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  1. The same article was posted at Hereford Times, but with some interesting comments. is it possible that that there is actually nothing wrong with the structure after all? Where can one find the report on the deficiencies which resulted in the council's decision to erect the scaffolding in the first place?
  2. Thank you @Denise Lloyd and yes @twowheelsgood, I agree! There are a few possible outcomes to this: Developer Paul Tobin takes responsibility for fixing the construction (but with the time elapsed this seems unlikely) The leaseholders have the work completed (but probably don't have the financial resources). It would be useful to know the estimated costs for this. Nothing is done and the scaffolding remains indefinitely at taxpayers' expense. At some point this expense will exceed the cost of fixing the construction in the first place. The structure is condemned an
  3. Thank you kindly for all for your inputs. So does Mr Tobin have any legal responsibility for the shortcomings of the structure or was this mess just passed onto the current leaseholders? I also note that he currently represents several building development companies, so he must be contactable: Wellington Developments (Hereford) Limited Kings Acre Developments (Hereford) Limited Clt 1973 Limited St Martin's Developments (Hereford) Ltd Fryers Gate (Hereford) Limited Riverside Construction (Hereford) Limited It would be interesting to know what actuall
  4. Does anyone know the history behind why there is scaffolding around the stair and lift tower behind Jacobs Court on Commercial Street? Research shows that planning permission for this tower was granted in 2005 but was found to be in contravention of building regulations sometime after that. The scaffolding has been in place for many years now which is a shame as the main building is quite beautiful both inside and out. Is there a plan to have the work completed or will it stay like this forever?
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