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Frustrated With Lack Of Response From Balfour Beatty!

Colin James

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We notified Balfour Beatty about our second action day weeks in advance, yet a week after all of our hard work I find myself picking up some of our own litter from the bags we left last weekend. 
Yes it is all still there! Nothing has been collected! 
All these volunteers have given up their day and time to commit to this fantastic project and it feels like we are unappreciated with this lack of response, not impressed at all.
I am also waiting for promised emails and the results from the tree survey which took place weeks ago, I am starting to realise why things take so long in this city, well I am not going away, on the contrary, I will just increase the volume!


Balfour Beattie.jpg


Balfour Beattie 1.jpg

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Give the lazy incompetent barstards a week, then, if the oily self serving trough feeders haven't shifted it, collect it up, pop it in a vehicle, take it down to Plough Lane and dump it in either in close proximity to their Empire Of Dirt or inside it.

I'd happily do it and face the consequences.

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