved. I'm not suggesting that we'll ever see the day when a man or woman can leap over the roof of a semi detached dwelling but the current record of nigh on eight feet would easily be broken by a jump of twelve feet. Course, it'd cost. The sandpit for the long jump. That'd have to be extended and new safe and purpose built stadia for the throwing events would need to be quickly addressed to ensure the spectators were safe from the Javelin or Discus. Whatsmore, once the sprinters had digested enough of their drugs of choice, a sub nine second one hundred metres race would become commonplace and in time, possibly in my lifetime, a man or a woman, both sexes are equally capable, could run the hundred yards in less than five seconds. It seems to me that whilst my view is open to ridicule and I'm pretty sure many will disagree with me, mankind needs to evolve to achieve and unless we open our minds and embrace the idea that drugs are a good and kindly tool to benefit humanity and athletics, then we're never going to see a man or a woman perform exteaordinary feats of human brilliance and advance our humanity and civilisation.
  4. Mind, going off at a tangent and discussing hate crime, only this week on the HT readers page, a couple of East European kids have gone off the rails and ended up in Court. To read the comments left by the Readers you'd most definitely believe that racism in Hereford is alive and well. It's truly despairing to read it and very wrong that the HT allow these comments to remain on their page for everyone to read. Why would the HT distort a Poll and at the same time tolerate readers posting stuff that discredits us all? I've absolutely no idea!
  5. Martin, your piece really gets to the heart of how controlled we are and how controlling the media and the establishment now are in relation to the governance of us all. Last August a poor Polish man died on the streets of Essex. His tragic death was widely reported in the media of Britain, Poland and discussed in the Parliaments of Westminster, Poland and the European Union. The reports of this poor mans death announced that a mob of British youths carried out a frenzied attack after they heard him speaking in his native tongue. The narrative then was this poor man was Murdered, the attack was racist and connected with our countries desire for Brexit. Understandably, on her recent visit to Britain the Polish Premier raised this death with Theresa May rightly demanding that her citizens are afforded protection against hate crime attacks. Naturally, as someone who voted to Leave, I was devastated that a man was murdered in our Country simply because of his ethnicity and I personally reflected on this news asking myself, 'what have we done to bring about such anger and hatred'? All straightforward you might think! Well, sadly it's not. This poor lad was not Murdered, he was not attacked by a frenzied mob and the death was not motivated by feelings of racial hatred. One child of 15 years of age has been charged with Manslaughter. Now, no matter what, for millions of people who followed that false narrative, they'll forever believe that we are a nation of racists who killed a man and there's nothing that can be done to change their views of us who voted to Leave.
  6. Last week the Hereford Times conducted a Readers Poll regarding our departure from the European Union. The Poll asked, now that our exit is imminent, would you now vote to Remain, would you now vote to Leave or don't you know. This particular news thread attracted a great many comments that supported our departure and the Poll very quickly reflected our people's desire to still leave the Union. Indeed, by the early part of the afternoon the Poll reflected this intent and had the Leave vote at around 69 percent, the Remain vote around 29 percent and the remaining number stating Don't Know. Around 2.30pm, some five minutes after the Poll showed Leave at 69 percent, I opened up the page of the HT to see whether or not further comments had been added. At this time, the Poll then read 69 percent to Remain, 29 percent to Leave. The Poll result had been deliberately distorted and its manipulation and single purpose could only be for one reason. To suit the narrative of the media who like much of the establishment want us to remain in the Union. Worse, today, the Hereford Times has released a piece on their Readers page celebrating the results of their Poll that shows the Remain vote at over 70 percent which, given the clear circumstances of the rigged Poll that adequately displays just how powerful the media have become in controlling our lives, our views, our aspirations and our futures by simply writing and reporting whatever they like whether it's true or false.
  7. 'D', the ideology of Common Purpose and its strangling grip on all of our public services ensures that 'the suits' rule and our elected political figures, both locally and nationally have been castrated. Our Councillors and our Members of Parliament are nowadays little more than an opportunity for a photo shoot in High Town when something very interesting comes along and catches their attention. The destruction of our economy has been complete, our farming communities are well on the way to complete destruction and all that's left are a population of low earners who'll continue to pay their Council Tax to enable all our land to be handed over to big business and the dream of more houses to be filled with more people who'll continue to work earning the minimum wage on a zero hour contract serving you, me and us a quids worth of chips within yet another fast food retail outlet that's replaced a once proud and flourishing business that packed up because they couldn't be bloody bothered to carry on. Sadly, the fact that thus far nobody has bothered to add to your well written piece should confirm to you that objection has been crushed, the people have been gagged because they no longer care and 'theyve' now got a free hand to take what's left of what we've still got of value. What do I think? I think we're buggered and there's nothing else left to do but sit back and say absolutely nothing!
  8. Well I'll be damned if I can bring myself to agree with our dear friend and fellow poster Frank Smith. Whilst I can accept I don't have a monopoly on good ideas and sound thoughts and my mind is often addled by ale, getting the Police tooled up to 'prevent life' is a step to far unless I'm considered out of step and very old fashioned. Given that the original sentiment was to prevent loss of life, and I've given my reasons why I disagree with Colin's proposition, Frank has taken the debate to a level that many like me may find uncomfortable. I can't see how directing the Police to shoot us all to prevent life is ever going to do us any good at all.
  9. I don't believe that arming all our Officers would be a good thing for Britain.The moment you arm all Officers and even make it compulsory, you not only change the model of Policing in Britain from Policing With Consent to a more Authoritarian model, you completely change the recruitment process and alter the make up of all the ranks. Every single recruit would be required to have a Personality Psychometric Test to see whether or not they should carry a firearm, be able to shoot the pistol and deliver lethal deadly force. This would ultimately mean that the ranks would be swollen by those people who were able and capable of shooting someone but not necessarily be good and competent Officers. Huge numbers of good, kind and thoroughly capable recruits would be immediately excluded because of their inability to pass the PPT and this natural progression of recruitment, where being armed is the focus would inevitably be detrimental to the Service and change its very nature forever. What's more, I don't believe, based upon our model of Police Service you can expect all our Officers to wear these two hats. Dealing with an everyday piece of Police work that requires patience and diligence and then expecting them to suddenly change their core role and shoot someone dead is to much to ask. Also, it's all well and good training these officers, sending them up to the Rifle Range and getting them to hit the target is very different to being subjected to great stress, being unable to control your adrenalin and then flapping. The young lady Officer who stopped Lee Rigby's killer was around 18 feet away from the killer and in a three to four second burst fired off 8 rounds hitting the target once in the leg. Whilst highly trained, this young Officer was unable to hit the target beneath the neck and above the belly button simply because of stress and an inability to control her adrenalin. And it's got nothing to do with bravery! It's simply arming and equipping the right people who are capable of delivering deadly force and then being able to live with its consequences. I suggest that the only people qualified to carry out this role are our Armed Forces and a tiny number of well trained Police Officers who've been carefully selected to do this.
  10. How do 'they' manage to do this sort of thing over and over again? Well, it's all relatively easy. You take the ideology of Common Purpose, use LinkedIn and your many other contacts hoovered up after years of playing the public service game and then, and this is the crucial piece of the game, you take a 'suit' and place him or her in charge of the procurement of the IT software. Importantly but easily guaranteed, that suit must have and will have reached his or her own personal level on incompetence several pay grades below where they actually are now, ensuring that when they sit down and negotiate with the private sector suit the disadvantage and unfairness of this fiscal encounter can easily and profitably be exploited at a huge cost to us the paying public. The result? On behalf of the people, the Council acquire a hugely expensive piece of software that doesn't work, will never work and no matter how much money you throw at it thereafter, and it's guaranteed they will, the software cannot work because the procurement process was founded upon the Council purchasing and installing the exact bit of kit that they shouldn't have acquired in the first place. Then, and this is the sugary bit for the private sector, they've steered the Council to sign up to a contract with a friendly company who agree to pop in from time to time at a hugely inflated cost to iron out any birthing problems that over a period of several years turn out to be extremely harsh and frequently regular birthing problems that then alert some other 'suit' to the fact that perhaps, just perhaps, collectively, they've managed to repeat the mistake they've made on several other separate occasions and acquitted a bit of kit they never needed in the first bloody place. And round and round it goes!
  11. Thank you old friend Ragwert. Sledge Hammer To Crack A Small Nut! My Grandfather, who fought in both the First and Second World Wars took a direct hit, twice, on the top of his head from one of these and he barely broke his stride whilst marching up Sword Beach.
  12. They've found what they think is an unexploded bomb down Rotherwas. As we speak, the hierarchy of the Police, the Firebrigade and God knows who else, are declaring the event a Major Incident which will mean a load of people keen to have fun because they've been on a Course, they will evacuate God only knows how many people, roads will be closed, the media will help create drama and tales of heroism, the bomb will be blown up and in about two months time there'll be a presentation at the Shirehall where they'll hand out medals and ribbons of glory to all those who helped save Rotherwas from the dreadful fate of getting blown up.
  13. Everything Harry has written is completely factual. As for it being a white elephant, I prefer to refer to it as a Monument To Stupidity. At just over sixty three million quid of public money to build a retail centre at the very same time as shopping habits have changed forever is reckless, foolhardy and a gift to Stanhope, Britsh Land and Herford Futures who've asset stripped our home City of wealth. As for the Old Market, footfall is down and as we exchange these thoughts,retailers, small and large who are based down at the OM are considering whether to go, downsize their staff or ride it out and see what happens. Mark my words, particularly the large retailers, when the juicy financial incentive periods run out that got these brands here in the first place, they'll consider profit margins and abandon our City. This is not bluff and hyperbole! The downturn in footfall, particularly across the entire trading period piece has caused considerable alarm within and these companies are not going to continue carrying large numbers of staff when few people are inside browsing or buying. As for the places to eat and drink,,,,,they're doing ok but it's all been at the expense of High Town who's still trading proprietors are sitting there, day in, day out often taking in less than a hundred quid a day. Don't tell these traders that times have never been so good. For them and for us who funded this madness it's been disastrous and it'll come back to bite our fragile economy when the true extent of the stupidity comes home to roost and our youngsters are faced with the dilemma, 'what now and where do we go'.
  14. At least one of the staff has discovered that their former employer has not paid in any National Insurance contributions for nigh on a decade.
  15. Colin, I'm on the same page as you. I agree! The Asda centre provides great value for money, a great public service and it produces a great deal of slack in an overstretched system which provides all the feeder surgeries much needed support. Sadly, it ain't enough. They'll keep pushng on with Taurus Healthcare, and despite most within the local healthcare profession recognising that it's all been a waste of time and money, they'd sooner destroy Asda that clearly works for the people than ever face up to their avoidable mistake that was the creation of an arms length company that's in it to make money through privatisation. One way or the other Asda will change and there's absolutely nothing the people can do to stop it. Too many former or retired NHS management suits have invested their futures on the creation of PLC's that are designed to meet the needs of transformation and Common Purpose within the NHS and are set up and designed to fully exploit outsourcing that eats away at the low hanging fruit of our public money. As for Taurus, the biggest beneficiaries in this tragic tale of woe, eventually the NHS will cut the cord of public funding, set it adrift and sell it to an old close friend at a remarkably low price allowing a few to become very wealthy and providing no financial return to the paying public.
  16. Colin, the problem of the Walk In Surgery is that the patient who walks in, registers, sits there, waits and then receives treatment from the Doctor or the Nurse, generates a cost to their home surgery. The Surgery you are registered wth gets the bill for your visit to Asda. And that's it. That's why they want to close it. No other reason. It's simply about money and profits and the local Surgeries no longer want to foot the bill for the Walk In Centre.
  17. Hello David old friend. You mention logic old soldier. There's no logically approach to anything that 'they' serve up and dish out to us. It's one badly thought out idea after another and whilst I've reported the above development, that's today and only today,dealt with.Tomorrow brings another chance for 'them' to revisit their latest decision, completely change their minds, continue to bugger it all up and waste even more of our money. Whatever they decide to do, you can be sure of only one single thing! It'll be the wrong decision.
  18. Taurus Healthcare PLC are taking over and moving into the Asda Surgery in April of this year and will be joined by a subsidiary Surgery from Moorfields. This is the result of a recent decision to shelve the plans to build the newly thought out Super Surgery that was going to be built down by the Railway Station and which would incorporate several other City practices. It's my understanding that the new Super Surgery idea has hit the buffers because someone who's still wired to Planet Earth has explained that it wouldn't work, cleverly pointing out that they'd end up with five Practice Managers, far to many Receptionists and Support staff and it'd be nigh on impossible to organise and run in anything like an efficient manner. And round and round it goes as we slide ever closer to privatisation. One badly thought out plan followed by another bucket of rubbish.
  19. During a recent interview on Newsnight, Verhofstadt deliberately or by accident revealed himself to be exactly how he's portrayed by the tabloids and even some of the broadsheets. A slavish follower of Federalism! Shockingly, he blamed every single problem the European Union had on just three key things. President Trump, President Putin and immigration from across the Mediterranean. For him, and I'm guessing he speaks for Juncker, Schulz and Tusk, he hadn't even considered that the Union itself, the way in which its constructed and the social, political and economic models it follows were problem number four and that Brussels itself had caused and resulted in widespread discontent right across the full geographic area of the Union. Indeed, rather than even consider changing course, watering down their expansionistic policies and appealing to the millions of citizens who want change and plead for a little patience and understanding, this mad and deluded gap toothed crazy federalist even said that the current model of governance from his home country Belgium was 'Not Fit For Purpose'. Alarmingly, he explained that having to negotiate the will of Brussels with all of its 28 member states was a hindrance to the federal aims and the answer will ultimately be to end this democratic system and give the member states less say and transform Brussels into a single ruling totalitarian body that governed all with one voice, one currency, one law and one single aim. In short, Verhofstadt prescribes more Europe rather than less. For those of you who don't follow Brussels as closely as I do, Verhofstadt is the chief EU Brexit negotiator who promises that, and I quote him, 'they're(The British)rats leaving the sinking ship', and the British Government will not under any circumstances undermine the solidarity of the Union unless it accepts its principles of Free Movement Of People. It's going to be a hard Brexit. This fella Verhofstadt doesn't care about the damage a bad trade deal will have upon jobs of mainland Europe. All he wants is to punish Britain and ensure that no other member state ever plucks up the courage and contemplates doing as we've done and request to leave the EU. Finally, to those of you who voted to Remain, and I understand your reasoning, hypotheticaly speaking, if we weren't in the Union, would you today, given what you now know, vote to join the European Union?
  20. And if we must have these awful signs then surely the wording of the message should be directed toward those that err and commit sinful acts. Erring is a dreadful human weakness and I'd have thought that a few Thou Shalt Nots, there are at least ten of them, would have been more appropriate in bold lettering that could be easily read by those that have a predisposition to err. Thou Shalt Not covet thigh neighbours Ass for example. Thou Shalt Not Kill is a favourite of mine and Thou Shalt Not pleasure yourself in a public place. All these messages, highlighting sin, would most certainly catch the eye, make the message more easily absorbed by the reader and perhaps get a few of those er'ers and sinners through the door with their credit cards and hard earned money to help fund the ideology and proclaim to all that The Lord Is Always By Your Side
  21. Sadly 'D' I won't be signing the petition. Like Colin, I wouldn't want anything to disrupt any trade agreement with the States. My view is successive British governments have cozied up to far worse regimes in the past. The yanks have elected their President, it's their Country, their democratic system, their borders and we are in no position to impose ourselves and our hypocritical false indignation upon them. Whilst I think the decision is harsh and bound to fail, it's one which the people of the States want and that's all that matters. Logically, if you think about it, whilst several Islamic nations have been targeted by the President to disrupt travel, it would be very easy for him to justify looking at nations who supply Islamic fighters, namely us and many other European countries. My warmest regards.
  22. I'm not sure anymore that Max is right to conclude that the more people hear about this issue the louder the protests will become and thus begin a halt to the frenzied secretive spending of public money that's carried out by the hierarchy of Councils. There was a time, perhaps a few years ago, when local people had some wind in their sails and a sizeable momentum of frustration that gave promise to an end to our silence and signal to the Council and other public bodies that we'd had enough and our protests would be acted upon to bring about some transparency and herald a new era of responsible fiscal governance. But that's long gone. It's passed, and despite a barrow load of 'posts' and messure of loud protest and a huge number of leaked reports that highlighted the unbridled greed and wrongdoing that's been done beneath the umbrella of public service, buggar all has changed, nobody is any the wiser and quite frankly you could easily conclude its all been a waste of time. In fact, thinking about it, I can say without any doubt in my mind, I and others who've slaved over this very issue have completely wasted their time and effort protesting. We may as well have not bothered. Course, the reasons are many as to why 'they' can do these things. The first to acknowledge is Common Purpose. This ideology, as much as anything, is responsible for the castration and impotency of Councillors who've now been reduced to watching it all unfold from the sidelines and placed in a position where they are unable or incapable of doing anything about it. Indeed, my guess is that most Councillors wouldn't know how to challenge the issue even if they were informed enough to make a thoughtful decision. They're simply out of their depth because the Game Of Public Spending was created by Common Purpose and they, the elected politicians, have no part to play in the Game because the Game, created by Common Purpose has circumnavigated anything that stands in the way of their frenzied feeding and spending of our money. The Game was designed by the public service hierarchy, it's played only by them, the public are excluded from it and there's absolutely nothing that can be done to halt the slide. For all intents and purposes they can outsource anything, create Arms Length Companies, shred and secrete whatever they want and it's all perfectly legal. The Game is so well designed that they can take many millions of pounds of public money, shift it, move it, send it here, there and everywhere, thread it through a PLC and nobody has a right to ask, 'what's bloody happened' and better still, to protect themselves from ever being held to account and hauled before a Criminal Court, they can call upon the ideology of CP, point to the fact that everyone's at it making the problem so big and so steep to climb, anyone with an ounce of common sense would conclude, 'this is just to big for us to address. Let's leave it for a future generation to deal with. In short, The Court Dock is now so potentially overcrowded by likely defendants,those that have received multiple Gagging Payments, made vast sums from their LinkedIn contacts of public service, helped themselves to direct access to their very own PLC that can easily take from the public sector and grown rich from moving about from one failed job to another, it's now nigh on impossible to do a single thing about a silly and small few million quid that you are unable to find and have it publicly accounted for. This is the Game. This is how it was designed and despite the tragedy of it all, you've gotta tip your hat to them and acknowledge how cleverly it's all been done.
  23. And, as an afterthought, only a woman could have delivered such a speech. Untainted by the approach of the male of the species and our collective frequent tendency to become confrontational and thus create friction, this woman quietly delivered her speech, made her points and in a very subtle and feminine way, gently nudged the mandarins of Europe not to be spiteful to their friends and try to punish the British people. Course, Juncker, Tusk, Schulz and the mad federalist called Guy from Belgium, this wise and kindly diplomatic nudge from May will probably be ignored and they'll happily destroy a hundred thousand jobs upon the mainland of Europe just to ensure that in Guy's words, 'the rats(The British) are leaving the sinking ship and we must punish Britain to stop other nations trying to leave the Union.'
  24. Today, at Lancaster House, our Premier Theresa May made what was a remarkable and historic speech outlining how we are to extricate ourselves from the European Union. For me it was a pleasure to sit there and watch this great day unfold and I feel proud once again to be British and to now know beyond any doubt that we are most definitely leaving the madness of the Union. The speech was strong on detail, very optimistically aspirational, open and friendly, extremely pragmatic and in very clear terms she outlined the folly in Brussels attempting to punish us and subsequently destroying themselves. Happily, in a very honourable British way, she took the time to reach out to the millions of EU migrants resident in our Country who, through no fault of their own are now caught up and snared in this political event and I hope her words of comfort to them, very unlike those from Brussels, bring them some confidence that they will not have to leave Britain. We are to leave the single market, we will no longer have to tolerate the folly of The Free Movement Of People, we will regain control of our borders, our Country will no longer be tied and bound to the judiciary of European Law, our Country will be back in our hands, the funding to the EU will cease, we can trade with the outside world and it looks very much like we will leave the Customs Union that's so damaging to economic growth right across the Continent. The tide has certainly shifted in our favour. The Euro currency continues to destroy the Southern Medditeranean nations, Italy is on the brink, Greece destroyed, owned and run by Germany, many citizens across the Geographic EU area are beginning to reject the ideology of Federal Europe, Jean Claude Juncker and his deciples are falling apart, TTIP is gone and ain't coming back, and finally, if that ain't sweet enough for me, the President Elect Trump has made it perfectly clear he despises the EU and Britain will be at the front of the queue in any future trade deal. Indeed, like the USA, so many nations, sympathetic to our position have stepped forward and assured Britain that they will trade with us which has certainly helped us and strengthened the negotiating position of Britain. The only unknown in this political equation is whether or not the EU will still be standing by the time Britain has negotiated it's exit from the madness of a Union which has become the greatest man made mistake since Hitler decided that the German people required more living space.
  25. Well done Jim. This and other equally good ideas that promote good and solid social community cohesion should have been thought of and done years ago.
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