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Transport Consultation Herefordshire Council

Denise Lloyd

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There are large display boards up in the Butter Market. VERY confusingly, there are actually three different paper questionnaires available to complete - each has the SAME cover, each has the SAME headline - 'High Town Public Realm Improvement Consultation'. Look VERY closely and you will see they are different - there is;

High Town survey pack
Parking Review survey pack
High Town traders survey pack
The consultation website hereford2020.com has been broken for a week. When it was accessible, the plans were such low resolution they were illegible. I asked for higher resolution copies with the predictable nil response.
Hard to say whether this is rank incompetence or deliberate obfuscation by our highly paid consultants.
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The display boards in the Butter Market are a separate consultation. The Local Transport Plan consultation is not available anywhere except online (Denise has provided the link above). I went to one of the info centres and they hadn't got anything on the Transport Plan consultation I could respond to. Instead I have found all these rather complicated documents on the council website https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/planning-and-building-control/planning-policy/local-transport-plan-2016-2031 . Some are quite big to download and so I thought I would have a look at them in the local library or Information Centre but I couldnt find them as a hard copy. Apparently if you want your views known you have to send them in before 31st December. I am really annoyed as I have alot going on with the family, especially over Christmas and yet I want to make a comment about bus services.

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The display boards in the Butter Market are a separate consultation.


Well, yes, and errr, no. These 'packages' actually form part of the LTP consultation draft proposals along with others such as the South Wye Transport Package and the Hereford Transport Package (western bypass by 2027 anyone?). There is no mention AT ALL in the LTP how all the grand schemes are to be funded. Overnight, we could fix SCOOT for next to nothing and turn off some of the lights, at least part time and see a good deal of the problems reduce if not go away - but consultants wouldn't get much of a fee for that would they? Allegedly £1.1m in fees so far on the shambolic SLR application ...

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Thanks Two Wheels Good - though I am now entirely confused. How could relaying the centre of High Town with new paving slabs be anything to do with the Local Transport Plan? - I thought that was about cars, bikes, buses, rail etc. I must admit I wondered where all the money was coming from but surely buses and improving getting around the City would be better for everyone than redoing a job in High Town that was only done 7 years ago. 

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ments, also on that web page. It's a big ask just before Christmas, and we hope the deadline of 31 December 2015 will be extended in to the New Year. The Council meeting on 18 December might report back on the deadline, on job creation figures at the Rotherwas Enterprise Zone, on bus subsidies and figures for carbon emissions. Watch this space for more information, and email the Council (mathew.howells@herefordshire.gov.uk) if you have any difficulty in completing the Consultation Response Form which is a bit tricky. Good luck!



Information about Local Transport Plan (LTP4) 2016 - 2031




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The Link to the Govt West Midlands Rail franchise consultation page http://www.newsroom.herefordshire.gov.uk/2015/december/passengers-asked-for-views-on-next-west-midlands-rail-franchise-on-behalf-of-west-midlands-rail.aspx â€¦ Influence the rail services in Herefordshire




I hope there is also a section where Colin's Tram idea can be promoted they have reintroduced them to Birmingham why not have them in Hereford

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As nice as it would be to have a tram system in Hereford, there is no way I can see it ever getting built.

For starters, Hereford is just too small, look at places in the UK with tramways...

Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Nottingham, Croydon/South London...

Hereford is just too small.  Sad though it is.  We are not a big city, there would just not be the call for it's use to make it viable.

I would love to be proved wrong, but I just don't think I am (not this time at least.)

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I agree with you Clarkester. The amount of money to build a mile of tramway, as spent already on the existing systems in Uk, is way out of proportion to its benefit.


Figures published by the Department for Transport put the average cost of building tramways in urban conurbations at £25 million per mile, though this does not include Edinburgh, where costs have rocketed by £231m and the route has been curtailed due to a funding shortfall.
The report came as the true extent of traffic congestion in Edinburgh caused by tram repairs to Princes Street was seen for the first time.
The latest figures suggest that, at £776m, the predicted cost of building an eight-mile route connecting the airport to St Andrew Square in the city centre will be nearly £100m per mile.
This paper although several years old gives a good background into how these schemes have originated and been costed.
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Consultation: Draft Herefordshire Local Transport Plan 2016-31


Herefordshire Council is seeking comments on its next local transport plan which will cover the period 2016-31.


The local transport plan sets out our longer term proposals for new infrastructure, maintaining the highway network, supporting new homes and jobs and support for walking, cycling and public transport.


The consultation, which commenced 23 November, has been extended until 5pm on Friday 29 January 2016  to ensure that everyone who wants to comment will have additional time after the Christmas holiday period.


All of the consultation information is available online at: www.herefordshire.gov.uk/LTP-consultation


The consultation comprises the local transport plan strategy 2016-31, local transport plan policy 2016-31 and local transport plan strategic environmental assessment. An online survey is provided at the website for your responses.


Consultation materials are also provided at council info centres countywide

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I understand that the reason the consultation has been extended is because the Council never made any copies of the local transport consultation available at its Info centres across the County. THis meant that anyone who didnt have access to a computer couldnt take part in the consultation at all. Think of all the people with either no broadband in far flung villages and isolated areas, along with all the elderly people who dont use computers who were excluded. Many of these people could be heavily reliant on public transport and so want to respond to this consultation but have no access. With Christmas none of the Information centres were open so I think it meant that it would be nigh on impossible for someone to take part in this consultation even if they really wanted to. 

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on bus subsidies 



Fears over Kington being 'cut off' if last bus is scrapped




COUNCILLORS of a rural town feel they will be 'cut off' if an evening bus service is scrapped by the council.


The 461 bus service which runs from Hereford to Kington is currently being reviewed byHerefordshire Council as part of a consultation into public transport cuts.


Herefordshire Council state that evening services will be stopped from April 10, unless further funding can be found or parish councils contribute towards part of the service.


Despite the late evening service being used by only five people on some days Kington Town Councillors say that residents would be left stranded if the last bus is stopped.


The evening services costs the council £11.86 per passenger to subsidise.


"We will be a community cut off from a whole range of amenities," said councillor Christine Forrester.


"All the stuff about a volunteer community transport is not going to run without significant funding. We will end up so isolated here that we can't do anything.


"It is not on."


Mayor Elizabeth Banks told last week's town council meeting that students would be amongst those worst affected by the removal of the last bus.



She said: "I know a parent whose children both go to a Hereford school and one is a talented footballer, but he couldn't play extra football if the last bus was at 6.15pm.


"The other boy is in sixth form and couldn't do anything unless he can come back at 8.15pm. Some days there are 10 people on the bus while other days there are five on it.


"There is a problem trying to get people to use it but we all feel strongly about this and we need to do something about this quickly."


Councillor Bob Widdowson added that in the past parish councils have made up the difference in funding, but now they are being asked to take on more services while having less funds.


He added: "We need to contact Herefordshire Council and ask them the economic impact of the bus cuts."


Councillors agreed to form a task and finish group to form a response to the consultation which will be discussed at February's town council meeting.




The evening services costs the council £11.86 per passenger to subsidise.





It would be cheaper for The Council to Hire a Minibus to run from Hereford Railway Station ---> Kington to leave at 20.45 Mon - Sat ...  :tongue_32:

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The Council haven't really considered cyclists in this consultation.


Attempts to engage with Herefordshire Council at this level of public input are generally a monumental waste of time.


Couldn't agree more.



In Herefordshire there are 133,442 people in employment, of whom 3,305 cycle to work (3.66%)


A total of 104 letters have been sent to councillors in Herefordshire.


30 councillors have signed up. They are:

Cllr Mark Hubbard (It's Our County)

Cllr Anthony Power (It's Our County)

Cllr Liz Chave (It's Our County)

Cllr Graham Powell (Conservative)

Cllr Phil Edward (Herefordshire Independents)

Cllr Jon Norris (It's Our County)

Cllr Felicity Norman (Green)

Cllr Jenny Bartlett (Green)

Cllr Terry Widdows (It's Our County)

Cllr Liz Harvey (It's Our County)

Cllr Jim Kenyon (It's Our County)

Cllr Catherine North (It's Our County)

Cllr Alan Seldon (It's Our County)

Cllr Sharon Michael (It's Our County)

Cllr Marcelle Lloyd-Hayes (It's Our County)

Cllr Paul Rone (Conservative)

Cllr Adrian Blackshaw (Conservative)

Cllr Barry Durkin (Conservative)

Cllr Adrian Bridges (Independent)

Cllr Gary Swingford (Independent)

Cllr Glenda Vaughan-Powell (Independent)

Cllr John Stone (Conservative)

Cllr Polly Andrews (Liberal Democrat)

Cllr Patricia Morgan (Conservative)

Cllr Phillip Morgan (Conservative)

Cllr Sebastion Bowen (Independent)

Cllr Jonathan Lester (Conservative)

Cllr Dave Greenow (Conservative)

Cllr Christopher Bartrum (Liberal Democrat)

Cllr Roger Phillips (Herefordshire)


Some surprises here.

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