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Fraudulent banks, utility companies and corrupt courts


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Support For Guy Taylor Needed


On today's UK Column News - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1v_ntEj7qs - Guy Taylor gave an update on his continuing battle with fraudulent banks, utility companies and corrupt courts.


To give a little background, Guy's fight began when a Barclays Bank manager allegedly created a fraudulent loan in Guy's name using a forged signature. Details of this can be seen in an episode of our documentary series Insight which can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehklozL6b90


Recently events came to a head when Guy had Bodenham Manor, a property bought by his father for cash and for which there is no outstanding debt, stolen from him when bailiffs, supported by 50 or more police evicted him and his tenants from the property. 


Guy has demonstrated that all this has happened on the basis of fraudulent documents, and as he showed on the UK Column News today, he has confirmation from the court where the latest documents were apparently issued from that they did not issue them and no hearing took place there.


Now they are attempting to steal his own home, on which, again, there is no outstanding debt.


So we are asking everyone who can possibly do it to come to Guy's home on Tuesday to support Guy in his efforts to see off this unlawful intimidation. We need as many people on site as possible equipped with cameras, video cameras and notebooks to record events as they happen. 


The eviction is due to start at 11am on Tuesday the 17th June 2014 at Pear Tree Farm, Carey, Hereford HR2 6NG.


We hope to see you there, but whether you can get there or not, please pass this to as many people as possible, and keep an eye on our lunchtime news programmes for updates.

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The news from Guy's eviction is that the baliffs have been turned away with their tails between their legs.
There is no UK Column News today, Tuesday 17th June because of lack of 3G signal at Guy Taylor's home at Carey. 
Guy will update us on tomorrow's UK Column Live news programme at 1pm


Wonder if the Hereford Times is covering this? I doubt it.
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It looks as if UK Column has been suspended from broadcasting any further programmes until they pay a Regulatory Fee to ATVOD. ATVOD is the independent co-regulator for the editorial content of UK video on demand services that fall within the statutory definition of On-Demand Programme Services. ATVOD was previously known as The Association for Television On-Demand.
Service providers must pay a fee to ATVOD in relation to each On Demand Programme Service they provide and will receive invoices with respect to each notified service. The fees charged by ATVOD are the subject of a public consultation each year and are approved by Ofcom.


This looks like this quango, is part of the state taking control of the Internet as proposed by Teresa May. Probably because UK Column has been hitting a few nerves and they don't like it. The beginning of state censorship. Don't worry UK Column will be back soon.

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Official statement from UK Column:


According to AVTOD, the "Authority" for television on demand, the UK Column has been producing "television like" programming and is therefore required to be regulated.


As a result, all video on demand content where the UK Column has had editorial control has been removed from the Internet.


We will be back tomorrow (Thursday 26th June), live at 1pm with full details. Join us at ukcolumn.org/live


Ah well, better tune into the BBC and read Hereford Times to get behind the real stories affecting us.

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A lot of protests. This FOI sent yesterday. Maybe someone should be asking Jesse Norman what's going on regarding free speech.


This request was worrying:


I Gardner left an annotation (


23 February 2014 )

I recently raised a FoI request with the Authority for Television on Demand. There response was that as they are not listed in the schedule of organisations they are not required to respond. This is far from satisfactory. They exercise legal control over what is permitted in UK websites and can issue legally enforceable fines. Can I ask you to raise this massive loophole with appropriate ministers, pressure groups and newspapers. 


Censorship yes. Totally unaccountable - what's going on? It appears that while ATVOD spend a lot of time looking at pornographic sites and getting paid handsomely for doing so They tell us what we can watch and what we can't.


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Wonga sorted out. Now they need to look at local authorities and their processing of council tax demands with threats, using supposedly legal and court documents they produce themselves. 


I wonder if this is why UK Column got taken off. It wouldn't do to draw too much attention to illegal goings on in other parts of the establishment ie banks, county courts, church and government.


You & Yours Radio 4 Consumer Programme highlighting Barclays opening false account with minimum checks and the Wonka fiasco.

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UK Column back live at 1pm daily. Listen to the real issues behind the news which the BBC and other mainstream media don't expose. Child abuse and an attempt to set up a new tax seizure of your bank account. Also EU regionlism on the agenda through the back door.


The daily video can be viewed anytime, on the day, after Ipm.

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In less than 24 hours, MPs will vote through a new law forcing internet and phone companies to keep records of all your calls, emails and texts. The government says it’s to counter terrorism - but privacy campaigners say it’s a huge power grab under false pretences. 


Either way, it’s made a mockery of the democratic process. Usually, a new law takes months. But tomorrow, MPs will vote this law through just two working days after it was first announced. Many MPs probably won’t have had the time to read it.


The Tory, Lib Dem and Labour leaders are all backing it - it’d take a miracle to stop MPs passing it tomorrow. 


And this following on from Ken Clark's secret courts. Bobby better watch out they'll be screening his emails from the end of the week!


Ironic that on the Parliament website it states that:


The UK public elects 650 Members of Parliament (MPs) to represent their interests and concerns in the House of Commons. MPs consider and propose new laws, and can scrutinise government policies by asking ministers questions about current issues either in the Commons Chamber or in Committees.


Just sent Jesse Norman an email asking where he stands on this.

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Committee Room 8 
Meeting started at 3.01pm. Ended at 4.48pm
Theresa May getting a good grilling today on current issues - regarding Butler-Sloss, access to personal details and purchase and use of water cannon by Boris - also access to NHS records.
Interesting that Cameron is changing the Cabinet tonight. Any embarassments going in view of the above issues. Ken Clark going.
Mr Clarke's liberal attitude while justice secretary put him at odds with the formidable Mrs May, with Whitehall insiders describing the relationship as "Theresa locks them up, Ken lets them out".
As Theresa May said to the committee "It is not managemet by panic"


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From BBC Local Radio Devon today:

More than 40 people including children have been evicted from a block of flats in a raid by bailiffs.
Shaun Kelly, a former director of Property Edge Lettings, said the eviction had come "out of the blue".
He said: "The tenants work, they pay their taxes, there are no shirkers in the house.
"And the bailiffs have walked into their homes and told them they have 20 minutes.
"That's not the country I live in and it's not a country I want to live in."


The banks want their assets back and don't care who is hurt.

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The banks wot lovely organisations they are…no moral concision wot so ever yet they helped cause the rescission from bad & dodgy financial dealings got bailed out by the taxpayers & they behave as if there a law unto themselves still??? That's gratification for you!!!

But I'd be surprised if they've acted lawfully thou?? & if they have then the law should be changed so they are not able to just go in & chuck people out onto the street as that's just wrong……I can't understand why if the owner of the building owes the bank money then why didn't the bank take over the tenants agreements? @ lest they could of collected the rent from the tenants until something was sorted properly for those tenants???!!!

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"Theresa May getting a good grilling today on current issues - regarding Butler-Sloss."


Really pleased to hear this woman has stepped down from heading up this inquiry - there was an obvious conflict of interest, and many groups representing victims of abuse had been uneasy at her appointment. There now needs to be a drive forward that leaves no stone unturned. After decades of cover ups and lies, nothing else will do.


Whilst talking about cover ups......extremely interesting interview with David Tombs, former head of Social Services in Hereford and Worcester.

If you didn't catch it, it's well worth viewing. BBC Midlands Today.

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