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West Mercia Police Inspector Wins National Award

Colin James

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Congratulations to Inspector Nick Semper.


Inspector Nick Semper from Hereford's Safer Neighbourhood Team received a national award at the National Pubwatch Conference last week.

The awards took place at Mercure St Paul's Hotel in Sheffield last Tuesday (23 February 2016).
Nick, who has been a police officer for 29 years, was presented with the Malcolm Eidmans Award for his outstanding service and contribution to the Pubwatch schemes of Herefordshire, after being nominated for the award by Dan Guerche, chairman of the Hereford Pubwatch Scheme.
Left to Right: David Crompton - Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police, Sue Eidmans - widow of Malcolm Eidmans (award creator), Inspector Nick Semper and David Dadds - Award Sponsor.
The award is named after a former Metropolitan Police Chief Superintendent Malcolm Eidmans QPM, who was a founding member of the scheme. The aim of the award is to recognise the outstanding contribution made by a police officer or member of police staff in supporting the work of their local Pubwatch scheme.
Pubwatch is a national initiative supported by the police to reduce crime and disorder in pubs and clubs. It is a voluntary organisation which aims to achieve a safer drinking environment in licensed premises throughout the UK.
The scheme assists publicans and the police in reducing anti-social behaviour, underage drinking and alcohol-related offences by creating communication links between licensees, so information can be easily shared and disseminated between each other and the police. This can help to reduce and prevent alcohol-related offences and improves communication between licensed premises, pubs and the police.
Nick has been praised for his efforts to promote and support the work of the local Pubwatch scheme, and on receiving the award, he said: "It's a great honour and privilege to be recognised for my contributions towards the Night Time Economy. Pubwatch is a scheme that I feel very passionate about and, as a Force, we are fully supportive of the National Pubwatch and the benefits that it holds for police, publicans and the wider public. I really appreciate the nomination and hope to keep working with my colleagues to continue to assist with this cornerstone of public safety."
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