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Hinton Hitman

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9 minutes ago, Hinton Hitman said:

Tried to log onto the Council website to report a pot hole, again, getting some very strange error messages from the website and warnings from my web security, tried the link through Voice and the same happened, running my security scans just incase.

Just to let you know.

Try clearing your browser cache then re-try

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Just followed a link sent to me by HC to find a PA and got this


"Herefordshire Council Newsroom

The newsroom has been retired.

You can now find all our news and press releases on our Herefordshire Council news page. Please update any bookmarks you may have."


Followed the link as indicated and that did not work - you've got to laugh really haven't you

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Once again, the whole Council website is down -

503 Service Unavailable

No server is available to handle this request.

Unbelievable that this can happen - it simply shouldn't and there are standard ways to ensure it doesn't. I read somewhere the other day that Hoople are a standing joke in the IT world and this is a good example. But no one in charge will do anything, as ever, and everyone gets paid handsomely regardless.

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On the phone to council's regarding rubbish and recycling. No definite phone number on website on who to speak to so rang 260000 and went through their introductory message. Pressed the extension required and put on hold "one of our customer service team will be with you shortly". 10 mins later after being thanked for holding the message. said I could go to the website www.herefordshire.gov.uk and this put me back to where I started. A page of departmental phone numbers on one page on the website would be helpful to dial direct rather than jumping through hoops at the council's convenience. After all this would be the list of numbers their receptionists would use to put you through to.





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