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David Cameron resigns


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I voted out but I don't want Johnson as PM - the man's a clown.


Some sympathy for David Cameron. Don't really like his politics but he gave us what he said he would; a referendum. Arguably overdue after failing to grant one after Gordon Brown signed that treaty and might have been under pressure from his own backbenchers. If he'd been smart he'd have taken a neutral positon after fulfilling his committment to have the vote. Why he had to get so involved in the Remain campaign, and one so disastrously conducted at that, is a bit of a mystery.

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Yep...Bye bye Jermemy :Grin:

It would appear that Corbyn does have his own ides of march to worry about but I'm not so sure he will go? & personally I hope he does not go…but as for the old Blairite's guard I think he should sack the lot of them treacherous bunch that they are…out of touch with a lot of core labour voters in my opinion he needs to get in some fresh faces who are more in line with his own principles.

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And a bit more loyal eh?


It is really quite sad I would say that Corbyn is probably one of the most sincere of the pile of them.  Because of his sincerity he does not do the rough and tumble of his treacherous once time so called mates.


How things have changed in just one week when they were all so respectful in memory of Jo Cox. Such short memories such a shame   

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