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  1. The same Your Herefordshire who said Debenhams and M&S was closing....
  2. If only he was a few miles further east this chap would never have graced the local paper. http://www.herefordtimes.com/news/14575191.Pub_landlord_fined_for_not_displaying_food_hygiene_rating/
  3. Today's Hereford Times says it was the Taste of Raj - not the Jalsagor.
  4. I cannot support you on this Colin. Arming the police is changing our way of life and, ultimately, allowing the terrorists to win. You say it's dangerous now but i think it was far worse in the 80s when the IRA were at their peak.
  5. I hope Two Wheels is sat down before he reads this... http://www.herefordtimes.com/news/15145175.Council__39_s_new_website_cost___260_000/
  6. Well, well, well. Robbo is still there... http://www.herefordtimes.com/news/14586390.Mystery_still_surrounds_future_of_one_of_Herefordshire_Council_s_most_senior_employees/
  7. It was a circus. Hardly dodgy, in fact they put on free performances for some children.
  8. The HT said a month or so ago that the nearest diving pool is now in Cardiff. Not good.
  9. I see the council are finally getting around to introducing a Traffic Regulation Order. The latest HT says it might be in place by the end of June. Seems amazing it has taken this long. Surely it's pretty simple to bring in?
  10. I remember seeing the mayor pictured in the paper outside that shop near the old house. seems a funny spot for it but as two wheels says, there are a lot of empty shops in that part of the centre.
  11. Does the BBC know where Herefordshire is? I think we should all pay a lot less in the annual fee as neither the TV nor the radio seems to cover anything here.
  12. Well said Bobby. I'll never understand how police officers stood by and did nothing when they could clearly see people being crushed. The FA should also face punishment as there were crushes in that stadium in the years leading up to 1989.
  13. Crike, this has taken some time to get the planning application in. This article from 2014 shows how long it's been in the drawing room. http://m.herefordtimes.com/news/11379379.__2m_boost_for_Herefordshire_Housing/
  14. I love the way people blame the papers when they have been caught with their pants down. And I agree with Adrian Symonds. Pointless event to be celebrated.
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