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  1. I've signed it Martin but it is really a pointless excercise. Our wonderful Vote To Leave wasn't supposed to have happened and so, because 'they' don't want it to happen, it will not happen. Not in the way we wanted. The EU Commission, our members of parliament, our ruling elite and big business want their Empire to continue and so we will continue to be ruled by German arms length control, we will continue to absorb the millions of people generated by Free Movement Of People and we will eventually, once we've been smashed, crushed and generally given a good kicking from our continental friends, reapply for new membership of the EU. Sadly, as has been pointed out by a particularly nasty MEP who's a slavish follower of Verhofstadt, we will be forced to adopt the Euro currency and surrender much much more to please our political masters. It's gone and the petition is a last ditch excercise in pointless futility. Every single Empire in human history, including the British Empire and the European Union rely upon only two single things. A source of cheap labour, which at present is generated from the East of the Continent and the stupidity of the people who are required not to think for themselves. As for the future, once the current source of cheap labour runs dry,,,, they'll speedily admit three or four other poor nations, get them to move West or East, depending upon who's got the wealth then and they'll become the new source of cheap labour. Course, once they run out of poverty stricken countries who are prepared to graft like stink for low wages there'll only be one available option Martin!!! That's right,,,,Russia! They'll continue their expansionistic policies, provoke Russia, create a regional conflict, have a war, hopefully win, liberate the Russians who never ever wanted a war in the first place and get them to become Europes last source of cheap labour. Thereafter, once we are all fu.ck.ed up and Europe is ruined, all the other member states will get together and conclude, 'Britain was right to Vote Leave'!
  2. The problem is Rag, they're not the idiots. It's us and the investigative teams who are tasked to investigate these offences. These idiots my good old friend know that they're going to get a 'knock' every so often and they're more than happy to lose a stash now and then. They couldn't care less! The approach to this problem is all wrong. It's no different to the Police standing in HighTown searching a few kids and bagging up a few blimps of resin and then proclaiming that 'we're fighting back against the importation of huge loads of Cannabis.' It's simply low hanging fruit and unfortunately each time they pick a bit off and conduct one single operation the cost to the public is somewhere in the region of forty thousand quid. Instead of wasting their time and our money going round and round in a pointless cycle they should climb the ladder, recruit a good grass and treat it for what it is, organised crime, and do some some long term surveillance to develop some conspiracy charges and hit someone somewhere near the top of the pyramid. As things stand, I'd sooner see them do buggar all than continue doing something that they'd probably readily acknowledge has been a complete waste of time. What they're doing is a pointless excercise in futility!
  3. When the lessons of history are ignored and the European continent slides ever closer to German domination of all its citizens, it's very hard not to talk about the war. After the cessation of hostilities of World War 2, the British and the Americans ensured that every country affected by German aggression waved their right for Reperation Damages that quickly resulted in Germany becoming able to develop into the European Economic Super Power that it is today. As early as 1960, only fifteen years after the conflict, Germany began its economic domination of Europe and it was all achieved because Britain and America paid for it and small countries like Poland and Greece were ignored. Without a single shot fired and without one act of aggression Germany has become the ruler of Europe and we are destined to repeat historical mistakes in allowing it to happen again. The mistake thats created German domination of Europe is all based upon a political decision made in 1945/46 that concluded that The Versailles Treaty of World War 1 was harsh upon Germany and it's people, and post World War2 the allies would ensure that Germany would be relieved of the burden of its shame to avoid a third German act of European aggression. It was all done with language. The War very quickly became the responsibility of the Nazis. The German people very quickly became the victims of the Nazis and over time Germany and it's people were moreorless exonerated from any responsibility because it was all the fault of the Nazis. Now to my point......that rejects the European Brexit Commission and German political leaders who say we should stop talking about the war. Recently, the Polish Government are introducing legislation that'll make it a custodial offence for anyone to refer to the Holocaust Death Camps as 'Poland or Polish Death Camps'. For decades since the passing of the Nazis it's become normality for these terrible places to be referred to as Polish Death Camps. Because of political language designed to be gentle toward Germany and it's people, these camps have never ever been referred to as German Death Camps. That shameful burden and cruel unjust label is one now carried by the people of Poland and quite rightly, despite objections from Israel, Germany and the EU commission, the Polish people no longer wish to carry the shame that belongs to the Nazis and the German people. Why shouldn't Poland pursue this aim? They didn't build the camps, they didn't exterminate millions of Jewish people. The only reasons they are called Polish Death Camps is because of political language and a strategic and geographical decision made by the German Armed Forces to build these evil places in a location that was far away from German conurbations and not to distant into the east of the continent. Because of easy established rail and transport links the German Reich picked Poland and that was that. Now, over time, they've become The Polish Death Camps and the people of Poland should be supported and not accused of trying to dilute the story of the Holocaust. The story of the Holocaust will never be lost. Neither will their geographic locations in Poland and other neighbouring countries. Everyone will forever know where these atrocities took place but it is now very wrong that Poland or Polish people should take on the ownership of these terrible places. The ownership belongs to The Nazis and the Germans and this is where the ownership belongs. With one word from Germany the British people would receive a kinder and better Brexit. One signal from Angela Merkel and she'd be able to call the attack dogs off the Polish and all the other member states who are clinging onto their sovereignty. And with just one single thought for the people of Greece, who are now essentially owned and run by German financiers, the Greek people could once again claim back their sovereignty and begin to live their lives free of German influence. Stop talking about the war! How can you?
  4. The Preferred Bidder! Carillon were often the preferred bidder and companies like Keepmoat will continue to be the preferred bidder until they inevitably overstretch themselves, run up massive debts to the little self employed guys, have a couple of hundred thousand pounds worth of assets left on their balance sheet and then go belly up leaving everyone scratching their heads wandering why they were appointed the preferred bidder over and over again. It's ridiculous and it'll continue this way because those at the helm are thick!
  5. Well, according to my sources, and granted I have to get them blind drunk first before they tell me what they know, the notion that the lad acted solely on impulse because of mental health issues could be a little misleading. Elements of premeditation, namely the earlier purchase of a knife and a rope from a City Store before the criminal act was carried out suggest some thought or planning went into this terrible event. The rope? To hang the family cat!
  6. My God! The Cheeky Girls. Good grief! Well I'm not going. I couldn't risk it. The moment these two Transylvanian beauties started gifting my ears,that God equipped me with to hear, and began their song, 'We Are The Cheeky Girls, I'd just as likely get up, mount the stage and throttle the pair of them until life became extinct. Bloody 'We Are The Cheeky Girls'! It's down there in the depths of popular European music dross with Paper bloody Lace's, Billy Don't Be A Hero'. It's the sort of song that you hum in your head. There's no getting rid of it.
  7. Martin, The high point for me was those few painful moments when the screen went black, transmission was halted and for a brief few moments in time it crossed my mind that their was a God and the Council had inadvertently made a decision many years ago to build a terrestrial transmitter upon an unstable marshy bog and the whole structure had succumbed to gravity and fallen bloody down. Course, the real low point was when the programme actually began quickly confirming to me that nobody in that audience voted to leave the European Union and whatever our current woes, particularly within the NHS, it was all the fault of the Tories and nothing to do with successive governments who've all helped to buggar it all up. A complete waste of time. The only happy news is, after fifteen years of people like us moaning about the inequities of PFI, the politicians are now openly saying, 'it's all been a terrible mistake'. Other than that, and we didn't have a streaker or a death amongst the audience, I can't recall anything that made me think it was a good idea to watch the bloody programme.
  8. I got my email yesterday saying I didn't make the final cut. This, despite me saying I was a unidexter with a clubbed foot, undergoing a gender realignment, very keen to pay my TV Licence and a committed lover of the European Union, I'm out with the rest of you watching the box.
  9. For the scale of the problem that's here in Hereford and the highly expensive costs associated with just one warrant that generates so much time and money placed upon limited resources, what's the bloody point? Let it be. It's not going to be stopped until they come at the problem from another way. Either close these shops down or leave them be and let them get on with it. It's all a waste of time and money. As an aside,,,,The Hereford Harm Reduction Unit! What a load of boll.ock.s! It's typical of the 'nowadays'. Give something an exciting, interesting or even an exotic name and it's all supposed to be great and wonderful. It's a load rubbish cobbled together by people unable to think in straight lines.
  10. Poor lad! Course, for those of you familiar with Dinmore Hill, the dual carriageway at Wellington and Moreton on Lugg, whilst negotiating these areas you'll be met by the results of chaotic thinking dreamt up around a table at The Safer Roads Partnership at Plough Lane that now make a fatality more likely than it was before. There'll be red paint on the road leading up toward the hazard, yellow paint, white paint, white lines, white towing in arrows, hatch markings, signs saying this, signs saying that, a cluster of directive boards alerting you to react and then, realising that they've bombarded you with rubbish to clutter your mind and affect your decision making, if your luck you can quickly realise that you've run out of road during an overtaking manoeuvre, cause you to brake sharply because of panic and then, if your fortunate, manage to avoid harms way and not collide with something. These three locations were bad accident black spots before the 'suits' went to work. Now, they're far worse. They've somehow managed to take the Southbound dual carriageway at Wellmgton, a place where you could once overtake a number of slow movers and turn it into a death trap because of red paint, white paint, hatch markings, towing in arrows and signs that confirm to me that those who sit at the table of The Safer Roads Partnerships are thick, dull and idiotic thinkers who are unable to think a problem through without concluding, 'let's paint the road and put up some signs'.
  11. A long while back I placed an FOI to the Council asking them what proactive steps they'd taken to discover the 'hidden population' of our County. To actually learn what the true figures are that are living here but not paying any Council Tax you'd think would be essential to all our public services so that they could approach this issue and begin to think and plan strategically for the now and for the future. I learned, not unsurprisingly, that the information they totally rely upon is that which is gleaned from the Census. Despite the era of Partnerships, where everyone is able to share information with one another, and I have in mind individual registrations with Doctor Surgeries, our local public agents have not done as Malaga in Spain have done. Exchange information, collate their findings to discover their hidden population. In Malaga, Spain they've recently discovered that their regional population, which they themselves have called their hidden population, is over half a million higher than their previous estimations. They discovered this startling fact by using Refuse Collection figures, registrations at Medical Services and information gathered from a raft of other agents who have contact with their general public. They were able to do this so why can't we? The answer is, and I assure you it's completely true. They don't wish to do it because once it's done and once they've discovered the true population figures residential in our County, the results would become open to public scrutiny and people like me could use FOI and release the information to the reading public. In short, they don't want to know and have no intention of ever knowing. Whilst they don't know and can honestly say 'we don't know', they can bumble on ignoring the Elephant In The Room and blame everything on the ageing population. Thats the truth and you'd do well to believe it.
  12. As always they trot out the usual excuse for our current fiscal plight. The ageing population! Completely ignoring the other plain to see factor that's staring everyone in the face they always take the opportunity to remind us that it's the fault of the ageing population. No matter that this ageing population fought to free Europe from German tyranny! It's of no consequence nowadays that these same ageing people have spent their entire working lives paying in to fund our public services. It's simply easier and more convenient to apportion blame to the ageing population and imply they're all living much to long. This same ageing population who Post War helped build millions of Council homes for its people, created the National Health Service for its people,reconstructed West Germany for their people who helped sixty million people lose their lives, repaid the Americans who supplied our ageing population with weapons to fight the War and created a society that was modern and caring, the ageing population suddenly find themselves to blame for our hard won overstretched public services.
  13. Course, thinking about it some more. Bloody Beckham can't buy an Honour can he. His stock and credibility have fallen so far the only way back for him to reposition himself back on the gravy train is to deliberately step on a Landmine. He'd literally have to get himself over to Angola with a film crew and jump about until the untimely explosion sent him two hundred yards upwards and hope that after he'd landed they'd be able to find his face and place his other body parts in some sort of order to accompany his last recorded words, 'I'm begging you that my headstone reads, here lies Sir David Beckham who gave his life so others could stump up more of their hard earned cash to buy my pointless tat and become slavish followers to Brooklyn, Cruz, Harper, skinny Victoria and anyone else associated with our multi million dollar empire known as brand bloody Beckham.' It wouldn't be so bad if he or these other gimme, gimme celebrities showed some genuine imagination and a need to involve themselves in good causes that most celebrities ignore. Leprosy! They never touch it do they. Not bloody interested. There's a lot of Lepers out there and not one of them has been visited by a celebrity who wants an Honour from the Queen. I tell you now, if Beckham tipped up at a Leper Colony where the dreadful disease was full blown, airborne, highly contagious and there was a ninety percent chance he'd become an infected Leper because he'd made the decision to visit these poor lepers and highlight the terrible upset it causes when bits of your body begin to rot and fall off, he'd win my attention and admiration and I'd be the first to definitely say David Beckham has earned the right to be Knighted.
  14. To each and everyone of you. Course,,,,, what comes with it, the bloody New Years Honours List, isn't something that has anything to do with the meek, the bloody mild and those of us who've hit rock bloody bottom and contentedly remain there because we've got no obvious talent that gets us on the television, on a stage, a film set or elected into a position of authority. You'll have to look long and hard to find the Lollypop Lady, who's stood on the road in all weathers for four bloody decades getting anything like a 'thank you very bloody much'. There'll be no honours for those who go about their daily lives leaving a trail of nothing more than good behind them whilst caring for people, showing some compassion and generally trying to do their best for their fellow man. No such bloody luck! Instead the great, the good, the bloody ruling elite and those who've become bloody rich on the backs of us the bloody plebs of society, who've been socially engineered into sitting there night after night watching them perform and living a wealthy life way beyond our own expectations within British society. These are the bastards and the recipients of these awards as they get fatter and fatter as they become more and more celebrated for being placed on an upper rung of our social rotten ladder. They're all there for us. They always are. Every fu.c.king night on the television. Whenever there's a global crisis these narcsestic sycophantic holier than thou takers are first up on the box telling us, who've got next to buggar all to give, give and give a bit more. The same bastards who live and operate in tax havens, avoid paying their way and keep telling us what to think, how to vote and who to 'keep in' as they fu.ck about on yet another pointless celebrity realty television programme. They are the very bloody same ones who can barely stand up straight because of the weight and burden of medals and gongs that the establishment have hung round their scrawny necks as we celebrate their birth, their life and in many cases hopefully their quick death that happily will free up a position for another pointless celebrity who just happens to be associated with their 'must have' charity that evidences just how caring and giving they are. Bloody Nick Clegg! The bastard! Eammon Holmes, who can't keep off the television, bloody Richy Starkey who's spent most of his life living abroad so that his bank balance doesn't drop beneath fifty million quid, Darcy Bussell who's back legs have gone and who's now a fully paid up member of getting a bloody pointless celebrity to dance before our lifeless sunken eye sockets because we've become addicted to celebrity and the joy of seeing them over and over again as they skip from one programme to another showing us all just why their limited talent got them into the public psyche in the first place, into our easily pleased hearts and up the steps into bloody Buckingham Palace where they get what we are never going to get. Some bloody appreciation from the establishment and the ruling elite! It makes me sick. I'd like to gather them all up in one place, begin filming Celebrity Survival and every day drag one of them out and shoot them because the great British public voted them out. Now that'd be entertainment! And then, at the programmes end, once the winner has been identified, then and only then, by all means give them a New Years Honour. After surviving that they'd have earned it if anything I say is worth a jot of notice.
  15. If ever there exists a book titled, 'How To F.u.ck It All Up, and it's readily available to acquire, read and digest and be followed chapter by chapter to ensure you successfully manage to F.u.c.k It All Up, then this Council has this book titled How To Fu.c.k It All Up and they follow its instructions oblivious to the notion that How To F.u.ck It All Up may just be a bad idea for the rest of us. If it wasn't so desperate it'd be amusing to watch as the disaster and chaos unfolds.
  16. I really wouldn't bother Irena. In fact, given the way the EU are about to treat your home Country and destroy your last remnants of national pride and patriotism before subjecting your Country once again to another totalitarian State not unlike the Soviet Union, I'd have thought you and any other Polish citizen would have had a guts full of listening to the EU and their French Poodles the British ruling elite.
  17. I wouldn't bother Glenda. By the time the BBC audience is carefully vetted and the questions are selected to avoid anything that reflects the views of the people, by the time the programme has ended you'd never know that anyone in our County ever wanted to leave the European Union. For the odd one or two who dare voice their view that Free Movement Of People has been devastatingly damaging to our County and our public services, they'll be a dozen others shouting them down telling the watching Country that it's all been a wonderful thing and we're all dancing through lush green meadows kicking the tops of daisies celebrating how lovely and how enriching it's all been for everyone. Stay at home my dear. Keep warm, just watch the tv and save yourself an evening watching our vote to leave slip out of our hands and into the lap of those that matter. Our ruling elite and all those others stupid enough to believe that the European Union is a force for good.
  18. Adam, it is. It is because I said it is and if I say it is as far as I'm concerned it is. My warmest regards lad.
  19. Once the appointed tw.at has cut the ribbon, I give it three months before the tarmacadam begins to crack, the notorious Hereford PotHole emerges, the levels are found to be wrong requiring they dig up the road to remedy the problem, the drains don't shift the surface water and the traffic lghts ain't helping the congestion that's sure to follow thus buggering up anything and everything that's located in close proximity to this fiscal monument to bloody stupidity. Negative? Not really. Just realistic and open to the idea and that this Council buggar up anything they're associated with. This Pointless Road will be no exception. At over two thousand pounds per square metre, this short hop from Edgar Street to Aylestone Hill is the most expensive road ever constructed in mainland Britain and we paid for it.
  20. Well done Bill. It's so beautiful. If I had your eye for an image, and I haven't, I'd take this acknowledgement from Colin, prostitute your artistic integrity and make some money out of your so obvious skill behind a lens. Well done lad. Rob.
  21. The Brexit negotiator Barnier today came out with an outburst accusing Britain of abandoning the Union in their hour of need. Citing the attacks carried out upon Europe by the Islamic State, he accused Britain of failing them, putting Europe and its citizens at risk and furthermore implied Britain was dishonourable, disloyal and selfish. Given that it was Britain and its Commonwealth allies that stood alone against German aggression during the early part of World War Two and it was Britain that was their joint liberator of Europes German occupation, I find this latest outburst from this French poodle a lilttle hard to swallow. Ranting on a little more, wasn't it Britain and the Americans that provided the lions share of military power that defended Europe during the Cold War years. Even today, it's still Britain and America who provide the Europeans their defence with only a few member states willing to pay their way and support us defending them. These people call themselves our friends. They are not our friends. They're nothing like friends. Our friends, our true unconditional honest and honourable friends reside on other continents and are not burdened by historical grudges and deep seated feelings of revenge. At the heart of all these cruel, harsh and destructive demands the EU makes of Britain, is a long standing dislike of Britain, it's history, it's impact upon the modern world and the huge part Britain played in their liberation from the Germans. They are now exacting their revenge upon us! As a modern historian recently explained when asked why our close continental neighbours resent Britain, he explained quite correctly, that for them, 'it's easier to forgive their conquer'er than it is to forgive their liberator.' These people that speak for the EU disgust me. My hope is when the EU manage to manoeuvre themselves into yet another conflict, and they will, they always do, we in Britain will remember their harsh demands and their cruel words and not send my Grandson across the Channel and spill blood for them and their liberty. As Churchill once said, 'we are for you but we are not of you', and this quote from the great man, the greatest ever Briton is as true today as it was before we decided to charge those beaches at Dunkirk and Normandy and place ourselves in harms way to liberate Western Europe. When you consider that these West European people are happy to destroy our economic future just to dissuade other member states from even thinking about following our lead and trying to leave their evil Union, I ask myself, 'why did we bother'.
  22. Give the lazy incompetent barstards a week, then, if the oily self serving trough feeders haven't shifted it, collect it up, pop it in a vehicle, take it down to Plough Lane and dump it in either in close proximity to their Empire Of Dirt or inside it. I'd happily do it and face the consequences.
  23. Interestingly, it seems as though the EU noose is tightening around the neck of Poland, which given my hatred of all things EU, gives me some faint hope that the Union will eventually fragment and the whole rotten thing will subsequently and quickly fall apart leaving all the other remaining member states to lift their blinkers up and see the EU for what it really is. A force for bad! Not withstanding Polands decision, along with Hungary and Chechoslovakia, who have refused to host any of the Medditeranean migrants, a decision that became their first step toward conflict with the European Commission, friction is definitely increasing between Warsaw and Brussels. More recently the EU began to describe the financial help Poland receives as Aid rather than what they once said it was. Grants! This change in political language, designed to pi*% the Polish government off is rather like the way in which Britain is being treated. With contempt! Then there's a raft of comments reportedly made by Juncker and Verhofstadt who suggested that the financial tap could be turned off if Poland didn't do as it was told regarding its media controls and its judicial appointments, an area where you'd think, whether you agreed with them or not, was Polands business and nobody else's. Course, being the EU and being unable to grasp the fact that Poland likes being Poland as we British like being British, these unelected federalist dreamers cannot understand any display of national pride. But it gets worse for Poland. Their Premier, Beata Szyldo is being attacked by the Commission for buying a massive load of American coal which'll keep the homeland warm, the factories manufacturing and save themselves a load of money. The Commission objects because Poland is intending to burn fossil fuel without their consent and unlawfully increase carbon emissions. And yesterday, Polands former Premier Donald Tusk, the unelected barstard appointed as the President of the EU Council, a **** slightly less irritating than the mad, gap toothed, wild eyed maniac Guy Verhofstadt, likened the government of Poland as similar to the Kremlin and an ally of Russia. This and these comments, intended to hurt and anger a proud people were made by a Polish citizen. If you ask me, not that anybody would, I'd insist it to be treason and Tusk should be required to return back to his country of birth and explain his comments to the people he's supposed to be serving. Truth is, put these unelected mandarins in close proximity to the food trough and there's nothing they won't do or say to please their masters the EU. They're traitors who only care about themselves and the power that they've been given. My hope is that the Polish people, particularly those who've made their home in Britain, remember these barbed attacks upon themselves and their Government and their Country and show the British some comradely support and understanding as we struggle with the noose that's being placed around our necks simply because we asked to leave. You may ask, why have they quickly turned on Poland? Well, as simple as it sounds, Poland is the yearly Net recipient of ten billion Euros in EU funding. Britain is the yearly Net provider and payer of ten billion Euros into the EU budget. So, if the rich countries don't want to pay more and the poor countries don't want to receive less then it may have crossed their federalist minds to manoeuvre Poland out through the back door, out of the EU and rid themselves of the biggest problem. How to spread the cost and pain of Britain leaving the Union. As Beata Szyldo has recently said, 'the EU Commission is more interested in looking after themselves rather than looking out for the people'. Sadly, nothing will change, her words will go unheeded and more member states will continue to look toward so called far right groups to help them challenge this unholy neo communistic meddling Commission who want to expand and destroy democratic thinking in pursuit of the United States Of Europe.
  24. Adrian, Don't do that! Don't resort to violence. Violence only perpetuates further violence and angst in our already fragile society.Just think, if I push them off their bike, and I believe you would, and they sustain a serious life changing head injury, I might get prosecuted. Then you end up in prison and perhaps if your very unlucky some highly aroused masculine she bi.tch rapes you in your cell and you end up psychologically damaged by the terrible event. And all because you pushed a cyclist off his bike! My advice to you lad is to step to one side, allow the cyclist to pass and when he's far enough away, and there's no chance he can come back at you and beat you senseless, shout something that'll make him realise how angry it makes you feel. Course, you could do the sensible thing and not expose your hostile violent thoughts to the attention of people who, like me, think you mad for wanting to push someone off their bike. Just because I've written something that you don't agree with I'd hate to think that you'd carry out your threat and cause another person injury. My warmest regards to you.
  25. Not withstanding the Law that prohibits cycling upon our pavements and the general views on these pages that believe it to be wrong, and cyclists should take their chances and their proper place on our congested, narrow, not fit for purpose pot holed roads, I say no matter your age or your cycling level of competence, if you feel that there's the slightest chance that by riding on the road you'll end up getting flattened and dead, where it's safe and possible to do so, get yourself and your bike on the pavement and ride yourself safely home giving precedence and generous regard for pedestrians who occupy that same space. That said, once our roads have been invested in and raised to a higher standard, probably in the year 2067, get yourself and your bike off the pavements and ride upon the nicely tarmac'ed road surface confident that there's little or no chance of you and your bike getting crushed by a passing commercial vehicle because it and it's bloody load have ample room to safely pass you by allowing you every opportunity to survive your journey to and from wherever it is you are travelling to. How's that! You can't be fairer than that.
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