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Kamal Restaurant Closing On 27th June 2015


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This is the final letter from Mr Ali & Family:


June, 2015


Dear Kamal Restaurant Customers,
It is with sad regret that we (the family whom own the Kamal Tandoori Restaurant) announce that as of 11:30pm Saturday 27th of June 2015, the restaurant will finally close down and will no longer be in service.
Many of our customers will have known that we have been the longest established Indian restaurant in Hereford which first opened in May 1982 by the same and current manager, Mr Ali. Mr Ali first opened the restaurant and continued to work at the Kamal for just over three decades.
Having reached the milestone of working at the Kamal for over three decades, Mr Ali has now decided the time is right to retire and wished to have no further link to the business, including not passing on the business itself. Mr Ali is over the age of 70 and working full-time each day has proven to be a difficult task. As a result, the Kamal family has taken all these factors into account and have jointly come to a final conclusion on to making the announcement that the family business would come to a final closure with the retirement of the founder of the restaurant. We emphasise that this decision making process has taken us a few years to make and we feel that the time is now right.
The Kamal family thank our customers and the people of Hereford and its surroundings for their contribution to the family business over the past three decades. Many of you are considered more than just customers; you are in fact friends of the Kamal family. It is because of you that we were such as success in Hereford and the Herefordshire County.
We hope we have contributed to the economy and the society of Hereford and Herefordshire over the past few decades and have achieved bringing closer ties to the wider community. 
We have been proud to have served Hereford over these many years and we hope our customers understand the decision we have made. Thank you very much for being a part of the Kamal Tandoori Restaurant and we hope our food and service have been of the very best of standards throughout these years.
Yours faithfully,
Mr Ali and Family.
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What a lovely letter, written from the heart.


Kamals will definitely be much missed, as it's become part of the fixtures and fittings of Hereford, but I wish Mr Ali all the very best, and hope he enjoys a long and healthy retirement.

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