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A different perspective on Hereford’s emergency traffic measures

Hereford Voice

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A different perspective ....

We have acquired an email sent from Cllr Paul Rone to the 'Independent Group' who hold the largest coalition majority at Herefordshire Council.

As you will see in the email he sent on the 28th of July below Councillor Rone says 👉"Closing The Old Bridge Is Fine" 👈 in Hereford however, just a few days later on August 1st in this video published by our friends at Your Herefordshire, he says something completely different...


Cllr Paul Rone owns several businesses in Hereford including the Saracens Head Pub where the footpath running along the side of the river remains closed to the public, he also owns his own city taxi.

As you know Hereford Voice are very supportive of our local businesses and it’s great to see the recent reports showing footfall has increased in the city. The statement signed by some businesses today about a vote of no confidence, talk about years worth of vanity projects, so is it really fair to blame everything on an administration who have only been in for less than a year.

In recent days this story 👉 https://hfd.news/vdo of a road project hit with procurement snag was published by our friends at Sunshine Radio - Herefordshire Council leaders have revealed a procurement failure meant they would not have been able to award the contract to build the £27m southern link road in Hereford.

People might not like these new temporary changes which the Government have asked all councils to look at it but at least Herefordshire Council are being honest and transparent about their projects.

Online shopping has increased massively across the UK and as a result shops all over the country are closing, it’s not about people not being able to get into the city, it is that many people feel safer shopping online.

So regardless of the emergency measures currently in place in Hereford, footfall is increasing, so clearly people can get into the city.

What are these businesses and others going to do to attract people into their shops? You simply can’t just blame the council, who to be fair, cannot force people go into shops.


#HerefordVoice #HerefordNews

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Well, we've had the inevitable U turn, a daily feature in modern politics it seems, and much of this very ill-considered scheme is to be scrapped. So, that begs the question who is to pay? Do we have to repay the Govt the £20k because ewe haven't done it? Do we also pay for the lines and signs to be removed? Do we also pay for BBLP's time to deliver a frankly appalling and unworkable set of proposals? When will they be called to account for their service in general, as this Council promised to do at the last election? Seems to me they're the only winners - paid twice, no less. For sure, this debacle has done the present Council a lot of harm. And of course we have tranche 2 money on the way (if approved) - that's up to £160k for bigger, better and dafter ways to really mess things up.

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