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Play Night Club SOLD!

Colin James

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I have received reports today that Billy Reynolds has sold Play Nightclub to Luminar Group.






The Deltic Group Limited (formerly The Luminar Group Limited) is a private company with an estate of approximately 59 nightclubs and has the largest square footage of nightclub capacity in the United Kingdom.


Remember where you heard it first! 

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I have just received the official press release from Dan Guerche (Manager)


Official press release 

The UKs largest club and bars operator, The Deltic Group, has acquired Play in Hereford for an undisclosed sum.
The 1000 capacity club in Blue School Street, was previously owned by Billy Reynolds.
Commenting on the acquisition Deltic Groups chief financial officer said "Tactical acquisitions have always been a key part of our strategy and Play fits well with our existing portfolio. Hereford is a thriving country City and we're looking forward to working with the team to further develop the business."
The company plans to continue trading Play in its current format.
Dan Guerche General Manager explained how excited he is by the prospect of working with the largest Nightclub Operator in the country. The new concepts and entertainment buying power will be something Hereford has not seen in some time. 


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Well, I for one hope that Dan and his team continue to provide Hereford with its principal night spot without interference from corporate blue-sky thinkers.  If it ain't broke, then don't fix it.  Dan has been instrumental in Herefordshire Against Night-time Disorder, along with Paul Neades winning a National Award, and his Hereford BID is doing some great stuff for the City Centre. Play has withstood the ravages of the recent economic depression which has seen two or three other Nightclubs go to the wall or reinvent themselves.  And both Dan and Paul are regular posters on this site too...  Yes, a facelift would be nice, but I just hope Deltic leave well alone and recognise that Play in its current format suits Hereford very well.

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