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Missing Cats On The Saxon Gate Estate


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I would like to voice my concerns about the amount of cats which have gone missing in out around Saxon Court estate since 2008. My friends and I have counted over 60 since then. 20 of these have been since December 2013! (Mostly around Garrick Avenue).

Our cat died of anti freeze poisoning in 2010, which I believe was a deliberate act as three other cats on neighbouring streets died within weeks of him. At the time I went to Hfd Times and they ran an article about it. I also spoke to a councillor who told me that they were aware of a person nearby who might well be responsible.

Since then it seems that I can walk around our estate without seeing a missing cat poster. Cats protection league have also agreed that an unusually high amount of cats are reported to them as missing on/around our area.

I really think something untoward is occurring. The lady I spoke to on Garrick Avenue, told me that one family in her street had 5 go missing within the last 2 years!

The RSPCA have informed us that we need to put together some sort of case file regarding any cats poisoned with confirmation from their owners vets. I have also decided to collect any missing cat information and log it from now on to show councillors that this is an ongoing problem.

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I did in 2010, but they just had a look around hoarwithy road area to see if they could see anything suspicious ie bowls of liquid in anyone's garden. I didn't here that anything was found. Obviously without proof it's very difficult to get the police interested. I think we will definitely need to put together a case file from now on. But if no bodies are found this will be difficult also, as RSPCA require proof from vets etc

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Hi Sophie and welcome to HV


OMG this is quite disturbing, I am sure one of our Councillors may be able to offer some advice, it might pay to have some CCTV, I know that's not ideal but it my help. Quite often sick people like this are very cunning and will just add poison to clumps of food and just drop it randomly, cats will just smell food and eat it, so bowls probably will not be used.

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Hi Sophie, what a dreadful thing to be happening. Apparently, anti freeze has a sweet taste, which is why many pets will eat it. Knowing the deadly effects - even to humans - this is an extremely stupid, cruel and heartless thing to do.

I would hope you can spread the word about this, through this forum. Put a stop to this, and maybe catch the culprit.

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Sophie what a sad tail :(


You know of 60 cats missing in that area!


I had my own (beloved) cats poisoned, to death, 10 years ago and know how devastating it can be.

I didn't take any action but believed it to be my adjacent neighbour's doing, maybe even deliberate.


The suffering that could be being inflicted on innocent animals doesn't bear thinking about.

I have heard of an isolated incident where someone, so fed up of cat faeces on the garden, has taken nasty action trapping a cat and taking it to a distant location, which horrified me.

This high number of missing cats sounds like a deliberate and organised crime.

It might be a lower key crime but causing suffering to animals is now a crime.


Well done, I applaud you for taking action.

Have you listed the 60 you know about and given that to the RSPCA?

It certainly sounds as if they have asked you to obtain information about the cats which seems to put the effort onto you.


This is from RSPCA website - I hope the link works.



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