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  1. Please don't be so narrow minded, of course the pedestrian lights would stay on, can't believe you actually thought that nobody had thought about that and we were all considering turning them off
  2. Well just to provoke things a little more, I have a friend who works in this store, without a contract and he pays his staff £4 per hour! And guess what, he still has dodgy cigarettes there after the court case and you can take that to the bank!
  3. It appears that Herefordshire Council have plenty of money what with this recent £90k per annum job and now these two jobs, almost £200,000 in wages for just 3 people!
  4. This is Tesco doing their bit for the community.
  5. What I find frustrating is that the government soon find a few million pound to send in aid to foreign lands and the click of the finger, lets start looking after our own country!!!
  6. I'm sure we could say that about a lot of Cllr's but as a professional I think your comments are out of order.
  7. Well I for one did not know until I read this post so grateful for the details. Westfields is open late, Oval come nowhere near with their opening times, fair play to the Westfields post office, I am sure that will be handy for me especially as I work long shifts and use eBay.
  8. You will receive several threatening letters but follow Colin's instructions and IGNORE THEM ALL.
  9. I will be in town Saturday night so I may drop in but I will NOT be eating! Veggie and Vegan food, sounds delicious NOT.
  10. They have got the budget for new offices in Plough Lane though eh! I don't feel at all sorry for them.
  11. I parked my car this morning and attempted to pay with my debit card, stupid machines only take cash but there are no ATM's! What the hell?
  12. Absolutely spot on. Personally, I hope that McDonalds are allowed to open in Hereford 24/7 but I suspect it would be the Belmont drive thru, knowing Hereford council, that said, at least it would open the door for the other trades to apply for an extension of opening hours. This city seriously needs to get into the 21st century!!
  13. Some interesting details George, I hope it did not come across like I was having a pop at you because that was not my intention. I have have a good read through all of the points raised in this very interesting debate and I just don't get it, yes, when everyone left the clubs all at the same time 1am and converged into Commercial Rd, I can see why fights would break out, crowds of people, drink fuelled is often a recipe for trouble, however, the laws about drinking times changed some years ago, so now people do not generally leave the clubs in droves, simply because there is no need too anymore, so personally, I think many issues discussed ended back then and ceased when they changed and relaxed the licensing laws but this around the same time that the council with police advice put the curfew in place, surely they should of done this before the law changed? I see no real need to have restrictions on hot food being available after 1.30am, I really don't. I worked in Hereford driving taxi's for several years and gave it up only a month ago and to be honest, times have changed a lot and I see more trouble outside the DHSS than outside any hot food establishment on the weekend. Hot food places stay open in other places, so why not here?
  14. You could also argue that everyone buggers off elsewhere at the weekend because Hereford is crap, hence the low numbers you boast about!
  15. Cheers dippyhippy for the welcome, I have been reading and lurking for some time and this topic hit a nerve so had to add my bit.
  16. Hereford is sat in the 60's and needs to move with the times, not being able to purchase a curry after 1am is crap, we came out of Fusion at about 2am this morning and everywhere was closed and I mean everywhere. Only place open in town was the lunchbox offering rolls, it was packed with people and we decided to walk home, ended up making bacon sandwiches because we had the munchies. It's just spoils a good night out being so restricted, council needs get up to speed and start looking after their rate paying tenants.
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