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  1. Hi Just to let you know there is a table top sale taking place at Belmont Community Centre on Sunday 4th December 2016 from 1.30 pm. Sellers should reserve tables in advance with a full payment of £5 and arrive at 1 pm. Come along and maybe grab yourself a bargain.
  2. Thanks Mick, we always try and put on events that would appeal to a variety of people. We have some more events coming up in December too. A Christmas concert on Sunday 18th December at 7 pm, admission is free and ticket only. There will be refreshments and a raffle. This has been kindly supported by Tesco at Belmont, Belmont Rural Parish Council and South Wye Community Association. We also have Santa's Grotto on Saturday 10 December from 10 am to 3 pm, again free entry. It was very successful last year and we are hoping for it to be bigger and better this year. This event has been kindly supported by Belmont Rural Parish Council, Tesco at Belmont, EC Joseph & Son's Ltd and South Wye Community Association.
  3. We are holding a Children's Christmas Party at Belmont Community Centre on Saturday 17th December from 2 pm to 4 pm. The cost is £3 a ticket including food and drink. Booking is essential so please either pop into the Centre or call us on 01432 263415 to reserve your tickets. Fun, games and an extra special visitor. See attached poster, we look forward to seeing you Childrens Christmas Party 17 Dec 16.docx
  4. Good Morning I am also a Trustee of South Wye Community Centre as well as the County Councillor for Belmont Rural. I believe all of the Trustees and Volunteers are committed to obtaining funds to keep the library open. We are planning to approach Belmont Rural Parish Council and Hereford City council for grants, which we hope will be granted to cover the next three years rental costs. This would mean that we can work on our plans to develop the Centre into a centre of Well Being and it will also give local residents peace of mind that the library will be open for at least another three years. At the moment every year we are in the situation where we keep having to approach Parish Council for additional funding to cover the rent. We would like them to agree a three year funding plan so we can concentrate on improving the services we currently offer. Herefordshire Council would also assist with a one off payment of 5k which would help us to buy new book shelves, which are on wheels, replace the desk, seating etc. South Wye Community Association would then be able to rent the room outside of library hours to other user groups, as the bookshelves could be moved. H Wilson, at the moment the Council pay for the staffing costs plus some of the rental, the rest was made up of grants from Belmont Rural and Hereford City. As Herefordshire Council will no longer be able to pay for any of the rent, we will approach both Parish Councils to see if they can cover all of the rental costs. Herefordshire Council will pay for 22.5 hours worth of professional staff. At the moment we are operating for extended hours as the main library is closed. Under the new plan we would need to find volunteers to help with the additional hours if we wish to retain the extended opening times.
  5. Good Morning Just a reminder that The South Wye Transport Package, travel improvements consultation is being previewed at the Three Counties Hotel today between 10 am and 8 pm. Council and BBLP staff will be available to answer questions, you will be able to see the proposals and view a short video, highlighting possible changes. You will also be asked to complete a questionnaire on the proposals. It is certainly worth a look and getting your views put across.
  6. Morning Just a reminder that the Harvest Festival takes place on Saturday 17th September 2016 from 2 pm to 4 pm at Belmont Community Centre. There will be songs, nibbles and good company! In the spirit of Community we are not charging for this event but would ask people to "donate" items we can then distribute to the needy in our area. Booking is essential so please reserve your place on 01432 263415 We hope to see you there.
  7. Hi Alex and Colin Thanks for the feedback, I will log the issue with trees on Abbotsmead and Colin, I hope to have agreed some work on the field, but will let you know once confirmed. Have a good day both. Thanks Tracy
  8. hi Thank you for the quick response. I have already raised issues about the brooks with BBLP and they have done some cutting back at the brook by the Three Counties Hotel but I believe there is more needed and I am meeting them again to discuss. I believe it is a health and safety issue as people do not realise under all of that grass is actually a brook and children could get hurt. I have already raised the issue with the trolley and other debris and there has been a ticket raised to clear that. I even emailed them a photograph of the trolley so there was no confusion. I chased again on Friday and will be speaking to the locality steward again later. I have also reported another trolley in the brook at the end of Belmont Rural ward on the entrance to Hunderton which was reported to me. But I will pass on the comments about overgrown brambles to the Parish Council and see if they can consider this for the action day. Kind regards Tracy
  9. Hi The Parish Council will be holding a Community Action Day in Belmont on Saturday 15th October 2016 from 10.30 am. The aim is to get as many volunteers as possible to try and help with jobs around the parish, including Jubilee Field and public paths. There was a similar event earlier in the year and I ended up spending a considerable amount of time helping to clear a large area of brook with another volunteer!! I am sure the Parish Council will be putting up posters with more detail in the near future, but I wanted to give people advance warning, to save the date :) I think it is a really good opportunity for the community to come together and improve/make a difference to some of our public areas. If you know an area with Belmont Rural that you think might benefit from some work, (please remember it will be for a few hours and will be worked by volunteers), please let me know and I can pass on the information to the Parish Council. It would be fantastic to see lots of volunteers and I believe there is even a free BBQ for those that help. See you there.
  10. Thank you. It was a very valuable experience and it just goes to show what can be achieved when working as part of a team. One of the door staff explained that Hereford has a lot to be proud of, it has completely changed over the last few years and all for the better. It was certainly enlightening seeing how Licensees, door staff, Police Officers and street pastors interact. I was completely unaware of the great work carried out by Street Pastors, who are all volunteers and do a fantastic job of trying to help vulnerable people to ensure that they are looked after and safe. I saw how they operated, the kits that they take out with them and the triage area. Everyone was very forthcoming when answering the many questions that I had and I believe that all Councillors on the Licensing Committee should go out and see what happens on a weekend in the County. It is also vital that we continue to work with Taxi drivers, Licensing Officers, Police and companies to ensure compliance and safety. I had the opportunity to thank one of the Officers involved on Friday night before her shift and I was kindly given permission to take a photograph with my step children, which I have attached. I didn't get chance to catch up with everyone but I would personally like to thank them all. I look forward to visiting the CCTV monitoring office in the near future and increasing my knowledge further.
  11. Good Morning All I am really pleased that the field has finally been cut as I have raised the issue with several different people and departments over recent months! As much as I would like to think it was cut on the back of my requests, I am currently unable to establish how it happened since there is no contract currently in place to cover that piece of land. So as much as I would love to claim the credit, I will just say I am very happy to see it has been done. Going forward I am hoping the Parish Council will be able to add the cutting of this field to the list of jobs to be covered by the handyman or ask BBLP to add it to their list. This will mean the Parish Council would need to pay for that service and it will obviously be dependant on the Parish Councillors agreeing to it. However, I have asked that it be considered by them. Also, just to let everyone know I have been chasing BBLP about the state of the edges of the brooks through the estate, that fact that they are overgrown, full of debris (including shopping trolleys) and generally pose a risk. The grass is so tall in certain parts that people are not aware of how steep the banks are and that a brook lies underneath the grass! The subject was discussed with BBLP during a recently meeting involving them, myself and the Parish Clerk. After several chases BBLP have now confirmed the edges are scheduled to be cut back and the debris removed in the near future.
  12. Thank you Colin. Also we have a slight change of plan for the Olympic Events. The date has now changed from the 20th to the 27th. Apologies to everyone for any confusion. It would be great to see as many people as possible attend and make it a real "community event".
  13. Hi As Ward councillor I have attended every meeting since I was elected and I have pointed out to the Parish Council that there are people asking questions about the precept money and how it is going to be spent. As I am not a Parish Councillor I am not privy to all of the information but when I attend the meetings as a member of the public, I have on several occasions, including the meeting on Thursday, suggested that more things are done around the whole of the ward. To be fair the Parish did hold a community day for Jubilee Field a few months ago and I along with several of the parish councillors and some of their families did spend several hours trying to cut back and prepare plants beds, myself and the son of one parish councillor, spent several hours in the brook trying to pull out debris. Unfortunately, only a couple of members of the public turned up to the event and obviously with limited resource there is only so much which can be done. It is my understanding that the Parish Council are considering another community day and I have suggested that they consider more areas than Jubilee field. The problem is that there are now many areas of the ward that need time and effort spending on them. I held a meeting with BBLP several weeks ago and the parish clerk kindly accompanied me, we highlighted several areas of concern including the brooks, which are overgrown and have items dumped in them. Only this week I took pictures of several overgrown areas of brook and emailed them to the Operations Manager at BBLP highlighting again the issues. I have spoken to the Parish Clerk about the field on Sydwall Road and I am hoping that this may appear on the agenda/list of jobs for the handyman to do, when they have been appointed. Due to budget cuts you are correct that the number of jobs that BBLP are able to do has been reduced and tree cutting is only done for Health and safety reasons. I know people find this incredibly frustrating, as do I, because we all know trees will carry on growing and in years to come we will have big problems. It is my understanding that Parish Councils will be asked to take on more services in the future and I know both myself and the Clerk receive regular complaints about overhanging trees and hedges. Our locality steward is very good but he is also limited in terms of what the agreements and budgets allow him to do. I would definitely encourage people to report issues via the on line portal on the Herefordshire Council website and I will continue to work with the Parish Council and encourage them to look at all areas of Belmont. It would also be helpful if people did come and voice their concerns at the Parish Meeting, generally I am the only person from the "public" to attend. When the Parish Council carried out their surveys during the last few years, the library service came top of the list of things the public in Belmont want to support. I am expecting Herefordshire Council to make some proposals and requests in the coming months regarding the future of libraries and the Parish Council may well be asked to consider contributing to the library again for the next financial year. The number of visitors to Belmont library has dramatically increased since the closure of the main library and everyone at the Community Centre is working closely with the Council to ensure a library in Belmont continues. This year South Wye Community Association obtained a grant from Belmont Rural and Hereford City Council to cover the licence fee cost. I imagine that next year the Parish will be asked again to consider a grant. Belmont Rural has a great community spirit and has many areas of open space and two community centres. We are very lucky and I believe by working together we can ensure that the area is maintained for future generations, that includes the Parish Council, myself, Herefordshire Council, BBLP and members of the public. I am proud to be the Councillor for Belmont and we have a proactive Parish Clerk and some very good Parish Councillors, who give up their time to carry out work across the ward, we need to work together to ensure that jobs are tackled. I agree the handyman is a great step forward but we need to keep up the momentum across the ward, in lots of different areas. I was inspired when I helped with Colin and others to clear the Great Western Way last year. I would love for a community day like that to happen in Belmont. There are bushes/trees which need cutting back across footpaths, borders and lots of open areas. It would be great if we could come together and make a start on bringing these areas back under control. I for one would love to see some of the footpath bridges stained again, community litter picks and people helping their neighbours. (Even an hour spent litter picking can make a big difference to an area). Newton Farm have a team of people who collect litter on a regular basis and it would be great to have a similar team in Belmont. There is more than can be done and the Parish Council has money in the bank, please feedback to them on areas you would like to see money spent on and come along to Parish Council meetings to have your say. Tracy
  14. Hi Everyone, I wanted to let you all know about events which we have planned during the next few months at Belmont Community Centre. If you are interested in attending any of the events please give the Centre a call on 01432 263415. There is a small charge for the events and more details can be found on the attached posters. It would be fantastic to see the local community supporting these events and we are always looking for more volunteers. Weekly Craft Group Come and join our craft Group at Belmont Community Centre, every Tuesday from 2 pm to 4 pm Craft Group Poster V1.docx Saturday 20th August 2016 Children's Olympic Party 10 am to 12.30 pm Children's Olympics v1.docx Olympic Buffet and Quiz 3 pm to 6 pm Olympic Buffet and Quiz V1.docx Saturday 17th September 2016 Harvest Festival 2 pm to 4 pm Harvest Festival V1.docx Saturday 1 October 2016 MacMillan Coffee Morning Macmillan Coffee Morning October 2016.docx Saturday 29 October 2016 Children's Halloween Party 2 pm to 4 pm Children's Halloween Party V1.docx Adults Halloween Party 6 pm Adults Halloween Party V1.docx Saturday 10 December 2016 Santa's Grotto Sunday 18th December 2016 Christmas Carol Concert
  15. And I have checked on the City Council website, they have these wards listed under the "City", Bobblestock Aylestone Hill Central College Eign Hill Greyfriars Hinton and Hunderton Kings Acre Newton Farm Racecourse Redhill Saxon Gate Tupsley Victoria Park Whitecross Widemarsh
  16. Colin, you are in Belmont Rural Ward. As Glenda stated it isn't party of the City Council but is a ward in its own right. Belmont Rural Parish Council is the Parish Council responsible for our area and I am the ward County Councillor, for Belmont Rural. Hope that helps.
  17. Good Morning The event was a great success thank you, we had over twenty people in attendance and The Mayor of Hereford Councillor Jim Kenyon also attended and spent time chatting to residents and also cutting the birthday cake !! BBC Hereford and Worcester also came during the celebrations and interviewed several people, you can hear our Chairman Lyndsey Evans on the Radio, if you go to the Queen's Birthday show approx 1 hour 29 mins into the programme. I am sure I spoke to everyone there and the feedback was fantastic, they were asking what are our plans for another event. So we are putting our thinking caps on. As usual all the food was homemade by Lyndsey and some of our volunteers, trooping of the colour was on our large screen TV and lots of chatting and bunting! A great team effort and fun had by all. Here are some photographs taken on the day;
  18. Hi I reported it to BBLP and hopefully they are now on the case to get it removed. Tracy
  19. Ipusseycat, you are correct that the Community Association was recently given £500 after winning a community award. This money will be used to improve the rear garden of the Centre, paving the area, purchasing seating etc so that users can sit outside in the sun and chat, read books an generally enjoy the facility. As I am sure you can appreciate although we are a charity we also have overheads, heating, lighting, water and have a duty to keep the Centre in good repair. We have recently purchased new flooring in the toilets and foyer area and have undertaken to repaint a number of rooms. We did hold an afternoon tea earlier in the year where £5 per head was charged and the people attending the event commented on how wonderful it was, how much the enjoyed it and how they would love to attend another event. Our Chairman makes all of the food from fresh including cakes, scones, gateaux, sandwiches, party food and of course unlimited drinks. When you consider that most places charge a minimum of £2.50 for a coffee I personally think this is real value for money, especially for fresh and homemade food. If you would like to come along to the event we are always looking for volunteers, and you will be able to see for yourself how much people enjoy it and how much is included in the price.
  20. Come along to help celebrate the Queen's Birthday at Belmont Community Centre on Saturday 11 June 2016 from 12 pm to 2 pm. We will be hold an "afternoon tea" with sandwiches, party food and cakes!! The cost is £5 per person and bookings needs to be made in advance. Please call the Centre on 01432 263415 or call in and see us to reserve a ticket. See you there. Photograph taken on the day
  21. Good Morning Everyone, I am very pleased and proud to announce that South Wye Community Association won the Liz Connors Local Community Award at last nights event, in the Shire Hall. The Community Champions Award was presented to the Chairman Lindsey Evans and representatives from the Association. I have to say it was wonderful to be part of such a great event. There were five categories including Apprentice of the Year, Youth Champion, Volunteer of the Year, Greatest Achievement and the Liz Connors Community Award. I spoke to several of the finalists at the event and was humbled by the work that people put in, not only to improve their community but to overcome personal obstacles. The Association received a trophy and £500 donation, (the event was sponsored by Cargill). We are considering using the donation to purchase seating for our rear garden area which is currently under construction. This area will allow users of the library and the centre to access the garden, sit and read or just have a coffee or catch up with friends. I wanted to thank all of the volunteers and users of the Centre for all their hard work, commitment and dedication. One of the volunteers who attended the event last night has dedicated more than twenty years service ! Finally, to all users of the Centre, a big "thank you" for supporting us and attending events. We will continue to work with residents and users to bring more services to the Centre and your support is invaluable. If anyone would like to become a volunteer or find out more about us, please get in touch or drop into the Centre. We are a friendly bunch and you would be given a warm welcome.
  22. I am very pleased to announce that South Wye Community Association (Belmont Community Centre) has been shortlisted in the "Local Community Award" category of the Herefordshire Community Champions Awards for 2016. The final of the awards evening will take place on 29 April 2016 at the Shire Hall and we are all delighted to have been nominated and shortlisted for the final. The Community Centre at Belmont continues to develop the services that we offer, we have a very active weekly coffee morning every Friday from 10 am, where we regularly meet over forty people. We also hold two lunch clubs a month where fresh food is prepared and cooked for over forty local residents. Since the closure of the main library in Hereford our footfall has continued to grow with around 40,000 people in the last year. The licence for the year 2016/2017 is due to be signed and we know the library will remain in Belmont until at least the 31 March 2017. (Licences are issued on a yearly basis). We also have a large number of user groups who hire the centre and we are considering extending the services that we offer to include "well being". We hope to publish more information on our plans in the near future. In the meantime if you would like to volunteer at the centre or would just like to know more about us, please call in and see us. You are guaranteed a warm welcome. Finally, I would just personally like to thank all of the volunteers, trustees and users of the centre for all of the hard work, dedication and commitment shown by them. Long may it continue and we look forward to a successful future. I will keep you updated on the competition result :)
  23. No, all Councillors were contacted by a member of the Country Park Supporters Group and were advised of the date and time of the event. I am sure it will be advertised locally.
  24. We are also holding a children's teddy bear picnic at Belmont Community Centre on Saturday 26th March 2016 from 3 pm to 5 pm. Tickets are available for £3 per child, prior to the event and can be purchased at the Centre. Tickets include games and a picnic. A poster to follow... It would be fantastic if local children could attend and support the event. Don't forget to bring your Teddy.
  25. We are holding a Teddy Bears Picnic at Belmont Community Centre from 3 pm to 5 pm on Saturday 26th March from 3 pm to 5 pm. Open to young children and there will be party games and a picnic. Tickets are available from the Centre prior to the event at a cost of £3. It would be wonderful if local children could attend and support the event, don't forget your teddy! We are also holding a High Tea the on Sunday 27th March from 3 pm to 5 pm, again tickets available prior to the event at Belmont Community Centre. There will also be a fun quiz as well as the high tea. Tickets cost £5 from the Centre. We look forward to seeing lots of local residents there :)
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