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  1. The local planning authority should be prosecuting the owners of these grade two listed buildings for failure to maintain them...............oh!!
  2. To avoid confusion this building has been owned by Herefordshire Council the Unitary authority since 1998. Hereford City Council the Parish Council rents some office space in the building. The scaffolding will be there a while longer as the steels that cantilever the canopy are in a very poor state and need to be replaced, also Herefordshire need more capital funding for this. The sad fact is the building, Grade 2 listed has been poorly maintained by Herefordshire Council and due to lack of maintenance ie repair or replacement of the canopy roof water has caused the failure of the steels.
  3. More work required as Herefordshire council have messed up
  4. I see yesterday at planning that Edwards speaks out about the 178 bedroom student block that votes for it obviously he is a very shy Tory.
  5. Fantastic well done to all involved. This could be added to the City Councils sculpture trails.
  6. I understand some further work was carried out last November and after careful research the World War 2 names were added and paid for by Hereford City Council and a donation from Chris Jones. The RBL have arranged a dedication service at 2pm Friday March 15th with refreshments at Lads Club after. All welcome of course to honour these brave men.
  7. Yes Edwards is a lovely chap who mows the large green area in front of his house with a mower from Barry so that Balfour Beatty don't have too. Currently he is vice chairman of Herefordshire Council the Unitary authority and of course on a regular basis votes with his Blue mates. He will of course be standing again for City and County and if you want the status quo to remain you know what to do with your cross on May 2nd. Paul will be doing the same in Redhill out with mower, cooking at the Kindle centre but like Phil when it comes to the big difficult decisions like improving the traffic system in the City what will they do? Oh yes of course tell you more roads will be required one will be called a Bypass. Don't be fooled it's not a bypass it's a distributor road to allow the Tory paymasters such as Bloor homes to build housing to further block the west of the City. The sensible thing would of course be to build new bridges to the west and east of the city and convert the existing "lines" in a light tramway. Good luck all May 2nd
  8. Typical Tory response from Rone and also Phil Edwards supposed Independent who said pedestrians would be killed if lights turned off. Please dont vote for these numpties May 2nd
  9. Heard a rumour the reason the Unitary authority accounts have not been signed off is due to the overspend on the link road also in her ward.
  10. Well she has made Sun, Mail and Express in recent days I'm afraid I can't do the links with her revelations regarding the regiment all having STDs!! What is it with this women and the Military? First memorial benches now this. Sooner she is voted out the better.
  11. I am led to believe Play nightclub will also be closing this year also......sad times for Herefords night time economy.
  12. Not entirely correct. Hereford City Council have agreed to formulate a 'Link' with Jaworzno not a Twinning arrangement.
  13. The Town Hall became the property of Herefordshire Council the unitary authority in about 1998 I don't recall much upkeep being done on the building since then so 20 years of neglect. The Town Hall is used by the City Council, HBid, Registrars, Coroner, Elections and Parking enforcement.
  14. This is not street art it's tagging.
  15. Poison Polly Andrews as I understand she is known should have been informed by officers at Herefordshire Council. As others have said not her idea to have the memorial restored and bench placed so very sour grapes, well done Hereford City Council.
  16. Herefordshire Council need to take a firm hand here and start revoking licences permanently
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