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  1. Just like to say as a disabled person, I have a full time job, no benefits and no blue badge.
  2. Mrs Jango says all was well last night.
  3. Probably see you there Ubique. Hopefully get fried bread.
  4. Some twit, had already scribbled in red ink on the sea harrier nose cone.
  5. Good to see. The Trust that got the Vulcan flying again are now trying to get a Canberra airborne. I was based at RAF Scampton when the Vulcan operated there. The noise. probably contributed to my knackered hearing.
  6. They were down in Cardiff on Saturday 30th April. I was having breakfast in a café and there was a group there. Owner asked were they down for the rugby. Stated they were the Freedom Church from Hereford and were running an event at the Uni. So spreading out.
  7. Been to a number of different countries that whilst there have been flying their national flag. Never being the foreigner have I, felt any upset or distress. Don't think I, have seen it with anyone else either.
  8. Perhaps the Syrians are part of their countries Christian minority?
  9. Brace the tree in that position. Advertise the Leaning Tree Of Belmont. Works in Pisa with the tower.
  10. Seen the book prominently displayed at my GP this week. Browsed whilst waiting for appointment. Noticed that at time of writing showed DASH services. For next version this will need to be changed to ADD ACTION. Observation not a criticism. Also seen at other locations too. So good news its out there.
  11. Signed and shared. Only used once and was a great service. This will add to the burden at A & E if it goes.
  12. I am all for energy saving ideas. The only downside is that it makes pavement deposits left by some dog owners difficult to see.
  13. Ubique the only suggestion I, have is that hot meal providers and if food banks exist get them.
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