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  1. I haven't got an agenda. All I have is an abundance of common sense and a willingness to share it with you all. Would it be a safe and wise parenting decision to get the children onto their pedal cycles and journey across the Wye bridge, around Tesco Island and back again and remain on the roads? If the answers 'No', and it should be, then it follows that riding on the footpath is a sensible and understandable decision given the poor infra structure we in the City enjoy. Surely you can grasp that. It's not a particularly high brow intellectual point I'm making. The answer is in an ideal place cyclists shouldn't ride on the pavement. But they do and I can see why they do it. I'd rather see pedal cycles riding sensibly on pavements, giving precedence to pedestrians by showing some consideration and even getting off their cycle than I would seeing people put themselves in harms way and riding a bike upon our City roads when the route is chocker block with cars, wagons, vans and buses, all with the potential to flatten you.
  2. Hello Frank. My guess is that these figures and statistics reflect the fact that cyclist fatalities and serious injury are low throughout the Country because most cyclists are riding on pavements rather than upon our roads. Do we ever see Moms and Dads riding bikes with their little ones in the City centre and in amongst the heavy congested traffic? Very rarely if ever at all. It's simply not safe and so they make use of the safety of a pavement. If anyone can acknowledge that parts of our City are unsafe for cyclists, then it follows that there are real and valid reasons why people ride their bikes on our pavements.
  3. They've got these robots. They're described as having A1 intelligence. They reckon, near as damn it, they're nigh on human. The market that the manufacturers are targetting at the moment is directed toward the males of our species who would like a female robotic companion who'll share their bed and be readily available to engage in acts of love. Sounds alright doesn't it! Well it bloody isn't. These robots are super intelligent and the problem is that if you take your AI robot to bed and start fiddling around beneath the duvet this bloody robot that you've lovingly ordered, selecting its hair colour, it's vital statistics and all the other physical attributes that make the females of our species so beautiful and attractive toward the men, they could turn nasty on you. God knows if these robots are going to be programmed not to attack their owner with a four pound lump hammer but what happens if your robot doesn't appreciate you and your clumsy attempts to engage in acts of manly love. This bloody robot could quite easily get out of bed, hurtle downstairs and call the Constable. Then what happens! You get nicked. That's what happens. And while your locked up awaiting an appearance before the Magistrate, this saucy filly of a robot with A1 intelligence is in your house doing whatever it likes with your belongings. I ain't buying one. No good will come of it!
  4. To those who believe that our freedoms are not being tightened and lost to us, ask yourselves this. Would a film such as The Life Of Brian, that mocked Christianity be made and distributed to the British public today, particularly if it was produced lampooning another religion?
  5. There are very few locations within our City that can accomadate people, cyclists and vehicular traffic and so I feel it's for the best that cyclists use footpaths to maintain their own safety. In an ideal place, which our City is not, the Police could enforce the law and prosecute cyclists for riding on the pavement, but thankfully, they like many of us see that it's better to have pedestrians and cyclists on our footpaths rather than people getting killed cycling on roads that are no longer fit for purpose. If I were a cyclist, and I'm not, I'd be on the footpath with the rest of them who see our roads and their congested traffic as a chance to get flattened and dead.
  6. No Colin. I had it in mind when I referred to a pork product. My view was yours was nothing more than a silly comment and one which should not have attracted the attention of the local Constablary. Frankly, your visit and presumably words of advice were driven by an ever increasing ideology that wants to prohibit people from expressing anything that may offend anyone and the Police are the tool the State will use to stifle any expression of objection. When you can't make the silly comment you made without the attention of the Police then it's a sad look out to anyone else who thinks that by mocking killers they'll be able to excercise their so called Freedom Of Speech. I wouldn't have made your comment but I and others should defend your right to say it because if we don't the State will pluck out a silly girl from Leominster, make an example of her and ruin her life as a warning to the rest of us that if you say anything, no matter it's level of so called intolerance, they'll get you and stop you ever saying anything ever again.
  7. Together with the United States of America, Britain was once the land of hope and dreams and a place where you could excercise your right of freedom of speech and say exactly what was on your mind without fear of prosecution. Indeed, whatever it once was that you wanted to say, no matter how tasteless or insensitive it was, as a British citizen you were allowed to say it and the State and its citizens would defend your right to say it because we were free. Now it's gone. The United States stands alone as the only place on Earth where there is true Freedom of Speech and Britain has now joined the ranks of all the other countries who want to control the thinking of their citizens and stop everyone from saying something that could offend another. Today in the Hereford Times it reports the conviction of a young lady who posted something on Facebook which was mocking and offensive toward some minority groups. Despite the young woman deleting it quickly from her FB page it was brought to the attention of the West Mercia Police and in partnership with the Crown Prosecution Service the young lady was prosecuted resulting in a 'guilty' plea and a criminal conviction that'll impact upon her for the rest of her life. I couldn't care less about the content of her now notorious FB post. Chances are I wouldn't have liked or agreed with it but that really isn't the point. The point is the State have intervened, they've clearly used this young lady as a vehicle to promote their agenda and their interpretation of multicultural Britsh ideology and they've used their power and their privileged position to smash her into tiny pieces so as to send a message to all Hereford social media users that you shouldn't say, think or transmit anything that goes against the so called shared values of our so called modern Britain. In this place, Hereford Voice, many things have been written that I completely disagree with but just because I personally consider those views as abhorrent to my way of seeing the outside world it shouldn't be that I, you, or someone else should be prosecuted just because 'someone' took offence to a transmitted opinion or their opinion is very different to yours. If just one British citizen can be permitted to spout hatred in the name of their chosen religion and their ideology is defended and protected by the State and our Police, then why can't we protect the rights and the freedom of expression of those who take to social media and transmit something that makes some a little or a lot offended? Quite simply, from an original position of a noble cause where the State wants to create the perfect happy tolerant society that prevents anyone becoming offended by anyone and anything we've managed to haul a silly young woman before a Hereford Court and thus limited her future prospects of ever getting the job she wants. Where's the justice in that? Why, when someone, perhaps stupidly makes a silly quip about a pork product or something else that could be interpreted in a negative way, should the State and the Police become involved to further dilute one of our freedoms. The freedom to say what you think even if it could cause someone to take offence! The conviction of this young silly woman who posted a poem that she found online is something that everyone should be alarmed with and sadly, its just the beginning of the State intervention into your daily online chat about this, that and the other.
  8. You're clearly sober Roger whereas I'm not. Considering I've just supped eleven pints of ale and I'm howling at the moon, I think it's remarkable that I managed to log in and type anything at all upon my blurred keyboard. Buggar the editing. See you lad. Take care.
  9. Friendless, despised by the French, treated with contempt by the European Commission, the majority of Parliament against our exit, the wealthy and famous constantly lining up to tell us how stupid we are, giant business conglomerates determined that we continue to fund their wealth, the French, the Germans, the Spanish and Italians determined not to up their payments to cover our 13 Billion contribution, the poor countries of the East of Europe desperate not to receive any less because of our wish to leave, the BBC, the Clintons, Obama, Branson and bloody Geldof repeatedly telling us what we should think and Juncker, Verhofstadt and Barnier joyfully sitting back happily watching our great nation being ripped apart because we chose not to remain aboard their failing federalist expansionistic policy. They demand we pay them nigh on 100 Billion pounds to exit the Union and provide all the economic migrants who've settled here, were once resident here, together with all their close and extended family members who've yet to come to Britain and all of their unborn children who may never visit our Country must be guaranteed full rights that allow every single one of them to receive their free health care, their education, their housing and all the financial benefits that our ancestors worked so hard to win for us their indigenous British White, Black and Asian descendants. No matter the absurdity of these demands from the EU Commision, which is essentially their dishonourable way of extracting money from us, the Commision will happily destroy our great nation so that no other member state will dare ever contemplate a life outside their totalitarian, neo communistic authoritarian federal state that rules from the centre by unelected politically lightweight British hating surfs to the will of Germany and France. Despite the ongoing negotiations,the outcome is now unavoidable predictable. Unless some other member state brings about some other unforeseen challenge to the Commision that brings about the fall of this empire of dirt, we in Britain will now never leave this Union. Our money and our sovereign wealth will continue to be diverted Eastwards so that the poor nations will become richer and the Western nations poorer so that the logical outcome will be attained. Every single EU nation, with the exception of Germany and France, who are by design our future continental leaders and power brokers, will all become an economic area where big business can flourish on the back of Free Movement Of People and federalism of Europe will be complete. Cheap labour is the key and in Europe we have millions of people who are content to become a component part of this highly profitable economic excercise that sees the poor people paying for its existence and the rich and wealthy business giants reaping the rewards of the emerging economic markets that our money is now creating in the East of the EU zone. Once the negotiations are done, and the demands will be nigh on impossible to accept, there will be a second referendum and the British people will understandable give up, surrender their sovereignty, concede defeat and give the ruling elite exactly what they wanted and expected in the first bloody place. A vote to remain in!
  10. The HT have brought it on themselves David. As your friend and an impartial observer I'd say that the HT should never have reinstated you after your original ban. Suck it up old soldier. You've faced far worse.
  11. Alas, for us who fund and fuel 'their' madness, this disclosure thus far falls short of the true cost to the public. The CPO's and their associated costs have been subject to a little perfectly legal friendly creative accounting and so matters loosely associated with the CPO acquisition, such as relocation costs to elsewhere, legal costs, Consultancy, the service of debt,the Rockfield Road land, it's car park and a huge raft of other incidental things have been completely overlooked to make the reading of 34 million quid much easier to read than the actual real cost that makes this small section of road the most expensive road ever built upon mainland Britain. In the fullness of time you'll find that the true overspend is considerably higher than that which you are currently being asked to accept. But by then, just like Gagging Payments, Mr Robinson, badly procured IT programmes, Bullying of a Council Whistleblower, the burial of the Rotherwas Ribbon, the last minute payments by the Council to Stanhope, the shredding of all matters relating to Hereford Futures,the comings and goings from within Plough Lane and the payments to Amey and Balfour Beattie, you'll no longer be that interested in discovering the truth behind where the money has gone and who benefitted from it.
  12. Having been down the Ale House and supped a bucket of ale with a source who's in a position to report on what's going on within Plough Lane, I can say with some confidence that the arrest is in connection with the million quid overspend at Blueschool House. The source also tells me, albeit they were blasted out of their brains on ale that I poured down the fools throat in order to extract this information, that it's likely that further collars will be felt in connection with this sorry episode in the latest chapter of 'how the Council fu.ck.ed things up again'. Interestingly, the HT comments have been closed on this story which suggests to me that already the Council are pulling up the drawbridge in an effort to halt the gossip and have recruited HT to limit the damage via a news blackout and stop people discussing where their money has gone.
  13. My guess is, whoever it is, they'll be someone who has no knowledge of the real juicy stuff. Had they been someone who knew the secrets and where the bodies were buried they'd have never been thrown over the hedge and left to face the consequences of their actions or their involvement in whatever it is that'll now act as a smokescreen for the really good stuff that's been and has been secreted for many years. Yep! All things considered you can bet it'll be some junior or middle ranking person who's no threat to anyone higher up the food chain. So many of them, and we all know the names of the big hitters who've always been allowed to feed at the trough first, have been and gone having done many questionable things to acquire their Gagging Payment and their Reference for their next job at a another Council. We're we ever told the result and outcome of the last senior suspension who then left for new pastures? No! We weren't told because the model of public service is designed to ensure that there is no need or requirement to tell us what happened and unless the person arrested is extremely unlucky and friendless, we'll never be told what happened to them. God help us!
  14. I've got mixed views regarding this religious sect. Having recently attended their congregation I can report that they're genuinely and ideologically driven and determined to address sin in all its many forms, particularly the sins that concern those of the flesh and those associated with gambling upon uncertain outcomes, drinking to excess and viewing internet material that can get you aroused and compel one to fondle themselves in the privacy of their own home. I ended up in there after wondering about in Commercial Road. Somehow or other I must have given the passing impression that I was a lost soul and bereft of hope and needed to be found. And so subsequently some observant devil dodger who spotted me gibbering on whilst laid in the gutter after getting blasted out of me mind consuming a bucket of ale took me by the hand and tenderly lead me to the front of the stage where the hirearchy had gathered to get rid of the sinning and the erring that's so blighted the lives of those who have a predisposition to err and sin and generally displease God, the Police and the Council. The holy prophet, a senior member of the Council, the one dressed in a long flowing garment that implied he was the one to drive out the Incubus and the Succubus fixed his steely holy eyes on me and instructed the bouncers to grab a hold of me, restrain me and tether me to a stool on the stage. What subsequently followed was a testament to their determination to cleanse me, rid me of sin and humiliate the satanic forces that drive me daily to sin, err and get blasted out of me brains supping ale. After some gibbering in biblical tongues that was probably the ancient Judean language of Aramaic, the Prophet bellowed, 'are you a sinner'. I said, 'yes I've sinned and before you ask, yes I've erred'. Whipped up by a demented congregation who began chanting, 'drive the devil out', the Prophet who'd once reported he'd been abducted by aliens whilst managing the funding of Blue School House which then completely explained the huge overspend on the bloody building quickly slapped my fat face several times, dunked me head in a bucket of blessed water and began to scream, 'behelzebub be gone. Leave this body and return from whence thou came'. This dreadful onslaught continued throughout the singing of all seven versus of The Old Rugged Cross until I was asked, 'do you accept the holy blood of Christ and the sacred word and blessed baptism of Gods appointed followers of the Sacred Heart of the Freedom Church. It was only after I disclosed that I was stoney broke, I had no credit card and no realistic fiscal means to pay for my violation that my torment was ended, I was untied from my stool and allowed to crawl away up the aisle, out through the front doors, past some poverty stricken rough sleepers and to hear the fading audible waning cries from the congregation of, 'it's a miracle. Lord be praised.'
  15. T'is easier for a rich man to crawl through the eye of a needle than it is for a poor homeless person mounted on a Camel to enter the Kingdom of The God that these parasitical zealots and hypocrites worship. Split a piece of wood and you'll find them. Lift up a stone and they'll be there. Charities! Legally registered and operating under the banner of The Lord Is Always By Y'er Side. Designed to take money and orchestrated to keep it and grow increasingly wealthy by the appropriating of property. And it's all done under your nose. Arranged by the rich man who lives in the big house on the hill, supported by those who would like to live on the hill and funded by a gathering of holier than thou tambourine shaking gullible sycophants who want to follow those that live in the big house on the hill and want to feel good about themselves before they meet and face their headstone. The game of Registered Charitable organisations continues unabated and happily making the wealthy wealthier and the poor worse off.
  16. And finally MTV, understand that by extending any warmth or friendship toward me will do you no good. I'm the HV kid on the school playground who's got headlice and nobody likes. In terms of popularity I'm positioned beneath both Sonia and Peter Sutcliffe, Bubonic Plague and several other notorious tw.ats who've carried out dreadful crimes. As for our Alex and his remarks, put it down lad. Believe me, in comparison to some other remarks made, Alex's quip is nothing to be concerning yourself with.
  17. MTV, and I'd drink it my friend. I remember you from your Hereford Times days and I always enjoyed reading you. By now you've probably realised that not hating Muslims, being happy British people of disability receive benefit payments to ease their burden or tolerating those who go camping, then you tipping up on HV ain't the best decision you've made. Anyway, for as long as you can stand the intolerance toward difference and cope with the label Left Wing Tree Hunging T.wa.t,I wish you a happy stay upon HV. My warmest regards to you pal.
  18. There are nigh on two hundred thousand Meditteranean migrants currently languishing in camps in southern Italy. Italy is going the same way as Greece. High unemployment, a Banking system near to collapse and an emergence of populism that wants out of the European Union. Like Greece, Italy is one of western Europes cultural jewels in its crown and yet, despite all that Italy has given the world, nobody wants the migrants and nobody now wants or can help. Worse, the migrants are going to still keep coming in the hope that they can get a better life in the West and if you take any notice of the socio political and economic forecasts, the movement of people from Asia and Africa to the west of Europe will continue for decades to come. This problem is not going to go away. I fully appreciate that many of the East European countries will never ever accept these people into their closed societies and whilst this reality is uncomfortable to deal with and problematic to understand to modern western countries, its left to the West to do what needs to be done. And it can be done. Britain as much as any other nation has proven that it can absorb high numbers of migrants within a very short space of time. Difficult yes, but not beyond the extraordinary talents of the British. You only have to see that since 2004, which is only a short time ago, Britain has received somewhere between three and four million migrants from the EU. Despite it all, despite our limited housing, we have been good hosts to these millions of people allowing them free and immediate access to housing, education, health care, employment and all our other public services. Yes it's a strain and yes at times it's a burden but Britain did it. We managed to achieve its aims and welcome people who wanted to escape their poverty and get a better life in the West. And so, if we can do all these wonderful good and kind things for that group of migrants, we can most certainly do it for the people now languishing in Italy. Italy needs Europes help and unless we provide it Italy will be destroyed. Like Greece they've enough problems to deal with and we in Britain should help them. Germany provided the lead on this issue. It's been at a cost I know but better to try and fail than turn your back and do nothing at all. Britain should extend the hand of friendship to our Italian cousins and accept willingly and freely without the use of any leverage or bargaining chips, all the Meditteranean migrants currently left in limbo in southern Italy. Despite the high numbers we in Britain could achieve wonderful things. We've done it with the millions of EU migrants and we can most certainly do the same thing for the two hundred thousand in Italy.
  19. Brilliant my dear old educated, thoughtful, lucid thinking, sane author of at least three books that I'm aware of Gridknocker. Course, despite your fine articulate educated mind that's the result of a half decent education, you'd do well to remember your pitching your offerings toward HV, the salt of the earth, the thick and the dull who've evolved into a gathering of mindless moronic bottom feeding idiots who for some odd and strange reason feel the need to be frightened by this Girl Guide who once chose to camp on our blessed iconic Tesco Traffic Island.
  20. Dear Irena, Dippy's views aren't left wing. They're really not. They're the views of the majority of British people who vote for a wide range of political parties. They're the views of a humanist. Someone who cares about the weak, the mild and those incapable of looking after themselves. This is modern evolved and advanced British society in progress where all, including the Meditteranean migrants and those who qualify for a blue badge can live their lives in peace cognisant that nobody will resent them a little slice of financial support and comfort. This is the way our Country has evolved. As for the Polish government who I sincerely hope win their battle with Brussels but only because I want the EU to collapse, I agree that they have the support of their citizens who don't want their society to be anything other than white Christian Caucasian. Mind, whilst your country and others refuse to help with the migrants and yet still want the billions of Euro's in western aid, Italy and Greece are sinking beneath the burden.
  21. My God it's getting worse. She's draining us dry. Not only has she escaped a damn good slapping, now she's taking help from our mental health services. Course, she'll be on disability benefit soon and taking the pi*% out of the rest of us with her blue badge. This wouldn't happen in other countries. it's time that we woke up and realised that these weak, poor, cheating scamming bastards are the real enemy to our society and the sooner we turn our social and economic modernity clock backwards by at least seventy years, the better off it will be for all of us.
  22. Well said Clarkster. Now this devil of a woman has gone it frees up our time to get back to the good stuff. Sorting out these lazy scrounging Disabled bastards who's actions are tearing apart the very fabric of our British way of life. Then there's the Meditteranean migrants. The Muslims. The survivors of Grenfell Tower and anyone else who ain't the right colour, ethnicity and who ain't Christian. Get the pigs head ready! What about that barstard Corbyn. Yellow bellied fool who's reluctant to press the button and incinerate a million people in the first 90 minutes of conflict. The soft ****! Vote for a millionaire or some psychotic narcissistic headbanger who'll comfort the contributors of Hereford Voice and promise to bomb anyone who lives, worships or thinks a little differently to the narrative upon these pages. Despise me and my words? Not as much as I despise you and your narrow minded heartless thinking.
  23. Irena, Germanic ancestory? Good God no! I think what your doing here is confusing the well known and easily recognisable Germanic trait of perhaps being controlling and assertive with that of being intelligent and able to make a point without sounding stupid. There's a very British expression once delivered by some wise old sage that says, 'Don't ever argue with an idiot. They'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. And so, mindful of this good advice, I won't argue with you Irena. My warmest regards.
  24. Just leave the poor woman be. She's not doing anyone any harm. Leave her alone. Some of you can be so cruel. The worrying thing is you've absolutely no control of it or any idea just how harsh it can read.
  25. Colin, Okey dokey pal. Poland and all the other former Soviet Bloc countries are wealthy, Poland isn't the largest beneficiary of EU funding, it's hot rather than cold, it's central rather than East and the several millions of young people that joined the exodus from the East to the West weren't moving for any financial reasons. In fact, let's say they never left at all. As for the Disabled, particularly those cheating sorts who've falsely acquired a Blue Badge, lets round them up and carry out some more stringent and intrusive tests that'll establish if the lazy bastards can get about without any financial help. Whatsmore, let's follow the example of some nations, lock the mad up, tether them to a bed slam the door and let them fend for themselves.
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