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New Odeon Multiplex Cinema Opens May 22nd

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The dates have been announced for the opening of the Odeon Multiplex Cinema in Hereford as May 22nd.




The first films to be shown at the new Odeon are:
•         Bad Neighbours – Showing from opening
•         The Other Women - Showing from opening
•         Godzilla - Showing from opening
•         Blended – Showing from opening
•         X-Men: Days of Future Past - Showing from opening
•         Postman Pat -  23rd May
•         Maleficent - 28th May
•         Edge of Tomorrow - 30th May
•         22 Jump Street - 6th June
•         Mrs Brown Boys D’Movie – 27th June
•         Transformers: Age of Extinction – 10th July
•         Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – 17th July
•         How to Train your Dragon 2 - 4th July
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Can't see meself using this facility. On the basis that I've got more films coming out of my satellite box than I know what to do with! I know the cinema has a film a few months before Sky get it but I haven't even watched Skyfall yet! ... :-p

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The quality in the cinema is horrendous really. But it is god for a big screen and the sound. Personally I like going to Worcester or Gloucester because it's a bit of a trip out then. We have a cinema now, so the economics behind it aren't really that different, the benefit now is more choice of film

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My Brother in Law took his two grandchildren , 7 and 10 to the Odeon the other day , cost £19 entry followed by two medium size cups of pop corns £9 . Appears to be a lot of money , I presume that the new cinema 's charges will be similar .

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