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  1. Attempted armed robbery

    Crime in Hereford is spiralling out of control. Shoplifting is on the rise, anti social behaviour is on the rise, drugs and the stench of cannabis is everywhere you go, two murders in one month, armed robberies and guns appearing all over the place. I used to feel safe here but not so much any more.
  2. McDonald's Refurbishment Plans Submitted

    Hopefully adding the self service kiosks too.
  3. Old Market Gateway

    Or rather they were interested a year ago but have since lost interest. There’s a post going around Facebook (again) about it but if you look at the date of the article, it was written a year ago but most people don’t seem to check these things.I hope they do come here but the carvery at the Bunch of Carrots is good enough.
  4. Management have said it is false and Beefy Boys have also said they have no plans on moving anywhere. Your Herefordshire has a poor track record so I personally wouldn’t believe any of the BS they spew for attention.
  5. Hereford City’s Hidden Treasures

    Great idea, though opening them up to everyone makes it easier for them to be stolen or vandalized if they are considered that valuable and are not properly secured.
  6. The one they have installed on the left is not inline with the backing and it looks atrocious and needs fixing immediately.
  7. Starbucks Hereford Closes Down

    We already have two so not a huge loss, just means yet another empty building sadly.
  8. Starbucks Hereford Closes Down

    I thought this was a joke post or something, I’m shocked. I never went in there and prefer Costa anyway but always nice to have the option of going there. So now another empty building, loss of jobs and another lack of choice for Hereford. Shame. I hope they reopen as a concession somewhere.
  9. Misconduct at HC - one arrest

    What? Only one arrest? The whole building should have been arrested.
  10. Hereford Duck Pond Clean Up

    Was any of the green stuff removed from the pond? It’s so unsightly.
  11. The Church of Freedom and Rough Sleepers…

    What does the Freedom Church actually do other than hold cult like mass baptisms and grooming children by handing out sweets at school gates and handing out hot drinks (possibly drugged lol) to students walking up Aylestone hill? Never heard a good word about them. But I too have seen the homeless here and have also wondered why they haven't been let inside. The church at Eign Gate or whatever also has rough sleepers from time to time.

    Great news, let's just hope they are used for their intended purpose and not used as something for drunk teens to swing from and bend out of shape like the ones near me.
  13. Tents on Edgar Street roundabout

    No protest, just a homeless woman who likes to camp in odd places by all accounts.
  14. Should I pay a private parking ticket?

    Didn't the law change recently though making those tickets valid?