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Beryl Bikes Set On Fire!

Hereford Voice

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This is absolutely unbelievable and beyond words!! 

Beryl Bikes set on fire near to the skatepark at Newton Farm Hereford.

We received this email just:


Hi, I recently saw your post on the increasing number of Beryl's Bikes being vandalised. Well I've seen it about personally - the first week of them coming out I saw one dumped into a tree by the skate park in Newton Farm but tonight I saw a far worse example... In the same spot; by the skate park two bikes were set on fire. This happened at about 10pm - I reported it to the police and they came out but the kids who vandalised the bikes were long gone. I have reported it to Beryl. I hope they are able to track the kids down via the app data because it is disgusting. I took pictures of the bikes alight before the police came if interested.




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I wanted to comment on this story [on the HT Website] but I'm still 'banned'. It's like North Korea at the HT! Any criticism and the ban button is pressed! 

Anyway ..... 

But Community bikes' are gonna get trashed in Hereford. Several [Beryl] are probably in the River Wye already. Hereford is not civilised enough to use this bike scheme responsibly. Too many 'yobs'' about. 

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Roger why do you suppose that Hereford has such a yob culture what is causing this?

I say when the lads or lasses who fired these bikes are found they should be made to pay for replacing them - whether it is through contributing their pocket money or odd jobs(supervised) and earning the money.  Setting up nice little schemes to stop them being bored is not going to stop deliberate destruction of other people's property,

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13 hours ago, Denise Lloyd said:

Roger why do you suppose that Hereford has such a yob culture what is causing this?

Probably several factors. Inadequate/unstable parenting. Unstable housing. Living in a household with little disposable money. Living in a feral environment with similar feral people in your school class or living nearby. Millions of reasons. 

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