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Polly Andrews

Tom Smith

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Her days as a Councillor should be numbered. But it is not just her - Councillor Summers also came up with a load of unsubstantiated nonsense. 

What does not help though is shoddy journalism with the nationals just picking up and repeating the HT's report

Polly has not as I understand it been working in a clinic for at least 20 years - so even if there was any truth to her supposition then it is ages old. And Summers, another duffer, probably like most of us heard some gossip in a pub and feels he can put it forward in a public meeting as fact

With Councillors like these no wonder there is little governance in the County

With reporters like those at the HT no wonder we have little scrutiny 


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Blueschool House is in her ward and she supported the scheme at planning. She has been uncharacteristically silent on the subsequent ongoing and unresolved scandal of the £1m/100% overspend. 

She is one of many who have long overstayed their welcome, such as it was, and we can only hope that 2 May is her last day in the job. Unfortunately, the Council is so tainted by mis-management and corruption that the chances of decent up standing citizens coming forward to serve their community must be rather compromised.

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It's the local Lib Dem way of campaigning - slagging off, or worse, the opposition. I recall the Lib Dems disgraceful personal campaign against Mark Hubbard when he opposed them (and won) in Central Ward. A flyer from the current Central Ward's Lib Dem candidate cannot even correctly place Bartonsham and Portfields on a map.

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