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Restoration Photo's of Supermarine Swift WK275

Colin James

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A foggy day in March 2012, WK275 outside Sheppards surplus where she had sat for over 50 years. This was taken on the day a team from Jet Art turned up to start the dismantling process and extract the aircraft so the restoration work could begin.




All work carried out and photographs courtesy of Jet Art Aviation


Jet Art Aviation Facebook 

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24th November 2016 restoration complete and the aircraft rebuilt sat next to Avro Vulcan XH558 in hangar 3 at Robin Hood Airport. The aircraft is now on long term loan to the Vulcan to the Sky Trust




Taken February 2012. WK275 sat outside Sheppards Surplus



After restoration

The nose of WK275 the day she arrived at Jet art in March 2012
After restoration. WK275 on the lorry ready to start the journey to her new home.
Taken in March 2012 just after she had been craned onto the Lorry at Sheppards Surplus ready for the wings to be removed.
After restoration
STBD Side view of WK275's fuselage taken in March 2012 the day she arrived at Jet Art
STBD Side view after restoration arriving at Robin Hood Airport.
Port Wing as removed. Note damaged aileron and damage to the wing tip.
Port wing after restoration
STBD main undercarriage before restoration
STBD main undercarriage after restoration
Canopy and windscreen area before restoration
Canopy and windscreen area after restoration
She is Complete 
WK275 Complete.jpg
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Colin , super photographs , thank you for sharing them . Any idea of the cost involved and ( it might sound a silly question ) will it fly again - I accept that there are so many restriction on vintage aircraft flying .


Not sure of the costs yet but she will not fly this is now a static display 

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It's good to see it looking like a Swift again, rather than the sorry state it had slowly drifted into.

I always felt a bit sorry for it when visiting Sheppards.

On a related note, does anybody know what happened to the De Havilland Vampire that used to be in front of the ATC building on Eign Road?

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On 04/12/2016 at 12:19, H.Wilson said:

Yes and I see another local website has published the same story today, Hereford Voice you should be flattered. :Grin:

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