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15 year plan for Herefordshire leaked.


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Taken from BBC Hereford & Worcester

What do you think?

BBC Hereford & Worcester can reveal a 15 year plan to spend hundreds of millions of pounds changing the face of Herefordshire.

The proposals contained in a leaked document, include creating a new riverside area in Hereford and multi story car parks on the city's outskirts. Proposals also see plans to build a hotel at the racecourse and to approach businesses to build accommodation for thousands of students.


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The last master plan the Council spent several million pounds putting together - ESG - was a 20 year plan that was abandoned after 6 years or so - basically once the consultants and the money men had taken their fill from the paperwork and then the OLM, so this is more of the same. 


ESG Civic Quarter - This lies north of Blueschool Street, directly opposite Maylord shopping centre, itself an integral part of the regeneration plans. It is envisaged a new county library will be the centrepiece, creating a major new focal point in the city, and a place where people can get information and learn new skills in a computer led age. The whole area will become a lively, active street scene, incorporating smaller shops, offices and cafes with civic buildings mostly occupying the upper floors along with new apartments. Modern, purpose-built offices will help local businesses grow and prosper.


What we've actually got is no library, no lively active street scene, no nothing really, save for Blueschool House soon to be clad in red formica. Is it any wonder a lot of us are more than a little jaded by the out of touch, closed door cabinet system?

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This leaked document I am sure appeared on HV a couple of months ago -  I might remember where later on - it made for good reading then and the money will come from ??


Yes it was on here - it was a draft with numerous errors. i couldn't be bothered with it past page 6 - its just job justification for council middle mangers. Always looking forward with futile grand designs, never doing routine maintenance on significant assets - roads, for instance.

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Herefordshire Development and Regeneration Partnership looks like a resurrection of Hereford Futures, although on a larger scale. This contract summary provides an insight into the council's pipe dreams. What could possibly go wrong?


Here is what the council are thinking of putting out to tender


45000000-7  Construction work

45200000-9  Works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work

45210000-2  Building construction work

45211000-9  Construction work for multi-dwelling buildings and individual houses

45211100-0  Construction work for houses

45211200-1  Sheltered housing construction work

45211340-4  Multi-dwelling buildings construction work

45211341-1  Flats construction work

45211350-7  Multi-functional buildings construction work

45211360-0  Urban development construction work

45212000-6  Construction work for buildings relating to leisure, sports, culture, lodging and restaurants

45213110-7  Shop buildings construction work

45212300-9  Construction work for art and cultural buildings

45213312-3  Car park building construction work

45215000-7  Construction work for buildings relating to health and social services, for crematoriums and public


45215100-8  Construction work for buildings relating to health

45215130-7  Clinic construction work

45215200-9  Construction work for social services buildings

45215210-2  Construction work for subsidised residential accommodation

45215220-5  Construction work for social facilities other than subsidised residential accommodation

45215221-2  Daycare centre construction work

45215222-9  Civic centre construction work

45262690-4  Refurbishment of run-down buildings

45262700-8  Building alteration work

45453000-7  Overhaul and refurbishment work

45453100-8  Refurbishment work

45454000-4  Restructuring work

09323000-9  District Heating

71315200-1  Building consultancy services

71321100-5  Construction Economic Services 


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Thursday 1 December 2016 10.00 am



To consider and agree the draft economic development strategy for recommendation to Council.


This is a key decision because it is likely to be significant in terms of its effect on communities living or working in an area comprising one or more wards in the county.


The strategy is visionary and aspirational. The investment opportunities are in various stages of development and it is accepted that not all of them may be realised.

It is important to demonstrate what could be achieved within the county and to start the conversation about regeneration with partners, local communities, and

prospective investors whilst remaining agile and flexible to respond to challenges and opportunities as they arise.



Additional documents:






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