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Why ain't the East Europeans fat.


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I'd like to know! I'd like somebody to explain to me why I'm fat and they ain't. It seems to me that it's entirely unfair.

It's high times for them ain't it. Tall, slim, muscular, chiselled features, ready and available to run a mile if required to do so and able to wear a garment picked off the peg that fits.

I mean, my wife's a nurse. During the course of a working week she treats probably a hundred migrant people and none of them ever come in needing their cholesterol checking or begging, 'give me a gastric band'. It simply doesn't happen because they ain't fat.

God knows why. They've escaped the grinding fist of communism and poverty decades ago and they should be getting fatter. But they ain't! If anything, they're getting slimmer and fitter.

And don't tell me they don't drink ale or eat huge meals. They do! I've seen them. None of it makes sense to me. They should be getting fatter but they ain't!

I've never met Colin's girl who I know is Polish. I bet she ain't fat. I'll bet my right testical that she's a slim lady who can eat and drink and never put on any weight and so I'd like to know why I'm clinically obese and she ain't. If you ask me it's unfair and my conclusion is that the migrants are getting or not getting something which I'm getting a lot of or none at all of. I mean, are the mandarins of Brussels secretly feeding our indigenous population something that's making us fat?

I've seen them through the window down at the Commercial and I'm seeing no obvious signs that they are putting on weight. I'll tell the lads, 'lads, why ain't they as fat as us' and not one of my brethren can come up with an answer that explains why we are fat bastards and they ain't.

If the East European migrants really want to integrate into the British way of life I say lets see a few of them making an effort and pile on a few more pounds and begin to have concerns about their cholesterol levels instead of staying slim and fit.

Thinking about it some more, this is yet another reason why I want to get out of this unholy European Union. In fact, until such times as a migrant can come up to me in the Commercial moaning that their cholesterol levels have become sky high and they can easily be medically diagnosed as more swine than human, I'm for getting out of the EU.

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A lot of my European friends tend to eat healthy food, non of these ready meals or sugary drinks. I was with a work colleague a few weeks back and he commented that he thought taking little kids to eat in McDonalds was disgusting. He usually always has a prepared roll and pure fresh fruit juice with him at work. 

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First of all my lady is not Eastern European she is from Poland which is CENTRAL EUROPE now that I have got that across, Bobby you are correct my good lady is slim and eats like a horse but all the right food, no tv diners, usually good healthy food and dinners are always cooked and not packet. When it comes to fruit juices my good lady like myself only drink freshly squeezed juice and NEVER from concentrate. 

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Agree that they all eat healthy food, freshly prepared and rarely snack on sweets and chocolates between meals and I cant say I have seen children drinking sugary/fizzy drinks. Also, when I was out and about on Friday which was a gloriously sunny day there were lots of families walking and enjoying the riverside path and Great Western way, and children playing in the play areas provided. I heard alot of Polish and Eastern european languages. Eating healthily and taking exercise and encouraging it from an early age seems to be the answer!

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