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Belmont Pools -Update

Glenda Powell

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:Thumbs-Up: Alan Beasley leader of the fishermen group has ask Cllr Mark Schoffer to be the liasion representative between the fishermen and residents he has accepted.


:Thumbs-Up: :Thumbs-Up: I received an email from Rob Hemblade this afternoon I quote:-


I had a chat with the fishermen on Friday and they are really keen to improve matters on the pools, and equally keen to engage local residents. This is a very good example of their commitment.


We Had an email back from Persimmon this morning and they are going to empty the septic tank which should deal with the outfall. and they are dealing with the longer term issue though they did not go into any further details I presume for legal reasons.


End of quote.


I have also suggested to a officer from the environment dept of the possibility of putting spreaders or a soakeway into the field to enable the sewage to drain away there and not into the pools.

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Good work, hopefully this work will be completed sooner rather than later.

:Thumbs-Up: :Thumbs-Up:

After contacting the air and water polution office and the environment agency yesterday I have heard from the environment agency officer today he has advised me he is visiting the pools on Thursday to ivestigate my complaint.


i have also spoken today with the team leader of the community protection team in regard to the fly tipping at the pools, he is also visiting the site with the view of getting this removed as soon as possible.

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