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The Genius Of The EU and Stupidity Of People.


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During the early part of the twentieth century big business would arrive in a Village, a Town or City and use the areas location and it’s resources to create themselves wealth. What they did do, other than exploit the labour of the people, was to invest in the community that was to accommodate the workforce. As one sided as the arrangement was, and it wasn’t perfect,  big business built houses for the workforce, parks for the people to enjoy their leisure time, a working men’s social club, schools and other social amenities that became a partnership of sorts between the workers, their families and the wealthy businessmen who were there to make huge profits. Locally in our County, companies such as Cadbury and Bulmers spring to mind who like so many older business brands did much to invest in people and their communities.

That was then. Roll on many decades later and there is now no requirement for big business to invest in anything. All they have to do is tip up, create a business and a job and the ignorant and often poorly informed peopled workforce do the rest by paying for everything that can maintain a lowly paid workforce. For big business, their only social responsibility is to creat a job and pay the minimum wage. Nothing else! The entire venture is subsidised by the taxpayer.

This is the genius of the European Union and its slavish following of an economic ideology of globalisation. The wealthy propose a business. The European Union provide the cheap labour, the Government of the day  provide the ability to move the workers unhindered from one place to another and then the final bill falls into the lap of the indigenous people who then pay for housing, the education, the health needs, social benefits and all the other stuff that makes it all work and allows the one sided wealth creation exercise to continue unabated.

And it a genius. As much as I despise the European Union, Globalisation and Capitalism, you’ve got to give them their due. To move millions of people around Europe and get the host Country and it’s citizens to pay for it all is genius.

Mind, that’s only the half of it. The real brilliance of the EU lies beyond 13 billion quids worth of fiscal governmental transactions that we in Britain pay to the EU every year.Nigh on 6 billion of that money gets spent on the countries who’ve dispatched their citizens West to become our cheap source of labour. It’s genius, especially if you are not the host country.

Why genius? Well it it. All across East and Central Europe, for over a decade, British earned money has and is being spent in providing Britain with a future economic competitor. We’ve paid for thousands of miles of roads, Airports, Rail networks and factory buildings all across this region.Many of these places are now ready and prepared to receive and host British businesses that will soon relocate for cheaper labour and to increase their profits. And it’s all been paid for by Britain’s workers!

Dont believe me? Just take a look at Jaguar Landrover and their plans to relocate to the Czech Republic leaving behind thousands of British redundant jobs. Essentially, without putting to finer point on it, we’ve actually paid the Government and the European Union enough money for us to lose our own jobs and get those jobs transferred to another Country that we bankrolled.

As to people raising any objections? They’ve sorted that as well. They own and control the media and that’s why you dare not ever question anything for fear of being labelled a populist, a nationalist, a neo fascist or someone who’s just thick. No! All in all whichever side you stand ,you’ve gotta give the EU and our ruling elite their due praise. It’s brilliance at its best and it’s all paid for by the people who’ve been socially engineered into doing exactly what they’re told to do without a glimmer of resistance.




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I agree with the starter post. As a net money contributor to the EU the UK has effectively built a whole new road network in Poland. Whilst our roads fall apart because of a lack of cash. 

The Govt. lost on TM's deal tonight. 230 vote net loss. The usual MP agitators were then out asking for a 'peoples' vote again. They want to 'farm out' the decision. Away from the so called experts (them). And back to the peasants. The so called thicko's who got it 'wrong' last time. How could the establishment frame a new question? Obviously it could not contain an option to vote for the toxic May deal. It obviously could not contain an option to 'Leave'. As Parliament has made it unofficially clear that an exit abiding by the vote (Leaving) is not an option.  So I suggest that we now have a new Referendum with the Only option left available. A single question Referendum: 'Do you want to remain in the European Union.' Obviously any spoiled, or defaced ballot papers' would be declared as 'void'. 

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Our self serving politicians are a joke but only I’m not laughing…they are killing democracy!

but maybe that’s the EU’s plan all along to take away the voice of the people starting with us to beat us into submission?…after all given the referendum result we can’t be trusted to make the right life choices?…so therefore we need to be dumb down…as free will for the common people’s is a liberty that must be eradicated,as this is obviously a dangerous privilege for the likes of us to possess…so instead we must become servitude,to conform,to be obedient to our masters to serve them the lawmakers,the facist,the communist in Brussels who are creating a false vision of a new utopia for all?!… but the reality is as it has always been,it will be for the few but while for the majority of us we will just be the feudal peasants,some even canon fodder if needs be in order to create their expansionist ideas for a globalist dominance within a new world order within a one world religion!

So goodbye freedom & liberty as short lived as your where it was nice knowing you!

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I think this article by Melanie Phillips hits the nail rather sweetly on the head to what our self serving politicians are up to regarding Brexit 


Around the world, jaws are dropping at the UK’s convulsions over leaving the European Union. This resembles not so much a divorce as an amputation without anesthetic using blunt knives and a broken saw, with the surgeons throwing punches across the operating table. 

As I see it: Why the West should hold its breath over Britain

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Came across The Slog blog 6 months ago and together with Robert Reich website following since 2008, the two of them seem to hit the nail on the head about our past, present and future crisis.
Whatever happens in the USA tends to follow over here. Do you agree?

Two good blogs to follow on our present crisis. I keep on about them, but they are two commentators that I believe in - common sense and facts - together with humour in these dark times.

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From The Slog today. Made me laugh.

On and off since late 2018, Mother Theresa has been insisting to her opponents – that is, pretty much everyone else but her and a few Whitehall gargoyles – that “there is My Deal or there is No Deal”.

The problem with Her Deal is that it bears all the hallmarks of a price struck by the dim banker’s wife with Harry Enfield in his memorable sketch series I Saw You Coming:

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Two quotes by Juncker which shows his mindset. (Wikipedia):

"We decide on something, leave it lying around and wait and see what happens. If no one kicks up a fuss, because most people don't understand what has been decided, we continue step by step until there is no turning back".

Jean-Claude Juncker, quoted by von Koch, Dirk (27 December 1999). "Die Brüsseler Republik" (in German).
Quoted again by Eder, Florian (21 January 2013). "Junckers Tricks in den langen Brüsseler Nächten" (in German).

If it's a Yes, we will say 'on we go', and if it's a No we will say 'we continue'.
On the 2005 French referendum on the Lisbon Treaty

Seems he believes in democracy as long as he gets his way!



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It shouldn’t be any surprise to any of us that dear old Jean Claude can spout nonsensical rubbish. Other than he’s lacking in a mental filter that’s designed within us all to think before we open our mouths, he’s not so untypical of all those others who lead.

Like pretty much everyone who does lead in politics locally, nationally and in his case internationally, he’s pretty much the same and cut from the same cloth. He’s simply an average guy with average intelligence who now finds himself leading a Continent of billions of people. He’s really no cleverer than you and I.

For the most part those that lead are often white males with an average Intelligence Quotient who’ve received an outstanding education. Unfortunately though, being the recipient of a good education doesn’t increase the IQ. Indeed, all it essentially does is load you with knowledge on a few disciplines and provides cognitive skills that allow you to fool everyone into believing you know what you’re doing. And that’s alright. Whether one appreciates it or not, this is the way of things. With few exceptions, for decades and decades we’ve been lead by people who are like this.

As far as local politics are concerned and national politics to, whoever you vote for, in whichever era you voted in, your going to be lead by someone who’s got an average intelligence quotient and who’s had a good education. And nations across the globe have been managing this reality unaware that those leading us, like Mr Juncker are probably less than competent to lead a country or lead a continent. Again, that’s ok with me just as long as nobody expects anything more.

If you can accept this truth and simply hope that those that lead can hide their average intelligence that renders them incompetent if they end up then running a Country or the EU, then it should all work out just fine. In short, being incompetent because you only have average intelligence is no bar to achieving high office and pretty much all of those you vote for all reach their own personal level of incompetence the moment you cast your vote that propels then into leadership.

Whilst I’ve stated that it’s fine by me to be lead by a person of average intelligence who’s then been rendered incompetent due to an average IQ. There is a significant problem. It’s actually a little frightening!

When a person of a high intelligence quotient, in this case the thoroughly disagreeable American President, tells the European Union that other than Britain, Poland, Estonia, Greece and Italy, other member states including Germany and France are not paying their way toward their own NATO defence and the response and reaction is, Let’s Creste An EU Army, then that solution from those already rendered incompetent because of their average intelligence, develops into a problem of massive proportions.

Personally speaking, other than voting for an ideology that has a possible outcome that might please you, I wouldn’t bother voting ever again. All your doing is voting for someone who’ll be immediately rendered incompetent the moment he or she wins an election.




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The Slog - 30th January 2019

The communications and hitech worlds are so malign now – the truth so ethereally difficult to lasso – that everyone tends to get shoved into the same pigeon hole as (variously) fearmonger, hate spreader, non-violent extremist, Remainer, Leaver, goldbug, fascist and all the rest of the twisted linguistics that tell us we shall be crashing out, or sailing forth in fine weather.

Far from lessening the ageless (and probably insoluble) problem of bigotry and stereotyping, the destruction of Truth via instant comms technology has added to it. You can smear anyone and anything today, but the chances of it being revealed as perniciously mendacious are hugely outnumbered by the hordes of deadheads out there who will tweet, email, bookface, brief, leak, message, Gram instantly and YouTube to turn a jet black lie into an angelically white beacon of light.

Up is indeed down, out is in, left is right, right is wrong, huge is miniscule and Brexit is Remain in 2019.

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