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A nice story to start Christmas


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Some Posters might know that Mrs U looks after hedgehogs over the winter months ready to release after hibernation in 2015 .


Last night at about 5pm she received a tele call from a man who had found a very small hedgehog near to the hospital , He was asking if Mrs U has room for it - she of course had room ! He then went onto say that he didn't have transport but was hoping that his neighbour could deliver it to us . ( I was out ) at 7.15 pm door bell rang , it was a Taxi ( driver ) who had been hired to deliver this hedgehog to Mrs U because neighbour was working late . The finder of the little hedgehog had paid the Taxi driver £15 to deliver it to Mrs U , some 4 miles from the City .

Of course some might say that it was a waste of money which could have been spent more beneficial but hopefully others would say that this was a very kind act by somebody who could have crossed the road and ignored this little hogs plight.

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Mrs Ubique is a lovely woman!


This little story warms my heart....what a very kind thing to do for a little orphaned hedgehog at Christmas! It's great to hear that this chap was so willing to pull out all the stops to ensure this little hedgehog was safe and sound.


He could not be in better hands.....let's hope that 2015 sees him released back into the wild, where he can forage about to his hearts content!


Thanks for sharing this with us, Ubique!

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Shame on the taxi driver there could have been a bit of negotiation.  When I read tales of the things people do through kindness I find it very uplifting especially when such atrocities are being committed throughout the world.  There are good kind people around and what this man does with his money is entirely up to him.  His business only.


The other day I drove from my house down the road and saw this woman (didn't know her from Adam) who had obviously caught the bus back home with her weekly shopping.  She was obviously struggling.  But I didn't stop and offer her a lift.  Boy oh boy have I beaten myself up about this since.  I am truly sorry and hope whoever does the forgiving will forgive me for this.

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Fellow Posters - Mrs U wishes me to say a big thank you for your supportive comments .

That is all she wanted me to say BUT I will also say that she is devoted to saving these 16 hogs she is caring for at the moment . It takes her about one and half hours each morning and thirty mins in the evening to clean. , feed and medicate some of them each day . ( all I hope is that the two little ones in our dining room are out in our Workshop by Christmas Day ! ) We have son and RAF D in L for the holiday . I know that RAF D in L is used to eating behind a wall in a very dusty country but she now deserves better !


There are some really kind and generous residents of this County , three finders of hogs regularly come to our home with newspaper and meal worms etc to support what Mrs U is doing .


As an aside one of our finders was in Malaya and North Borneo at the same time as me ( both Forgotten Wars ! ) we pulled up a sandbag , opened a bottle of Tiger and chewed the cud - hey I'm rambling and going off post - sorry Colin . This person is also a gifted painted and he has painted a picture of SAM , the hedgehog he brought to Mrs U . It's now hanging up in our home . When I get really clever I will try a post it on here.


Dippy , please do as King Bobby as requested

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           "Ode To An Orphaned Hedgehog."


One dark and gloomy Christmas night,

A hedgehog was in need,

A stranger stopped to help him,

Then continued this good deed.


He popped him in a taxi,

And sent him off to his new home,

Where he was fed and watered,

And would not be alone.


We could all be a little kinder,

Compassion, we should embrace,

With more love and understanding,

This world would be a better place!

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     "A Hedgehogs Christmas Tale."


One little hedgehog,

Four weary feet.

Hungry, cold and all alone,

On Commercial Street.


Lots of very noisy cars,

Hedgehog is in danger,

Thankfully, he's rescued,

By a kindly stranger.


Hedgehog is now warm and safe,

In his nice new home,

Where he'll be fed and cared for,

And will not be alone!



( No worries Ubique...you get two poems.....I was on a roll!!!!)

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Do not want to go on but we felt that you would like to know that we had a knock on our door about 2pm today .


At the front door was a man who had brought 3 hedgehogs to Mrs U over the last two months - in his hand was 12 cans of LOAF dog food and 2 bags of meal worms , a gift for Christmas from another caring person to assist Mrs U feed these loverable harmless aminals .

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Ubique, never be apologetic for talking about your service to your country and fellow man. Many of us younger guys have forgotten Malaya and similar smaller wars where British soldiers have given their lives, not necessarily through death.

I for one could listen to these stories for hours. One thing that has become apparent recently, is that there needs to be more written histories by those who were there. Perhaps you could have a project for the New Year to write it all down, warts and all!! Then come and speak to some of the kids in schools to tell them?


Sorry Colin if I gone off on one, slap my wrist at the Hereford Voice New Year Party!!!


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Chris , thank you for your update - I will bear in mind re a project . For those that haven't heard of the two " Forgotten Wars " I mentioned , it's recorded that 340 members of the Armed Forces were killed in the Malayan Emergency and another 126 in the Boreno Confrontation . Gives me shudder to think that was over 50 years ago !


Apologies Colin for following the Cllr off Post.

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