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  1. Every single former Soviet Bloc nation that's now in the EU is, in terms of its global or regional economic status a second world poor Country. It is! It's no insult. There's absolutely nothing wrong in being poor. The EU, bless the bastards, recognise this reality and hence the reason they take western money and send it east or centrally to help these nations build up their infra structure, put in place social programmes that meet the needs of its people and create economic activity so that the people don't have to leave their country to earn a living. There's nothing wrong in being poor. I grew up bloody poor. I've served in literally all these places and whilst it ain't bloody particularly cold, not as cold as Siberia, and I've been there to, these countries are poor which subsequently doesn't allow them to treat people of difference and disability in the same way as Britain or other wealthy EU nations. Bloody hell! Why are wonderful people like Colin's girl and our Irena here. They're here because Britain is rich, the wages and opportunities are greater than in their home country which, in comparison to many western countries, is a poor country and this poverty drives them away to seek a more prosperous life. I ain't trying to insult anyone here. I'm simply stating the bleeding obvious
  2. I do grasp the point that we in Britain provide a great number of disabled parking spaces. It's not an unfair point to make but to compare our Country to some other nations who don't provide aid and support and who's concern and care for those who are vulnerable is often questionable by our standards because they themselves are literally second world countries and are poor is I think very unfair on Britain. Rather than see our kindness and concern as a weakness I like to see it as a strength and validates the very reason we are often spoken of as great. They say that a society and it's advancement can be measured by how they treat the weak and the vulnerable. And, because Britain is a great place and an advanced society, I don't think that it's such a bad thing that Britain provides as much as it can afford for those less fortunate than me. Yes, we have a lot of parking bays for those with disability and I can understand those who look to other countries to see how they do things. But these countries are poor and through design or intended consequence they do not see their citizens welfare in quite the same way as Britain does. I'll end by saying this. To view those with disability as a source of concern that they may be exploiting their disability for reward is a harsh position to take and one which shows our countries growing intolerance toward difference. My Grandaughter has a serious disability that'll require her to be cared for all her life. Unless you knew exactly what you were talking about or looking for, if ever you met me with my Grandaughter I worry that you'd conclude that she was one of those that you think is taking advantage of Britains kindness and generosity toward those who can't manage without our help. Finally, we don't use a Blue Badge. We don't want one. Whilst it would be easy to obtain one for our girl, we will never apply to the Council because of two reasons. One, we can afford to pay our way. Two, I wouldn't countenance ever getting any help from this Council and allowing the bastards across our threshold and getting their bureaucratic teeth into our lives.
  3. I genuinely think it's wonderful. Anyone, man or woman, both sexes are equally capable of pi.ss.ing about, who can generate such hostility from simply camping on a traffic island is alright by me. This weekend I fully intend to give her a tenner, some ale, tobacco and a kebab in order that she can carry on doing next to nothing bad so that it can irritate and cause such widespread vitriol. Well done good woman! You can be a senior Council Director and use your position to appropriate and probably purloin thousands from the public and not a peep of protest or anger from the sheep of our society. Yet, pop a young Doris in a tent in the middle of a traffic island and you quickly get demonised and branded a menace. She's no menace. We're the problem. We're so used to being directed to do exactly what we're told we've lost sight of who is the real threat to our happy contented lives and find it easy to attack someone who doesn't conform.
  4. Will heads roll? As one of the few bright, intelligent and articulate thinkers on this forum that's become a place of safety for me and all the other bottom feeding dregs of the blogging community who can barely string a coherent thought together and transmit it in a sane way, I'm bloody surprised you my friend have asked the question, will heads roll. They'll never roll. Never have and never bloody will. In fact, rather than leaving a bit of blood on the soon to be replaced carpets of this second monument to fiscal stupidity, more than likely some yellow bellied slow thinking tw.at will be celebrated and rewarded with something that moreorless says, 'thanks a fu.ck.ing lot pal'. Heads will roll? No bloody chance. There's more chance of me renewing my marital vows in Gods Church to the music of Paper Lace's 'Billy Don't Be A Hero' or shacking up with bloody Kerry Katona than there is of one single head rolling as punishment for this fu.cked up mess that's been created by this gathering of incompetent bungling idiots.
  5. FFS. It's done it again. The word began with a V and it's the biological word that defines the female genital.
  6. The word was ***.in.a. It wasn't a crude expression.
  7. What started as a noble cause designed and intended to bring help and protection to minority groups of difference has now evolved into a form of social engineering political correctness madness that's seen our society become obsessed with issues of gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation. So engrained in our social awareness of this issue and its accompanying odd language that's been introduced to control our thinking and our expression of our thoughts or views, we've managed to rob our young children and young people of their carefree childhood and adolescence years before they reach adulthood. We've sexualised them and confused them all in the pursuit of the perfect world. The consequences to this madness is instead of playing, being young and hopefully happy, our children and young people are mithering themselves about issues of sexual orientation and it's all been done and achieved by adults who've lost sight of one single inescapable humanity fact. Life ain't perfect and no one person ever is either. Years gone by one was either heterosexual or homosexual. Perfectly normal in every single species. Whether it crawls, walks, flies or swims difference exists and there is nothing wrong in this. Nowadays we've labelled everything and everyone to the point where the Gay community have evolved into the LBGTQ community with their own flag and in most urban areas, their own office areas. Indeed, if you simply focus on the lettering LBGTQ, this as much as anything supports my point about political correctness and the language applied to its aims. Not so long ago it was simply the Gay community. Now, so that everyone gets their own letter it's L for Lesbian, B for Bi sexual, G for Gay, T for Transgender and Q, according to the Internet is Questioning and or Queer. The direction we are going, pretty soon, we'll begin to exhaust the remaining 21 letters of our alphabet to label everyone else who hasn't been aptly described within LBGTQ. There's an emerging group of people who now see themselves as Gender Nuetral. They'll get their own letter soon. One particular journalist activist refuses to acknowledge her birth sex of female and will not respond to the addressing term of Miss or Mrs. This person wishes to be addressed as 'They', which apparently adequately describes the multi layered personality and orientation traits that make up the whole of this individuals characters and nature. Recently, two Transgender men have been engaged in a tabloid dispute regarding who gave birth to their child first. How did these two men deliver their child into the world in the delivery room? Because they both were equipped with a womb. Why were they equipped with a womb that allowed the foetus to gestate and be born? Because they're women. And why are these two happy men who've delivered their children into the world so worried about who gave birth first? Because our buggered up society repeatedly told them you are a man, a woman or whatever and whoever you wish to be and because of our social engineering creation that is political correctness, we'll see to it that you can ignore your breasts, your penis or ****** and be whatever you wish to be in our perfect world. Course, not even the establishment or ruling elite who propagate and perpetuate this political correctness have managed to protect everyone in pursuance of their perfect world. Me! Being male, white, English and heterosexual, I fall outside their areas of interest that now leave me alone, afraid and very unprotected by the evils of man, woman and those who are gender neutral.
  8. Well I ain't there David. Never! I know where I'd like to camp, where I don't want to camp and where I'd have to camp if my tormentor of forty two years threw me out, confiscated my front door key, gave me a bloody tent and said, 'Sod off fatso. I've taken a sensitive loving lover. Go camping you fat baldy tw.at'. And, my dear friend Aylestone Voice is right. I'll never ever, under any circumstances, known or bloody otherwise, ever enter that monument to fiscal stupidity the Old Market development. Never! I'd sooner starve! That's right. Starve to death rather than enter that dreadful place, select some lovely nourishing food, pay for it at the till and consume it outside in order that my life could be saved. Id rather die. Yes! Die a death due to painful starvation rather than add one penny piece to the coffers of Stanhope, British Land and the bloody Council who thought it a good idea to recruit Bretherton, create Hereford Futures and thus enable a bunch of asset strippers to invade our home and take it bloody all. Whatsmore, seeing as we're on the subject of food here and I've always pledged my loyalty to High Town because I'm a High Town man and will always be a High Town man. I ain't buying food from any High Town retailer unless it's British food. That's right. From hereon, unless my stomach develops unbearably painful gastric cramps and I begin wailing, 'I'm fuc.king starving', whilst mounted upon the Hereford Bull, I will only purchase food picked, harvested, produced and cooked by British people. If, during the transaction the shop proprietor cannot authenticate the source of the food as British and convince me that only indigenous British citizens have been employed in the food chain, I ain't bloody eating it. Why? Because, not only am I a High Town man, I'm a 'I want only British food High Town man'. You see, what you are dealing with here is a man who's got principles, who wants out of the European Union, hasn't got access to a tent, has no wish to go camping and ain't in the least bit bothered about starvation and it's ravaging impact upon a body wrecked, ravaged and debilitated by diazepam, ale and Pork Scratchings.
  9. Yes, Twowheels with or without an 'e', I've had a chat with her and informed her that the inhabitants of Plough Lane the Council, who's staff are daily required to celebrate and engross themselves in diversity, would welcome her to camp on their land. Whatsmore, I've assured her that their Director of Diversity, a man who champions difference and humanistic values,would actively encourage her to use their many toilet and shower facilities free of charge so that she and any others she knows can live safely, cleanly and healthily in close proximity to those paid to signpost citizens to places of comfort and support. Posing as a man of means, letters and considerable clout, I'm confident that she believes all I've said and will shortly tip up at Plough Lane and take full advantage of all that I've promised her and enjoy the hospitality of all the 'suits' who reside therein.
  10. Yes, I support all the protests. Every single one of them. It's of no concern to me what they are for just as long as it doesn't stop me doing the dreadful things I like to be doing. That said, having now spoken to this delightful lady I can now report she is excercising her inalienable right to camp wherever she wishes to camp. She simply wishes to bring attention to the plight of those who want to live an alternative lifestyle and reside wherever they choose to live. Her second objective is to highlight the need to have a second General Election so that Jeremy Corbyn can enter Office, end austerity, rid ourselves of Trident, increase public spending and benefit payments, and stop the persecution of those of difference, people like me and this lovely woman who do exactly what they want to do rather than what they're told to do.
  11. If this is a protest then I fully support its aims and objectives. And if I knew if there was an aim or an objective, and there must be, I'd be the first to congratulate the occupants of the tent or tents, embrace them and say, 'I've no idea what your protesting about but I'm with you every single step of the way.' This is yet another example of the great British spirit and endeavour that compels good people to protest about something I've no idea what they're protesting about. It's this very British spirit and way of thinking that sets us apart from the rest of continental Europe and provides yet more evidence that we will be better off outside the European Union so that we can camp wherever we wish to and protest about whatever it is we ain't happy about. To the occupants of the tent or tents, I salute you and wish you well in your demands for whatever it is you want, don't want or will have to have if you're made to have it or not have it depending upon what it is you want or don't want.
  12. It's hard to see how those behind the bid thought it'd be worthwhile, other than to believe that anyone bidding gets a lump of public funded cash that they can squander and munch their way through during the period of bidding and presenting the bid, then get their picture in the local rag, become a figure of local celebrity and perhaps receive an honour for loyalty and blind fu.cking stupidity to the cause of promoting a beautiful land blighted by holes in the fu.cking roads and the second lowest wage levels and disposable income in the English speaking world. Course, if you factor in all the wonders of our lovely County that hitherto have been untouched by this bastard Council, namely the countryside, our rivers, the mountains and some wonderful buildings built before this bastard Council emerged from their mothers loins, you could argue that we've a lot to offer, but other than that, it's so very hard to see how the bid could succeed and how we'd ever be able to deliver an experience that'd encourage anyone to tip up here and start spending their cash.
  13. Take 17 of the poorest EU member states, and there's plenty to choose from, lump them together and add up their sovereign wealth, GDP and any other economic factor that'll estimate a nations wealth, and that combined sum total will not surpass the wealth and economic power of Britain. Britain is the second largest contributor to the Brussels EU funds and its second lowest beneficiary. Indeed, if you factor in the levy that Britain has been required to pay twice during the last decade that punishes us for our economic success story of growth, jobs and wealth, we actually pay more in than our closest economic rivals Germany. Factor in the contributions of Britain, Germany, Italy and France and you'll calculate that these four nations of the 28 member states account for 64 percent of all the EU funds received in Brussels. Whilst all pay in something, what the poor get out to fund their poverty stricken countries can often be as high as 200 times the size of their annual contribution. The population of the entire European Union is just over three hundred million people. Britain accounts for over a fifth of that number which probably goes some way to explaining why we take more EU residential migrants and are the first choice of destination of the other member state citizens. So, you'd think that given we've provided all our free of charge public services that include housing, health care and education to many millions of people and their dependants, we've been extraordinarily generous and giving hosts, you'd think that in some small part they'd treat us with a little kindness and understanding? No such bloody luck! Our problem in extricating ourselves from this Union essentially boils down to one bloody thing. Nigh on 11 billion quid! For probably the one and only time in the history of this neo communistic model of globalisation madness that sees the wealthy giving and the poor taking so that we all end up as f.uck.ed up as one another, not one single member of the remaining 27 is in disagreement. The rich don't want to pay anymore and the poor don't want to be given any less which means, unless I'm a fiscally illiterate bloody idiot, we're about to be buggered over and have the lips of the poor member states clinging onto our cash cow teats for decades to come. We ain't leaving the European Union!
  14. Essentially, having read the threads of comments, not withstanding that everyone feels that all these deaths by fire and smoke are a tragedy, there appear to be two distinct sides to an emerging disagreement. One side of the argument seems to be happy that society is providing money and accomadation to ease the burden of the survivors who pretty much lost everything and in many cases their loved ones, and the other side argue that it's not right that they're being helped as much as they are. To be fair to the latter side of the argument, the weather is reasonable at the moment, it's not particularly cold, and it would have been more fiscally responsible to the taxpayers if the local authority had popped up a couple of hundred tents and got the survivors to live within them and then queue daily to collect a food parcel to sustain them through this period of misery in their now changed lives. Course, the other side, the one I'm drawn to, could possibly be misguided tree hugging humanistic idealists who never address the real problem in our modern society that is people like those who once lived in the Tower haven't worked hard enough to become wealthy, poverty is their own fault and Jeremy Corbyn is the real enemy of a people who should be more appreciative of the rich and wealthy who's hard work allows the poor to carry on being poor.
  15. Not withstanding my own views about the migrant crisis and the heartless way in which some EU member states have addressed this issue, I note with keen interest the aggressive change in tone of language made by the oily slimy EU ruling elite that's been deliberately directed toward both Poland and Hungary who refuse to bend to the will of Junker, Tusk and that tw.at Verhofsdadt. The new French Presdent has attacked Poland by complaining that the Polish workers ain't paying their taxes to them in France, but instead are using an EU directive fiscal mechanism that's perfectly legal, that allows them to pay their taxes to Poland. Good for the Polish I say. F.uck the EU. These political mandarins created this economic game of globalisation madness. Don't blame the Polish for exploiting their folly. This new French charmer has also complained the Polish are taking their jobs because of this issue. Good! Again, I hope the Polish men and women who work like stink under the guidance of EU rules that undermine wage levels now have the same success rate with the bloody French. I hope the Polish people continue to prickle these bastards who are intent upon delivering the dream of the mighty Germanic federal aim of one nation, one will, one flag and everyone has to wear lederhosen during a national holiday. Last but not least, the former leader of Luxembourg, bloody Jean Claude bloody Junker who says, 'had we known then what we know now that Poland and Hungary have an issue with ethnicity we probably wouldn't have allowed them to join our Club in the first place. Then the oily bastard hinted that the money tap could easily be switched off as punishment for their disobedience. The bastards! The EU knew way back when how these two member states valued their own individual identity, and as much as I disagree with their stance on the migrant issue, I sincerely hope these two countries cause Brussels as much pain as they've caused me to endure as I've sat back and watched their expansionistic policies that'll only ever lead our continent into conflict with Russia. Mind, the problem is Poland are the largest beneficiaries of EU money and if the EU do switch the cash tap off, you can be sure if one single thing. They've destroyed Greece without batting an eyelid, so bringing Poland and Hungary to heel with a measure of economic ruin won't be much of a problem to these unelected mandarins.
  16. Just when you think humanity and kindness to all men and women has prevailed and usurped greed, selfishness and the political preoccupation of making the lives of the wealthy better at the expense of the poor, reality bites back to remind us that our society and it's social divisions in our great country are alive and well and happily still completely f.u.cked up for those unfortunate enough to be classed as poor and lower class. After the announcement that Kensington Council have acquired some sixty plush and highly expensive apartments that hitherto were owned and occupied by the rich, some of its wealthy residents are now up in arms complaining that the survivors of the Grenfell inferno were going to be allowed to live in the same place as them resulting in the price of their investment shooting downwards. Happily for these wretched rich barstards who dont want the poor living in their space, they've been assured by the Councl that these poor people will not be allowed to use the facilities which include a swimming pool. There's a load off then! Whilst these wealthy selfish property owners will now have to share their much cherished postcode with a collection of poor people, they can be comforted in the knowledge that these scrounging and unpleasant people will not be able to use their swimming pool and swim about in it during a bloody heatwave. Good Lord! Only a short while ago these same selfish people were sat in front of their television screens howling and wailing at the inhumanity of it all as the flames leapt from one floor to another desperately trying to out cry the person next to them in order to display just how kind and good they were. Now, barely a week or so later,,,,,they're worrying about their investment.
  17. Good to read you my dear old friend. How is it possible for the two to live a stones throw away from one another and lead such different lives with so different an outcome for their children? On the one hand you've got the rich and powerful who can purchase the most expensive real estate in the City of London, never occupy it and enjoy all the comforts that money can bring in the wealthiest City in the world, and on the other you've got the poor living in a box, an unsafe two bedroom box at that, with the rest of your family sleeping four to a room. How does it work? The wealthy require the poor to do their bidding and the poor require the wealthy to keep paying them so that the entire dysfunctional economic model can continue to work and provide for what the two groups need to continue their stupid arrangement that ensures that Kensington Council would rather dress the outside of Grenfell Tower in lovely clothes rather than spend the money on the inside and make life more comfortable for its inhabitants. My theory is the poor make it work. Living on next to bloody nothing, within a London economy that's so expensive to live in, they tolerate sh.it! No matter the level of sh.it they get spoon fed, somehow or other they manage to make it work and endure the pointlessness of it all. Whether it's living in cramped accomadation with questionable levels of safety, purchasing cheap food and making it stretch a long way and begging their children not to scuff their shoes, the poor fulfill their role to keep the wealthy content with all they own. Beats me how it continues to work! And when Corbyn suggests the LA should requisition all the empty unoccupied homes that the wealthy own, patiently waiting for the real estate price to rise so that they can rake in a handsome profit and sell it to a landlord who's added to his property portfolio so that he can charge another poor family an inflated rent, the media howl, 'what a preposterous idea'. Is it?
  18. If I were an Officer placed on high within any Council or other public service body in Britain, I'd be very concerned about the tipping point of public tolerance that's been reached following the devastating events at The Grenfell Tower. Make no mistake, in the months and even years that follow, many public servants in positions of authority and power are going to be arrested, they will be prosecuted and in due course will be required to serve custodial prison sentences as punishment for the part they played in the procurement of unsuitable materials and the failure to protect the lives of their tenants. Like ducks in a line, the Council, the Housing Association, probably the Fire Service and a host of other public bodies involved in the grandiose scheme of Partnerships that, driven by Common Purpose, have infected all our public services, if they've got any sense at all they'll be twitching and wondering whether or not some tragic event takes place that places them in the firing line. Whilst we in Hereford have no sizeable high rise apartment blocks, we most certainly have other, in plain sight life threatening problems that have been created by poor public service delivery. Take for example the disgraceful condition of our roads. Is it possible that a motor cyclist can hit one of these holes, lose control of their bike, slide, perhaps into the path of an oncoming school bus and many lives are lost as a result of the collision? Is it so far fetched to imagine such an event? Given what's happened to the poor people at Grenfell Tower I'm not so sure it is that far fetched. Make no mistake, this awful event at Grenfell Tower will herald a new era of public service accountability and if my hyperthetical Road Traffic Accident ever happens and it's the result of a pot hole then every single public body connected to the Herefordshire Safer Roads Partnership that includes the Council, the Police, Balfour Beattie and anyone else that hides behind the Partnership arrangement will be held to account for their failure to do their jobs and protect the people. The era of ignoring the people is over, as is public service Reputation Management and their usual raft of excuses that allow the truth and facts to be secreted that were once a guaranteed certainty that nobody in an investigatory position would ever rock the boat and want to lift up the stone to see what lay beneath. As a result of Grenfell Tower and the publics reaction to what was a completely avoidable national tragedy, those days are now gone and anyone in public service who has involved themselves in poor service delivery that places the public at risk now has their neck in the noose of public accountability.
  19. Excellent bit of satire Nick. Well done. Good to read you.
  20. We're buggered now! What a truly dreadful incompetent campaign Theresa May presided over. When asked, 'what's the baddest thing you've ever done', she came up with 'running through a field of bloody wheat'. Good Lord! Is that the best she could come up with. I'd have had some respect for her is she'd confided, 'I masturbated several times in an unguarded moment of weakness or even had a puff on a Reefer'. Bloody running through a wheat field. My God! Course, now she's considering an alliance with the DUP, a move sure to ignite hostility in a region of the U.K that's still politically fragile and socially unstable. Bloody Hell! Me bloody Brexit, soft, hard or bloody otherwise doesn't look so good now because of bloody Theresa May being unable to get across the idea that she was competent and able to lead. It's all buggered up and that bastard oily slimy sycophantic backstabbing Jean Claude Junker must be rubbing his bloody hands in glee.
  21. Steve says, 'what a joke'. And he's right. In a world of normality where once rational thinking and common sense held sway, none of this would ever have happened and you could say with certainty it was a joke. But it's no joke. It's real and it's got a stranglehold on all our lives. These are not normal times and rational thinking and common sense have been replaced by an ideology of political correctness that's slavishly followed by all those who rise to the top and lead our public services. And, like all who get to the top of the pile they surround themselves with like minded souls that follow this rigid inflexible dogmatic ideology no matter how damaging its all become to our entire society and consequently the madness is perpetuated by generation after generation of those who seek out difference and the chance to demonstrate just how committed they are to embrace diversity and defend it whenever they can even if it doesn't need to be defended. It's madness! To'ther day I sat and watched the new Commissioner, Cressida Dick on tv who's entire career has been built upon political correctness and the celebration of difference and diversity in a world where sexuality, ethnicity and religious beliefs are placed up and above anything and anyone who is just a typical person living their lives in Britain. To these people, the more different and diverse you are the better it is. Quite simply, they're obsessed with nothing else. When accepting the role of Commisioner, Miss Dick said, 'I look forward to leading the women and men of the Metropolitan Police', which gives one a fair indication that getting her to acknowledge the link between radical parts of Islam and it's slaughter which both she, the London Mayor and all the rest desperately try to never mention when addressing anything to do with terrorism, you get the feeling that alls lost, we've passed a tipping point and surrendered ourselves to legislation that says, 'if you say something and someone you've never met either reads or hears your view and they are offended, then you are in breach of the law and pretty well buggered. People, most people, simply want to lead their lives, be treated fairly, not be singled out and not be judged and pigeon holed by their sex, their sexuality, their ethnicity or their religious beliefs. And yet, despite this, legions of people who lead and command spend all their time worrying about a silly quip relating to a pig rather than ever addressing the great words of warning authored by Sir Trevor Phillips who essentially has come to the conclusion, albeit very late in the day, that despite our best efforts the great social engineering multicultural diversity experiment has failed.
  22. Ragwert, Very well written. Well done. This is exactly how I feel and how I see things. My warmest regards and congratulations on what is the best piece of work I've ever read on any political blog. Rob.
  23. We'll do what we're now conditioned to do. We'll hold hands during a candlelit vigil, wear a black arm band before kick off, provide a well observed minutes silence or a round of applause to remember the poor souls torn to shreds by bomb or blade, we'll tune in and listen to our political leaders and our increasingly dependent need to hear what our celebrities think who tell us all that none of all this will divide us and our cultural way of life and on and on it goes. Course it's all a load of boll.ocks! Every single time it happens the gap grows wider. Our difference become magnified and another thousand non Muslims grow to hate Islam and another thousand followers of Islam grow to fear what the non Muslims are thinking about them after another murderous head case has left this mortal coil in pursuit of life in the hereafter after slaughtering a bunch of innocents who followed the advice of their leaders who said, 'they won't divide us'. There's no such thing as shared values, no 'we are in this together' and no real evidence to suggest that our national political ruling elite are any less stupid than the local wretched gathering of fools who gather together at the Shirehall Council meetings and lead locally. Quite simply, not one of them has a clue what to do and fool you for thinking otherwise. If you follow the logic behind the political statements, the mood of the country and the drip drip media releases that relate to anyone Muslim as someone somehow being blind to the madness of the Islamic extremism that's now got a foothold in our once good multicultural society, then we are now a short hop and step away from building our first purpose built, brand new and wonderfully equipped Internment Camp that G4 bloody S will run for us at only a fraction of the cost of Guantanamo Bay. It's truly desperately sad and unless there's a huge step change in our sovereign ability to return violence with extreme violence and make them frightened of the consequences of their murderous actions, such as those that frightened the IRA from ever targeting Bradbury Lines all those years ago, then nothing but nothing is going to halt our slide toward a less free and libertarian state.
  24. Colin, you're an extremely bright, clever articulate fella, so why ask me a question you know the answer to? They're targeting the likes of Poland and Hungary because these countries are not as important as others like Austria. After all the billions of financial grants that Poland has received, that the EU now are deliberately describing as Aid programmes designed to make Poland feel lowly and subservient, they expect some gratitude, some compliance and a good measure of knowing ones place in the pecking order of who's important in the EU and who's less important, hence the strategy of creating a Two Tier, Two Speed Europe. One for the rich and powerful who have their hands on the levers of power and one for the less important nations who are holding back the federalisation of Europe. Just like the Orwellian Animal Farm, where some are more equal than others, today and tomorrow some nations have become more important than others and ever so gradually once again, for the third time in a century Germanic dominance and meddling in the business of other countries is buggering things up. As in war, particularly the Second World War, nations like Poland caught up in the chaos simply because of their geographic position, will pay a price for joining the EU and pretending that they could integrate their economies, their societies and at the same time cling onto their liberty without having to pay a price. Most on these here pages know my views on the migrant crisis and I believe that everyone should play a part and help these people but, putting aside my personal feelings on the matter, I can promise you that come fair and fine weather, probably very soon, the migrant numbers will soar again and Brussels, acting on the instructions of Germany, will force countries such as Poland to meet their quotas of migrants or face the financial consequences.
  25. Hello Colin. According to my compass that's not set and fixed to the geographic magnetic North, but rather aligned to the fallen Berlin Wall, Austria is West, so are we and everything that was once communist territory is East. My only regret is Brussels is not positioned far South on another Continent and Donald bloody Tusk would do what the great citizens of Poland want, him to pack his bags in the West, journey East and face the barrage of questions his countrymen want to put to him regarding the reason why they don't want him to remain in his exalted position of power. That said, you've mentioned this to me before and so, from hereon whenever I speak of the great Polish people again and their remarkably resilient Country, I will refer to it and them as Central European. No offence was intended to you and your girl Colin. My warmest regards. Rob.
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