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The Nell Gwynne (aka The British Oak) - Adieu

Aylestone Voice

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This is a shame. I thought I had read a few months back, that it had been given a bit of a makeover, and was open for business?


They were even putting on live music, if I remember correctly. It's a pity it hasn't worked out. The old "spit and sawdust" pubs are few and far between.


The Plough has had a face lift, and The Brit now has indoor toilets! A luxury indeed after having to brave the elements for donkeys years! But, lovely though it is now....I miss the old pub. It was like sitting in a friends front room, it was so small, and when it got late, and there were only the regulars left, half the time you just served yourself, and put the money on the side.


One of the regulars would play the old piano in the corner, and we would all sing along, in a drunken fashion! Brilliant! How a local pub should be!

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I was unaware that it is owned by billy Reynolds I'm also surprised that he could not make a go of it considering he runs a couple of successful night clubs, play being one. but then again I guess location can be an issue to as although it's close to the city centre it is off down a quiet side street so maybe that help play a factor in its demise also? It is worrying that these old pups are closing @ a alarming rate…not saying it would work but some of these local pubs could maybe survive if communities could somehow come together to purchase the pubs & run them like a community shop which you have in some villages?

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Unless the owners were prepared to refurbish this pub it was always on a road to closure.


There are some very smart/trendy pubs throughout the country in hidden back streets just off the main area's. If this pub had of been completely refurbished and made more modern, turn the car park into a beer garden, I'm sure it would of been okay and survived but without any cash injection it's dead and almost buried unfortunately, easy for me to say I know but that's what I think was missing. Real shame. 

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