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New Chippy Opening In Hereford


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On Grandstand Road?


I know the old Grandstand fish and chip shop moved to Red Barn Drive, but isn't that now Mediterrane?

I need to know this information urgently!  I live very close by and feel the need, the need for fried and battered sea creatures!

Oh, I can possibly hold on until Monday, but I will be very hungry by then!

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I managed to take this early this morning of the new chippy. I noticed their opening hours on the door and they close at 9pm, is this quite early for a chippy or is it just me? 


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My local chippy closes at 9pm as well. It depends if they think they will get enough customers after 9pm to make ti worth while opening. The Oceans chippy in St Owen street don't open until early evening and closes at 9pm, apart from Friday and Saturdays where they close at 10pm.


I normally use the chippy in Widemarsh street the odd time I have chips from a chippy. Prefer to make my own in the Air fryer.

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