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Lack of grass cutting around the city and county!


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Just hope that the Council re consider their decision - a number of minor junctions entering main road now have very restricted visibility due to lack of cutting of the mouth of the junction. Just wondering if the Council would be liable if there was a collision ?


I now have to open my drivers window and listen for anything approaching - still risky as I have to wear two hearing aids . This form of action does not pick up the sound or lack of sound from cyclists.

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That's a lovely hedge. Whoever trims that hedge has sharp shears, a good eye and a skill in topiary. You don't get your hedge cut like that unless you know someone who knows what they're doing.

It's who you know nowadays isnt it? It's entirely about who you know. If ever this topiary expert quit his or her job and went for it, registered self employed and advertised their work using that photograph as an example of their topiary skills, I know which hedge cutter I'd go for. You'd be a fool to pick another hedge cutter. You've gotta go with what you see and if that hedge is anything to go by I'd happily say, 'this is a man or a woman or someone caught between two stools who is highly skilled at topiary. Hire them! You'll never regret it'.

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Phillip Price is or was a farmer and I never saw his farm look untidy.  Everything was neat and tidy.  So with that in mind why does he think us plebs will put up with this state of affairs.  It is a total shambles.  Talk about going from the sublime to the ridiculous when you are sat in the traffic in Newmarket Street  on one side you have the sublime if that's your bag on t'other you have overgrown grass chipped paint on the bent tatty rails.  No I have had enough of being short changed I demand a refund.  The council tax we pay over each money is not pennies it is a LOT of money and I hate squandering my hard earned cash and like to think we are getting a bit of value for our money  - we are not - I feel insulted that they think we do not have standards and will happily put up with this.  Well we won't I too voted today!

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