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Glenda Vaughan-Powell has Passed Away

Hereford Voice

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It is with sad news that we inform you that Glenda Vaughan-Powell passed away last Saturday.

Glenda Vaughan-Powell

Glenda was an active member on our forum for many years and although sometimes she could be a difficult person, in fairness, she also did a lot of very good things when she was a local councillor in Newton Farm. She campaigned hard to save the Asda Walk-In centre as well as other good projects locally.

Glenda Vaughan-Powell served as a District Councillor of Herefordshire Council and a Hereford City Parish Councillor until May 2015, elected as an Independent, serving Belmont Ward for 12 years.

In 2003 she won £744,000 for the Wyes Moves community bus company plus a further £126,000 from the South Wye regeneration Fund, to serve the people of South Wye.

During her time as a councillor she successfully led a campaign to keep the post office open in South Wye, was responsible for keeping the South Wye police station open and led a campaign to maintain the GP walk-in centre at on the Asda site, as well as acting as a member on the following council advisory groups:-

  • Safer and stronger communities,
  • South Wye Regeneration Partnership.
  • Healthier communities and older people group
  • Children and young people advisory group.
  • Member of the community safety group
  • Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator for Newton Farm.
  • Member of Herefordshire Housing Steering group for redevelopment of the Oval.

She was formally Chair of the Herefordshire Neighbourhood Watch Association for Hereford and Belmont, as well as chair of the Friends of Belmont Haywood Country Park.

In June 2011, as a councillor, Glenda was appointed as a member of the Wye Valley NHS Trust and in April 2012 was invited to become a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group representing Herefordshire Independents at the House of Commons, which she accepted.

In 2014, again as a councillor, Glenda became a member of the Local Government Association (LGA) Executive group representing all Herefordshire Independents in Hereford and West Midlands.

Rest in peace and thank your for all the good things you accomplished locally.


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Surprised by Glenda's death - very sudden - she was quite a character and helpful with issues I raised with her. I have come across links found on Hereford Voice and which some may find interesting with lots of photos.

In Hereford Voice:

Glenda Powell
Location: Hereford
Posted May 25, 2015

I have been looking into the history of South Wye because years ago there was a South Wye free paper called South Wye News which for a time I was chairman of until 2003. I have got some information about the Powell's Farm in Newton Farm that also tell the history about the brook and surrounding fields, I am writing a book on this. It is on my website. Glenda





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Glenda was argumentative, often prickly and easily riled if you disagreed with her. But, she was loyal, very hardworking, a great representative for her former constituents and I liked her a great deal and held her in the highest regard.

Rest in peace old girl. Job done.

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Attended Glenda's funeral. Small attendance about 20 people, but a lovely service by the vicar. Glenda was brought into the church to Elvis Presley's "If I can Dream" and taken out into the graveyard for burial to Elvis Presley's "My Way". Thinking of you Glenda.

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