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Alternative Bin Collections From November 2014

Colin James

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Taken from the Herefordshire Council website HERE


We are changing to alternate weekly general rubbish collections from November 2014.


We are starting deliveries of wheeled bins for this collection from August.


If you currently have a recycling bin you will automatically receive a new bin for your general rubbish and you do not need to take any further action.


We have listed a number of frequently asked questions on this page that should help to answer any queries you may have about this change in rubbish collections.


What exactly is an alternate weekly collection?


An alternate weekly collection (AWC) involves general rubbish being picked up on one week and recyclable items on the next. Under this new system we will provide a wheeled bin for general rubbish (currently what you put into your black sacks) to be collected on one week and the green recycling bin (or clear recycling sacks) will be collected on the next.


When will alternate weekly collections start?


The new collection service will start from 3 November 2014 but please use the bin collection day look up to check whether your general rubbish will be collected the first week or whether your recycling will be collected the first week.


Will my collection day change?


Your collection day may change. We will make sure that you have your new collection calendar before the new service starts, so that you know exactly when we will come and collect your bins.


Will every property get a wheeled bin for general rubbish?


We will allocate a 180 litre black wheeled bin for general rubbish as standard to all properties except where a property is unsuitable. Essentially, every property that currently has a green recycling bin will be provided with a black general rubbish bin.

How to request a general rubbish bin if you haven't already got a recycling bin

If your property is unsuitable for a wheeled bin according to the criteria but you want to use a wheeled bin to present your general rubbish then you can request a bin. Where practicable and safe for collections to take place using a bin, we will provide one upon agreement of the collection location between the council, the council's collection contractors and the resident.

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What about people/homes that do not have gardens are these additional bins just going to add to the eyesore of endless filthy wheelie bins you already see scattered about the city, still give it a few more weeks and hopefully the long grass will hide most of them.

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Councils to be forced by law to bring back weekly black bin collections Ministers have decided to act after attempts to spend hundreds of millions of pounds paying councils to reinstate weekly collections failed to change behaviour among many councils.

Local authorities could be legally forced to empty black bins every week if the Tories win next year’s general election, The Sunday Telegraph can disclose.

Ministers have decided to act after attempts to spend hundreds of millions of pounds paying councils to reinstate weekly collections were largely rebuffed.

Under plans being worked on by the Conservatives councils would be required to meet a “minimum service standard†when it came to waste collection.

The Household Waste Recycling Act 2003 already lays down minimum service requirements for recycling.

Ministers are now looking at expanding the service requirement to include black bin collections by changing other laws.

Half of councils have switched to fortnightly collections, and the vast majority have reject the offer of cash to pay for the cost of returning to weekly collections.

The news comes as just families across the country who have their black bins emptied every two weeks are struggling with maggot infestations caused by the hot weather.

Eric Pickles, the Local Government secretary told The Sunday Telegraph: “The UK Government will continue to standing up for hard working people who deserve a decent bin service.


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There were black bin change people on a stand in high town the other day - I wonder what they have to say about it.


I'd still like my black wheelie bin though, that would come in useful :)


I can see it now - spend a fortune on black wheelies, 6 months late, weekly collections reinstated :P

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