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A Night Out With Tony!


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From this weeks printed Hereford Times.....


"Readers will have the chance to quiz some of the county's most influential decision makers during a debate next month!

The leader of Herefordshire Council, Cllr. Tony Johnson is among four panellists chosen to debate issues that matter to Herefordshire residents during a Question Time style debate.

He will be joined by Lucy Hurds,the Lib Dem candidate, Cllr Anthony Powers, leader of IOC and Liz Morawiecka,fron the Here4Hereford group."


"We hope it will be a bit like the TV programme," said John Bothamley, chair of Hereford Civic Society which has organised the event.


The fun and games will take place at St Johns Methodist Church on St Owen Street, on September 18th. Start time - 7.30pm.


Some of us will remember that a similar event took place last year....the now infamous Kindle Centre Debate....with Jonathon Bretherton and Patricia Morgan. (Bus shelter slide show anyone????)


Anyone who wants to ask a question on the night, needs to first submit it to HT editor Clive Joyce.



Sooooo.......What would we like to ask then????????????

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Dippy I admire your optimism but I've seen it time and time again, in fact I would have been disappointed if Tony hadn't made the effort to change public opinion before the motion in September, it's also telling that IOC are on the line up. What exactly is the objective here? It's a PR exercise and the best outcome in my humble opinion would be for everyone to stay away!


I lost interest when I read questions in advance! I'm not interested in the PR departments point of view, I want Tony to speak from the heart and know his subject matter!


You have one for me Dippy make it a double lol

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When you have a situation where you have to submit a question and someone decides if it will be accepted then it is not democratic i am sick to death with councillers insulting local people with the bull #### that comes out of there mouths when you raise a valid point the corruption in the city and county council has been going on for far to long this is another example the Hereford Times editor an example when they wanted to build on Argyll Rise a residents commitee was set up to stop it and it was after many years a battle won the hereford times reporter who spoke to me and MP Paul Keech said to me i cannot believe what he just said and keech said to me if it was a liberal council this would not happen yet it was the previous liberal council that sold the land to Hereford housing for a £1 and broke the law in doing so. a member of the hereford housing board happened to be a parish counciller who never informed any of us that this was planned you can imagine the pay day he would have got had it succeeded nothing about this in the Hereford Times why upset MP upset councillers the above is the tip of the iceburg what i have written above is fact the whole of the event you could write a book about here is one question David Keyte mr Hereford united and his association with the council ?

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Just to add, there is a £3.00 charge payable on the door!


There are some great questions on the other thread which Flam started.....but there must be more!!


Colin! would you be able to submit one or two on behalf of Hereford Voice members???? Also, would it would make sense to merge this thread and the Questions for Cllr Johnson thread, so that all the information is together???

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A last minute reminder for QUESTION TIME, the politicians debate on THURSDAY, 18th September, at 7.30 pm, kindly chaired by Jake Bharier.  Please send in your questions  as soon as possible to the Chair, john@johnbothamley.co.uk to make sure your voice is heard!  This event will be at St John’s Methodist Church, St Owen Street, Hereford.  

Members free admission. Visitors £3 each, refunded if you join HCS on the night.


The Panel attempting to answer your incisive questions will be:


Lucy Hurds - Liberal Candidate for Parliament;

Cllr. Tony Johnson - Leader, Herefordshire Council;

Liz Moraweicka – Here4Hereford

Cllr Anthony Powers – Leader, Its Our County          


We look forward to seeing you there. Don’t forget to send in your questions asap.


John Bothamley, Chair


T: (01981) 580002  


Should be an interesting evening.
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It may be that some of you have't heard, but the debate about the Cabinet is not now going to happen at the September meeting, as there are three other NoMs! We are going to try to suspend Standing Orders but should we loose that vote, the NoM will not happen until December.

It is my intention to be at the public meeting tomorrow so look forward to seeing you there?

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